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10 OSHA Training Online Courses

We’ve created a list of OSHA training online courses that cover a range of mandatory topics that can help control or eliminate serious health and safety hazards present in your workplace. These courses are designed specifically for those who just started in the industry and also seasoned workers who need a regular update and refresher. Make sure to explore our list to learn more.

OSHA training online courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
OSHA Training Online Course - OSHA for Workers (US only)

1. OSHA for Workers (US only)

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course on OSHA for Workers will help you and your team learn the ins and outs of OSHA’s rules and regulations. This way, safety measures can be arranged, effectively mitigating the risk of accidents and injuries. In this course, your team is also expected to learn their duties and responsibilities for ensuring a safe work environment. 

This compliance training also provides a step-by-step process for filing a complaint in case there are health hazards present in the workplace, such as exposure to harmful chemicals, lack of fall protection, and absence of safety equipment. For this course, expect a total of five micro-lessons that your learners can finish only within a few minutes. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Introduction to OSHA, workers’ rights and responsibilities, filing a complaint

Created By SafetyCulture

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OSHA Training Online Course - Workers Compensation (US only)

2. Workers Compensation (US only)

OSHA mandates construction and general industries to provide a safe and hazard-free workplace for their workers. But whether we like it or not, accidents still happen beyond our control. Fortunately, the US Department of Labor has created four major disability compensation programs that will protect federal workers with occupational diseases or injuries due to their work nature. This includes the Federal Employees Program, Energy Workers Program, Longshore Program, and Black Lung Program. 

In this course by SafetyCulture, you and your team will learn more about the service scope, limitations, and benefits of these programs, and how your organization can benefit from these. By including this course in your mini-training, your employees will enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are safe and well-compensated, no matter what happens to them in the workplace. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Service scope and benefits of the Federal Employees Program, Energy Workers Program, Longshore Program, and Black Lung Program

Created By SafetyCulture

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OSHAcademy OSHA Training Online Course - PPE Training Course

3. PPE Training Course

The PPE Training Course by OSHAcademy is designed specifically for industry workers who are mandated to wear personal protective equipment to protect them from any present hazards due to the nature of their work. As they progress through the course, your employees will learn more about the general requirements when handling and using PPE as required by OSHA. Furthermore, they will discover how this protective equipment can be used to protect their eyes, face, head, foot, and hands from sharp edges, falling objects, and more potentially dangerous situations in this online OSHA training course. Upon subscription, users can log in and complete the course at their own pace for up to 180 days.

Cost: Free; Paid certification starts at $20.99 USD

Scope: PPE general requirements, eye and face protection respiratory protection, head, hand, and foot protection, hearing protection

Created by OSHAcademy

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J. J. Keller Training OSHA Training Online Course - Forklift Training

4. Forklift Training

This Forklift Training course by J. J. Keller® Training aims to educate authorized personnel on the safe use of forklift equipment. It touches on the fundamentals of this equipment, pre-use and walk-around inspection requirements, operating procedures, and forklift maintenance, all of which meet OSHA's forklift operator training requirements. While originally made for new hires, this program can also be used as refresher online OSHA safety training in the event of an incident or near-miss, poor evaluation, or changes in the type of forklift used.

Cost: Available upon request

Scope: Equipment basics, equipment inspections, operating procedures, maintaining your forklift

Created by J. J. Keller® Training

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Hazmat School OSHA Training Online Course - OSHA Asbestos Awareness Training

5. OSHA Asbestos Awareness Training

If the nature of your business involves handling or removing asbestos-containing materials, it is integral that your employees have enough training to work safely around this hazardous mineral. Hazmat School offers a 2-hour course designed to meet the requirements outlined by OSHA in its Asbestos Standard for Construction Industry. Among the topics covered here include detailed information on asbestos, its potential health effects, and prevention tips to help avoid inhaling asbestos fibers. At the end of the course, your workers will also learn the best practices for identifying asbestos hazards and responding to the release of airborne asbestos fiber. 

Cost: $45 USD

Scope: Background information on asbestos, potential health risks, where it is commonly found and how to recognize related hazards, best practices for identifying and responding to asbestos hazards

Created by Hazmat School

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OSHA Education Center OSHA Training Online Course - OSHA Fall Protection

6. OSHA Fall Protection

OSHA Education Center offers an online construction fall protection course covering essential topics such as the OSHA’s requirements for when and how to use fall protection, avoiding falling objects and struck-by hazards, and safety equipment inspection requirements and procedures. The general objective of this hour-long course is to help reduce the potential fall risks in construction, which currently ranks as one of the leading causes of traumatic occupational death in the US. Upon completion, your employees will be able to identify fall hazards and their major types and learn the best practices for reducing or eliminating fall hazards as per OSHA’s fall protection standards. This course is accessible 24/7, although learners will only have up to 180 days to complete it. 

