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10 Accident Investigations Training Courses

We’ve selected 10 accident investigations training courses that will provide your workforce with the knowledge in recognizing hazards and identifying causes of accidents and incidents. They will also learn how to apply insights from accident investigations to implement preventive safety measures and safety training. Check out the courses below.

Accident Investigations Training Courses
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Accident Investigations Training Course - Accident Investigation

1. Accident Investigation

Available in SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile learning management system, for free, the Accident Investigation training course is created by Aviva, a UK insurance brand, to guide employees to a more effective process in accident investigations. This course starts by discussing the importance of investigating accidents and incidents. It then helps employees identify factors to avoid during accident investigations. It further goes into detail about the procedures of accident investigations and implementing corrective actions in avoiding unwanted incidents. After completing the course, there’s a refresher lesson that will help your learners improve their knowledge retention.

This course uses a microlearning strategy, which makes key information more digestible and easy to understand. Combined with gamification features, its lessons become more fun and engaging for your learners instead of simply absorbing knowledge from reading materials or watching videos.


  • Introduction to accidents and incidents
  • Factors of ineffective accident investigations
  • Causes of accidents & incidents
  • Corrective actions

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Accident Investigations Training Course - Slips, Trips, and Falls in Retail

2. Slips, Trips and Falls in Retail

Another course SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers is Slips, Trips, and Falls in Retail which tackles the most common injuries in the retail setting. While not solely focused on accident investigations training, it’s able to discuss how accidents happen. This can help in developing skills in identifying workplace hazards even in low-risk environments such as offices. It then provides ways to prevent slips, trips, and falls. Similar to the previous course, it also includes a refresher lesson to ensure information is well-retained. 

This course is specifically designed for employees working in retail, but can still be applicable to any industry in order to promote workplace safety.

As a remote work software, SC Training (formerly EdApp) uses mobile learning solutions for this course, making it easily accessible for employees who don’t have immediate access to desktops and barely have enough time to spare for long training sessions.


  • Causes of accidents
  • Housekeeping and preventing falls
  • Ways to avoid slips, trips, and falls

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Accident Investigations Training Course - Accident Investigation Training

3. Accident Investigation Training

The Accident Investigation Training course by eSafety highlights the different functions of accident investigations. It explains the difference between an accident and an incident for better understanding. Then, it dives into a comprehensive discussion of the accident investigation policies, procedures, and techniques. It also covers safety topics such as the investigation kit, injuries and illnesses, near misses, safety issues, and more. Insights from this course will provide your employees with extensive knowledge of conducting accident investigations, as well as implementing corrective actions and preventive safety programs to avoid hazardous factors in the workplace. While this is a great course, it is only accessible via eSafety’s training library through a paid subscription.


  • Accident vs. Incident
  • Policies and procedures
  • Investigation procedures
  • Accident investigation kit

Cost: Price available through a quote request

Created by eSafety

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OSHA Education Center Accident Investigations Training Course -  Incident Investigation Certificate Course

4. Incident Investigation Certificate Course

Available in OSHA Education Center, the Incident Investigation Certificate Course teaches learners the proper procedures and techniques in investigating incidents, as well as eliminating risks and hazards. This incident investigation training course covers the importance of accident investigations then walks learners through the key terms in accident investigations and Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA standards. It also provides learners with the best practices in conducting accident investigations. Lastly, it tackles methods of communicating findings from investigations and implementing new safety management processes. This course can be completed in just 30 minutes and is accessible for 180 days. Upon being compliant and completing the course, there’s a test available for your learners that they need to pass so they can earn a certificate of completion.


  • Importance of accident investigation
  • Best practices for accident investigation
  • Communicating findings
  • Implementing safety preventive measures

Cost: $24.95 USD

Created by OSHA Education Center

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J.J. Keller Accident Investigations Training Course - Incident Investigations for Accidents & Near Misses

5. Incident Investigations for Accidents & Near Misses

J.J. Keller offers the Investigations for Accidents & Near Misses online course to equip learners with the knowledge for preparing and conducting accident investigations. This course defines incidents, accidents, and near misses, and guides learners in writing incident investigation plans and reports. It also demonstrates how to assemble an incident investigation kit. It also dives into the process of conducting incident investigations, communicating findings, and implementing preventive safety measures. This interactive online training course can be purchased through points and each point is worth $1 USD. For this specific course, you’ll need 25 points per seat/person to enroll and access it.


