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Top 10 American Safety Programs

We’ve compiled a selection of American safety programs to help your US teams mitigate workplace health and safety risks and respond to any accidents or injuries at work. These courses cover topics like OSHA regulations, workers’ compensation, hazard communication, emergency response, and first aid.

American Safety Programs
Last published: 16th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) American Safety Program - OSHA for Workers US Only

1. OSHA for Workers (US Only)

First on this list of American Safety Programs is SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s OSHA for Workers (US Only) course. In just five lessons, your American teams will gain a deeper understanding of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations as well as their roles in maintaining a safe workplace environment.

This course starts off with an introduction to different OSHA standards, covering safety subtopics like fall protection, machine guarding, and asbestos exposure. It then proceeds to give a rundown of the step-by-step process for filing complaints. This is helpful, especially if team members need to report health hazards like harmful chemical exposure and lack of safety equipment.

Before wrapping up with a lesson on OSHA’s standard inspection process, it also discusses whistleblower protections as well as workers’ rights and responsibilities. 

SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s course microlearning design model is based on the concept of breaking down the lessons into bite-sized, easy-to-digest modules. With this approach, learners can focus on one topic at a time and retain the information more effectively.

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Definition of OSHA, workers’ rights and responsibilities, filing a complaint, whistleblower protections, OSHA inspection

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) American Safety Program - Workers Compensation US Only

2. Workers Compensation (US Only)

The US Department of Labor has established four major disability compensation programs in America. These government programs will safeguard federal employees, energy workers, harbor workers, and coal mine workers who suffer occupational illnesses or accidents as a result of the nature of their jobs.

Workers’ Compensation is an American safety program by SC Training (formerly EdApp) that breaks down the topic of workers’ compensation into four main lessons based on the type of worker. More specifically, this includes the Federal Employees Program, Energy Workers Program, Longshore Program, and Black Lung Program. You and your team will learn more about the service range, restrictions, advantages, and ways that these programs can help your organization.

The best thing about this training course is that SC Training (formerly EdApp) reinforces mobile learning to make it easier for deskless workers to take and complete the course anywhere, anytime on their preferred device.

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Federal Employees Program, Energy Workers Program, the Longshore Program, Black Lung Program

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) American Safety Program - OSHA Focus Four Hazards Caught In or Between Hazards

3. OSHA Focus Four Hazards | Caught In or Between Hazards

Employees who work in the manufacturing or construction industries are at a higher risk of being caught in or between different hazards. This OSHA Focus Four Hazards course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) will define these risks, explain how to guard against them and outline the duties of an employer with regard to employee safety.

The first lesson talks about the definition of caught-in or -between hazards and lists specific examples, which include machinery hazards, cave-ins, and pinning hazards. In the second lesson, you’ll learn more about ways to protect yourself and others against hazards, including understanding how to use machines safely and adhering to safe excavation standards.

This American safety program ends with a list of employer responsibilities specified by OSHA. To help make learning more fun and fascinating, a few interactive questions are sprinkled throughout the course.

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Caught-in or -between hazards, protection against caught-in or -between hazards, and employer responsibilities against hazards

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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RWJ Barnabas Health American Safety Program - Emergency Medical Responder

4. Emergency Medical Responder

The Emergency Medical Responder course at RWJ Barnabas Health will introduce your team to the history and fundamental concepts of emergency medical response, including its significance and important factors.

Here, your American-based first responders will learn more about how to administer first aid, lift and transport patients, manage their airways, and assess an emergency situation. Additionally, this American safety program offers practical tips on how to handle traumatic and obstetric emergencies. 

First responders, such as factory safety officers, police officers, and firefighters, who want to enhance their emergency response capabilities will benefit a lot from this 48-hour training course. Upon completion, they’ll also be more confident in administering basic medical treatment to very ill or injured people.

  • Cost: Request for a quote
  • Scope: Fundamentals of emergency medicine, assessment and diagnostics, soft tissue injuries, medical conditions and emergencies, diverse populations and EMS operations

Created by RWJ Barnabas Health

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) American Safety Program - OSHA Focus Four Hazards Fall Hazards

5. OSHA Focus Four Hazards | Fall Hazards

Falls are among the most common causes of serious injuries and fatalities in many industries that demand working at heights. To mitigate these risks and help your organization adhere to American fall protection laws, OSHA has come up with a set of standards and requirements for workers around the US.

And in line with this, SC Training (formerly EdApp) designed the OSHA Focus Four Hazards | Fall Hazards course to help US teams identify different ways to prevent falls and understand fall protection topics like guardrails and safety nets, fall arrest systems, and safe ladder use. 

One of the lessons in this American safety program also covers the basics of scaffold safety, which is a vital aspect of working at heights. You can quickly import free fall protection training courses like this from SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s editable course library.