Cost: $24.95 USD

Scope: Major types of fall hazards in construction, potential fall-related injuries, proper uses of a fall protection system, OSHA requirements for fall protection

Created by OSHA Education Center

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Pure Safety OSHA Training Online Course - OSHA 10: General Industry Outreach Training Course

7. OSHA 10: General Industry Outreach Training Course

Pure Safety’s course goes beyond just your usual outreach training program - not only does it provide safety and health information, but it also fulfills OSHA’s training requirements. In this Pure Safety training, expect to learn more about the most common job-related safety and health hazards in the general industry and how you can effectively prevent them. It also outlines the workers' rights and employers’ responsibilities as mandated by OSHA, and how you can file a complaint in case of compliance violations. This 10-hour long Pure Safety class aims to ensure that your team is fully knowledgeable about all the workplace hazards that they will most likely face and their rights and value to the productivity of your business. 

Cost: $69 USD

Scope: Recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces in general industry, information on workers' rights and employer responsibilities, how to file a complaint

Created by Pure Safety

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OSHA Campus Online OSHA Training Online Course - OSHA 8-Hour Annual Refresher HAZWOPER Training

8. OSHA 8-Hour Annual Refresher HAZWOPER Training

This 8-hour training course by OSHA Campus online is intended for general site workers required to take at least eight hours of annual refresher training to maintain their knowledge on Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER). The key points of HAZWOPER regulations, types of hazardous materials and waste, and their harmful effects on people and the environment are among the topics covered in this course. This 8 hour osha training equips your workers with the skills and knowledge they need to safely deal with hazardous substances and any life-threatening situations that they may encounter anytime and anywhere throughout their careers.

Cost: $45 USD

Scope: HAZWOPER regulations, detecting hazardous materials and waste, toxicology

Created by OSHA Campus Online

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OSHA Pros Online OSHA Training Online Course - Confined Space Construction – OSHA Certification Online

9. Confined Space Construction – OSHA Certification Online

OSHA Pros Online’s course on confined space construction presents general information about working on confined spaces like utility vaults, tanks, sewers, and pump stations. It covers in-depth topics discussing the enhanced regulatory compliance of OSHA on confined space areas in construction, safety procedures to avoid injury, and emergency and rescue plans. Enrolling in this will help your team understand the risks they're likely to face and the safety procedures they can follow when working in spaces with limited movement and airflow. 

Cost: $159 USD 

Scope: OSHA regulatory compliance for Confined Space areas in Constructions, safety procedures to avoid injury, what to do in the case of emergency

Created by OSHA Pros Online

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OSHA Training Online Course  - New Hire Safety Orientation

10. New Hire Safety Orientation

As per the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are mandated to provide their new employees with safety training and assistance to ensure optimum protection against workplace hazards and injuries. This course, hosted on Training, can be used as your new hire safety orientation material should you find yourself short on resources or time to build onboarding training content from scratch. 

The New Hire Safety Orientation course gives users a firsthand look at workplace safety as well as how to manage emergencies, communications about hazardous situations, and other relevant safety training. The lessons are delivered into bite-sized segments to ensure an engaging and informative learning experience for your employees. There are also some games and quizzes, which you can reinforce with rewards to encourage them to stick with the course and finish it.

Cost: Free

Scope: Emergency action plan, hazard communication, PPE, bloodborne pathogens, lockout tagout, safe driving, and more training topic relating to workplace safety

Created By SafetyCulture

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Securing a Safe and Healthy Workplace with OSHA Training

OSHA, an acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, covers sets of rules and standards that ensure a safe and healthy working environment for construction and general industry workers. Any employer who fails or refuses to comply with these regulations may receive serious fines ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars and some severe consequences like imprisonment. The best way to achieve a safe workplace and avoid compliance slip-ups is to implement regular training that will keep everyone up to date with the regulatory framework set by OSHA. Below, you’ll find a range of OSHA courses that you can include in your workplace safety training, like worker rights and responsibilities, compensation, asbestos awareness, and equipment safety. Make sure to check out the topics covered in each course to see which ones apply to your industry.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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