  • Investigation basics
  • Procedures during incident investigations

Cost: 25 points per seat/person (1 point = $1USD)

Created by J.J. Keller 

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Last published: 7th May 2024
ASK-EHS Accident Investigations Training Course - Accident Investigation Training

6. Accident Investigation Training 

The Accident Investigation Training course by ASK Environment Health Safety includes thorough techniques in conducting accident investigation training. This course defines terms related to accident investigations and their importance then provides an accident sequence model to guide the learners. After equipping learners with the basics, it goes into the detailed process of conducting accident investigations. It covers everything from the initial response to an accident to the techniques during the actual accident investigation, right through to the implementation of corrective actions and personal protective equipment. This course includes instructor-led sessions and practical training sessions, like PowerPoint presentations, 3D animation movies, behavior modeling sessions, etc.


  • Accident investigation definitions
  • Accident sequence model
  • Identifying causes of accidents
  • Processes during accident investigations
  • Corrective actions

Cost: Price upon quote request

Created by ASK-EHS 

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Workhub Accident Investigations Training Course - Incident Investigation

7. Incident Investigation

Workhub training software offers its Incident Investigation course to highlight the theories and practical techniques related to incident investigations. This course introduces accident and incident investigations and demonstrates methods in securing and documenting scenes of accidents. It also teaches learners how to analyze the causes of an incident so that they will be able to develop appropriate recommendations and prevent unsafe environments. It concludes with a lesson on writing an accident report. 


  • Introduction to accident and incident investigation
  • Documenting the accident and incident
  • Root cause analysis
  • Writing the accident report

Cost: Free

Created by Workhub

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National Safety Council Accident Investigations Training Course - Incident and Accident Investigation

8. Incident and Accident Investigation

The Incident and Accident Investigation course by the National Safety Council is designed to help amplify safety prevention in the workplace. It provides an in-depth discussion on the proper investigation and documentation of incidents. Insights from this course will help your learners recognize and identify incidents that need investigations. Then it guides them on the proper techniques and procedures in gathering accurate data and analyzing root causes of incidents. It also includes a lesson on creating investigation reports that include complete relevant data. By completing this course, you can earn .65 Continuing Education Units (CEU) for the NSC Advanced Safety Certificate, which is a nationally recognized safety program. 


  • Investigation and interviewing techniques
  • Identifying root causes of incidents
  • Developing incident reports
  • Hazard control measures

Cost: $439 USD

Created by National Safety Council 

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Safetyhub Accident Investigations Training Course - The Principles of Accident Investigation

9. The Principles of Accident Investigation

Offered by Safetyhub, the Principle of Accident Investigation course teaches learners about the fundamentals of accident investigations and helps them improve their investigation process. This course defines accidents and explores the different factors that cause them. Then, it demonstrates practical strategies and methods in conducting the accident investigation process. It also guides learners in identifying the corrective actions that will help reduce and prevent workplace accidents. 

In Safetyhub, courses are delivered through video training, accompanied by a transcript, exercises, and assessment questionnaire. Your learners can also earn a certificate upon successful course completion. 


  • Factors of accidents
  • Investigation strategies
  • Investigation processes
  • Determining corrective actions

Cost: Free (within a trial period), Paid subscription price available through a quote request

Created by Safetyhub

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BIS Safety Software Accident Investigations Training Course - Accident & Incident Investigation Training

10. Accident & Incident Investigation Training

Accident & Investigation Training by BIS Safety Software covers a comprehensive and in-depth discussion on preparing for and investigating accidents in the workplace. This course defines the difference between accident and incident. It further explains the importance of accident investigations, including the roles involved with the investigations. Then, it tackles the causes of accidents and the accident sequence model. It also covers the specific methods and processing in conducting accident investigations, including the reporting.

This course includes narration and visual elements for high impact learning. Upon successful course completion, a certificate will also be provided through your online account with BIS Safety Software. 


  • Accidents and incidents
  • Importance of accident investigation
  • Causes of accidents
  • Accident sequence model 
  • Investigation process

Cost: $44.99

Created by BIS Safety Software

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Strengthen preventive safety measures with accident investigation training courses

Accident investigation, also called incident investigation, is the act of identifying causes of unwanted incidents in the workplace – like fatalities, injuries, and illnesses – and preventing them from occurring again. It’s an important aspect of creating a safe workplace so all employees know how to recognize hazards present in the work environment or in the operations. An accident investigations training program will help your employees not only identify the root causes of unwanted incidents through hazard analysis and inspections but also understand how and why they weren’t prevented. Learnings from accident investigations will then help your workers determine and improve hygiene and implement preventive safety measures to avoid “near misses” or worse incidents. It’s essential to involve and train all employees in the team so they will also have the knowledge of how to be more proactive in contributing to the overall safety in the workplace. This is especially beneficial for construction safety, manufacturing safety, mining safety, and many more.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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