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Instantly convert your PowerPoint into mobile training

Deliver training that’s built for learning. Not presenting. Transform your existing PowerPoints into the top-notch training your teams deserve. All for free.

Get started with these three easy steps:

Upgrade your PPT presentations in record time

Upload your existing PowerPoint into our converter.


Review your course and make any updates in the creator tool.


Watch as course completions soar.

Create your first course in minutes

Modernizing your existing training shouldn’t take months. Upload your PowerPoint into the converter and make any necessary changes in the creator tool. No design or coding needed.

All in one builder

Deliver training to your team’s devices

Training your teams can do anytime, anywhere. Teams can access bite-sized courses from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer whenever they’re in between tasks. No matter the location or internet connection.

Push notifications

Make training feel more like a game – not work

Unlock your team’s full learning potential with our interactive learner experience. Teams can tap, swipe, and match their way through bite-sized lessons when it’s convenient for them. So training becomes fun and unforgettable.

Gamification features

Automatically track workplace learning

No more checklists or spreadsheets. Automatically track your team members’ progress and course completions in the analytics suite. So you can monitor and optimize your training in real-time.

Reporting and analytics

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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