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10 Data Analyst Training Courses

We’ve created a list of data analyst training courses to help your organization make meaningful decisions to improve the business. These courses will provide data analysts the essential knowledge, skills, and tools of the trade to help them succeed in their careers.

Data Analyst Training Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Data Analyst Training Course - Preparing the Data

1. Preparing the Data

This data analyst training course offered in SC Training (formerly EdApp) is designed to help you learn key concepts and develop skills when it comes to data preparation. It starts by defining what data means and what it consists of. Next, you’ll learn about the different classifications of data and each type’s use cases. Lastly, this course will discuss data listing, which will teach you how to make a good list of data using various sets of rules.

This course consists of three bite-sized lessons, which follow a microlearning design model. Information is broken down into easily digestible chunks delivered in short bursts, which makes knowledge easy to grasp. Additionally, this course can be fully edited allowing you to add relevant information, images, branding, and many more to tailor to your company’s needs.

Cost: Free

Scope: Defining data, types of data, data listing

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Data Analyst Training Course - Problem Solver

2. Problem Solver

This data analyst training course offered in SC Training (formerly EdApp) is designed to help you learn key concepts and develop skills when it comes to data preparation. It starts by defining what data means and what it consists of. Next, you’ll learn about the different classifications of data and each type’s use cases. Lastly, this course will discuss data listing, which will teach you how to make a good list of data using various sets of rules.

Since SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a mobile learning solution, this course can also be taken on smartphones and tablets aside from PCs. It’s perfectly formatted for any device, which means that it’s always responsive and functions perfectly. Push notifications can automatically be sent so that learners are always updated when training is available so they never miss out on new information. Additionally, email reminders can also be sent for those who forget to take their courses.

Cost: Free

Scope: Defining data, types of data, data listing

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Coursera Data Analyst Training Course - Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

3. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

This course will equip data analysts with the skills and tools they need to be able to perform their tasks. This includes organizing, cleansing, and presenting big data using spreadsheets, R programming, Tableau dashboard, databases, and more. This training will also teach them how to visualize their data and findings, and present the data-sets using different visualization platforms. The good news is that his course is free to take and doesn’t follow a set schedule. However, it takes approximately 6 months to complete as Coursera suggests a pace of 10 hours per week for better comprehension and understanding.

Cost: Free

Scope: Data visualization, data cleaning, data analysis, data collection

Created by Coursera

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Alison Data Analyst Training Course - Understanding Data Types and Variables in Statistics

4. Understanding Data Types and Variables in Statistics

This course explores the crucial role of statistics in decision-making through data and information analysis. Learners will be equipped with the essential skills from data collection up to its presentation. It also identifies the different types of data and the various methods of data analysis. By the end of this course, learners will be able to visualize and systematically present their findings, using tables, bar graphs, and pie charts. They’ll also be adept at organizing data using different variables and units. This course is free to enroll in but you’ll need to purchase a certificate of completion. Like most courses on the list, you can enroll for free but you’ll need to pay a fee to get a certificate.

Cost: Free

Scope: Statistics, types of data, data visualizations

Created by Alison

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edX Data Analyst Training Course - Data Analysis Essentials

5. Data Analysis Essentials

This course is ideal for those who want to take up an MBA program but can also be used by any individual who wants to learn about data analysis. It will equip learners with skills to analyze the data they encounter in their day-to-day life and how it contributes to success, especially in a business environment. This course is targeted at beginners so there’s no need to worry if you have no prior knowledge about the topic. As this is an introductory course, concepts are clearly explained and examples are provided so that learning can be applied immediately.

Cost: Free

Scope: Presenting & summarizing data, data-based decision making, modeling for decision making

Created by edX

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Simplilearn Data Analyst Training Course - Tableau Certification

6. Tableau Certification

Simplilearn collaborated with IBM to create this course that will turn you into an expert Tableau Desktop user which is the preferred reporting tool by businesses all around the world. This course will teach essential skills such as building interactive dashboards, establishing data connections, data mining, and mapping data. There are two simulation exams and four hands-on projects included in the curriculum to readily apply the knowledge in this course. Once you’ve completed this course, an industry-recognized course completion certificate will be provided.

Cost: USD $699

Scope: Tableau statistics, interactive dashboards, real-time industry projects

Created by Simplilearn

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FutureLearn Data Analyst Training Course - Marketing Analytics

7. Marketing Analytics

Collecting data is one thing but interpreting it to make a significant impact is what really makes data valuable. This course discusses the types of analytics and data-driven decision making that impacts marketing. Among the topics that will be covered are the marketing process, customer lifetime value, and marketing experiments. This course is ideal for those who want to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaign through the use of analytics. While it won’t cost you anything to enroll in this course, you’ll only have 7 weeks to access it. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Marketing process, regression basics, customer lifetime value

Created by FutureLearn

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Pluralsight Data Analyst Training Course - Data Analytics: Hands On

8. Data Analytics: Hands On

This course can be taken by both newbies and experienced data analysts. It teaches key concepts and hands-on skills which are broken down into segments of what, why, how, and where so you can easily jump to any topic of interest. This course will teach the basics of an Excel spreadsheet, SQL, and Tableau which are the common SAS tools used in the field. At the end of the course, learners will be taught how to present their findings. To access this course, you’ll need to pay for a subscription to Pluralsight which will also give you access to the rest of their content library. They offer a 10-day trial so you can check if their courses are right for you. 

Cost: Starts at USD $19

Scope: Introduction to data analytics, data modeling, data warehousing

Created by Pluralsight

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Datacamp Data Analyst Training Course - Data Analysis in Excel

9. Data Analysis in Excel

Almost all organizations use Microsoft Excel to transform data into insights. This is why Datacamp offered this course to help create proficient Excel users and develop analyst skills through time-saving keyboard shortcuts and Excel functions. This training consists of three chapters: Exploring Data, Preparing Data, and Analyzing Data. This course also includes 48 exercises and 12 videos. Here, learners will be using real-world Kickstarter data to apply the skills that they’ve learned. You can try the first chapter for free but you’ll have to subscribe to access the rest of the course.

Cost: Free and paid plans

Scope: Excel overview, cleaning text data, math functions

Created by Datacamp

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Harvard University Data Analyst Training Course - Data Science: Probability

10. Data Science: Probability

This course by Harvard was inspired by the financial crisis of 2007–2008 that partly happened due to the underestimation of a probability. Whether you're a data analyst or a data scientist, you'll be able to gain more insights into probability and exploratory data analysis through this beginner course. It introduces the basics of probability and the key concepts around the theory. These are important to learn as they are crucial in determining if your data analysis results are due to an experimental method or by chance. It's also important to learn more about probability as a foundation of machine learning and statistical learning. Among the topics covered are performing a Monte Carlo simulation, the importance of the Central Limit Theorem, and expected values & standard errors. This course takes 8 weeks to complete with a recommended 1-2 hours per week pace.

Cost: Free

Scope: Basics of probability, statistics, Central Limit Theorem, Monte Carlo simulation

Created by Harvard University

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Transform data into valuable insights with data analyst training

Companies make crucial business decisions based on the data they’ve gathered. This is why it’s paramount to have data analysts on board who have the knowledge and proficiency to help make informed decisions. Having data analyst training as part of their continuous learning will improve and polish technical skills which will help your organization efficiently address their databases' performance issues, solve problems, and answer questions. It will also equip them with the latest techniques, tools, and trends that will develop critical thinking and problem-solving.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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