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Preventing falls, guardrail and safety net, personal fall arrest systems, safe ladder use, basics of scaffold safety

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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HSI American Safety Program - Emergency and Fire Preparedness

6. Emergency and Fire Preparedness

HSI’s course on Emergency and Fire Preparedness is an American safety program that will introduce your team to fire and emergency dangers and their corresponding prevention plans. As they go through the lessons, they’ll also learn more about topics like evacuation planning, housekeeping guidelines, emergency alarm response, and region-specific safety. 

All of the lessons in this course are supported by specific OSHA regulations under 29 CFR Part 1910 and 29 CFR Part 1926. Your team can also take the course at their own pace since the training materials are presented in online lecture, video, and audio formats.

  • Cost: Request for a quote
  • Scope: Fire and emergency dangers, emergency actions and prevention plans, emergency exits, emergency alarm response

Created by HSI

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) American Safety Program - Investigating Workplace Incidents

7. Investigating Workplace Incidents (OSHA) (for manufacturing)

SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Investigating Workplace Incidents (OSHA) (for Manufacturing) course is designed to guide you through OSHA's four-step systems approach to manufacturing workplace incident investigations.

Apart from covering important elements of incident investigation, this American safety program focuses on the step-by-step process of incident investigation, including scene preservation, documentation, information collection, and root cause analysis. And in the last lesson, your team learn about corrective actions and program-level improvements, and how to implement them within their teams.

Using SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s highly flexible Creator Tool, you can modify the lessons on this course and use them to create your own personalized safety training program. You can even incorporate fun training games for employees, such as sequencing, matching, and drag-and-drop - all through the platform’s intuitive gamification features This allows for more engaging and entertaining American safety programs and training experiences for your workers. 

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Pre-incident planning, steps of conducting incident inspections, scene preservation and documentation, root cause analysis, implementing corrective actions

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) American Safety Program - ASSP Industry Consensus Standards

8. ASSP | Industry Consensus Standards

SC Training (formerly EdApp) has collaborated with the American Society of Safety Professionals to develop this American safety program called ASSP | Industry Consensus Standards. Through the course, your workers will be given a quick overview of industry consensus standards, how they are developed, and why they are vital to improving health and safety in the workplace. 

The first lesson talks about the main differences between mandatory and voluntary standards. Then, it goes into detail about ASSP safety standards, which include confined spaces, construction and demolition operations, fall protection and restraint, and hydrogen sulfide training. The last lesson touches on ways that individuals can become ASSP volunteers and help uphold different industry standards.

If you want to incorporate on-site group training together with this online safety course, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s got you covered with its Group Training feature. No need for manual attendance sheets. Instead, you can track who’s completed their in-person and online training all in one central database.

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Industry consensus safety standards, ASSP safety standards, becoming an ASSP volunteer

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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HSI American Safety Program - Hazard Communication GHS

9. Hazard Communication (GHS)

HSI’s Hazard Communication (GHS) course aims to help US teams understand and adapt to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) when communicating about chemical hazards. Here, they’ll learn how to recognize the importance of a hazard communication program and recognize common physical and health hazards associated with chemicals.

This American safety program also walks them through proper chemical and hazard labeling and warning practices as well as the components of a Safety Data Sheet. 

Industrial workers will also become aware of OSHA hazard communication standards that they should follow, including regulations under 29 CFR 1910.1200, Appendix A - E.

  • Cost: Request for a quote
  • Scope: Importance of hazard communication, categories of physical hazards, chemical inventories and safety data sheets, labels and warnings

Created by HSI

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) American Safety Program - OSHA First Aid

10. OSHA First Aid Training and Standards

As an employer, it's your responsibility to keep your at-risk US workforce safe from the occupational hazards they face on a regular basis. That means delivering a safe working environment and making sure your team is trained in first aid according to OSHA standards.

You can easily incorporate first aid basics in your American safety program using SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s OSHA First Aid Training and Standards. The fundamentals of first aid, the OSHA First Aid Standard, and the significance of first aid training are all covered in this course. 

Through a set of instructional photos, it gives examples of both life-threatening and non-life-threatening emergencies, as well as external and internal injuries. The final lesson, which is very important, details how to do a victim assessment, common first aid techniques, and what should be included in a first aid bag.

Compared to other health and safety courses, one of the highlights of this first aid training course is how interactive and gamified it is, which can help workers overcome the feeling of monotony that comes with this kind of technical training. It also comes with a completion certificate to allow your employees to prove their first-aid training knowledge.

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: OSHA First Aid Standard, the purpose of first aid and first aid training, life-threatening and non-life-threatening emergencies, victim assessment, first aid training kit content, common first aid techniques

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Equip your US workers with proper safety knowledge with American safety programs

If you manage US teams in high-risk industries like healthcare, manufacturing, or construction, you know how important it is to keep your workers safe. The most foolproof way to guarantee safety is to prevent hazards and equip teams with the right safety knowledge and skills. That’s why it’s important to give them a safe environment and thorough safety training. 

Get started by enrolling your US workers in American safety programs. Learning and training shouldn't end after onboarding – it should continue throughout their roles to make sure they stay safe at work.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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