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10 C Suite Training Courses

We’ve created a selection of c suite training courses available that can improve your adaptability, agility, and leadership skills. These courses are designed for both emerging and experienced executive leaders. You can choose from various topics such as result-based management, transformational leadership, effective communication, and more.

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Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) C Suite Training Course - Result Based Management

1. Result-Based Management

SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Result-Based Management is an excellent c suite training course to begin with since it'll guide you in shifting your management approach to a more output-based one. To begin, it teaches you the principles of an output-based management paradigm. It distinguishes between input-driven management and output-based management, highlighting the advantages of the latter.

This course also equips you with strategies for building a result-based culture in your organization, including the VOI²C²E framework – which stands for Vision, Opportunity, Incentives, Impact, Community, Communication, and Entrepreneurship.

Next, it directs you to methods for measuring performance and development. This course's insights will allow you to give clearer directions to your staff so they can do their best work.

This course uses a microlearning approach to the courses to boost knowledge retention by delivering training material in bite-size chunks. This means you won't have to spend lengthy hours training while still being able to focus on the most important material.


  • Output-based management fundamentals
  • Result-based culture strategies
  • Measuring performance and progress

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) C Suite Training Course - Future Ready Leadership

2. Future Ready Leadership

Another c suite training course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is Future Ready Leadership, which is created to help you hone your leadership skills with agility and a digital mindset. It first ensures that you can recognize and get through disruptions present in the fast-paced, ever-changing business industry. Once the basics are established, it goes over the best practices in implementing an agile leadership for future success. It then guides you in shifting to a digital mindset to innovate your business. 

Similar to other SC Training (formerly EdApp) training materials, this course is accessible through smartphones and tablets. You can take this course anytime and anywhere at your own convenience, like when you’re having a quick coffee or mid-afternoon break


  • Becoming future-ready
  • Winning with agility
  • Fostering a digital mindset

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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edX C Suite Training Course - Business Leadership

3. Business Leadership

Offered in edX, Business Leadership is a graduate-level training program created by The University of Queensland. This program includes 5 courses intended to build effective leadership competencies for emerging and experienced leaders. Each course in this training program integrates academic theories and best practices from experienced and trustworthy leaders. It also covers ways to become an effective and good leader by exploring different transformational leadership styles, developing leadership strategies for organizational change initiatives, managing high-performing teams, and leading an organization in a complex environment. 

This training program is self-paced and can be completed for 8-10 hours a week for 11 months. It also provides an assessment program that includes knowledge tests, essays, and video presentations. This assessment requires 2-4 hours weekly for 3 weeks.


  • Ways to become an effective leader
  • Strategies in organizational change activities
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Leading an organization despite challenges

Cost: $1,347.30 USD 

Created by edX

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) C Suite Training Course - Adaptability

4. Adaptability

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Adaptability course works as another c suite training course that dives deep into what adaptability means for your businesses and how it can be applied to organizational situations like merging, restructuring, and changing technologies. This course covers the 6 capabilities of adaptability, including thriving under stress, solving problems creatively, rolling with uncertainty, learning for growth, succeeding with people, and navigating cultures. These capabilities are highlighted to help both organization leaders and impacted employees to handle pressure, adjust to unpredictable situations, shift focus when necessary, and solve complex problems with novel solutions. It will also help them improve readiness for future challenges and allow them to perform effectively in different cultural situations. 


  • Thriving under stress
  • Solving problems
  • Rolling with uncertainty
  • Learning for growth
  • Succeeding with people
  • Navigating cultures

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp) 

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eCornell C Suite Training Course - Change Management Certificate Program

5. Change Management Certificate Program

eCornell’s Change Management Certificate Program is a comprehensive online curriculum that consists of 4 core training courses and 2 elective courses, all designed to equip senior leaders with the right skills to anticipate organizational changes and implement change management initiatives. Through the lessons, learners will uncover ways to navigate power relationships, improve their negotiation skills, design strategic change initiatives, and lead organizational change. These courses also aim to enable mid to upper-level project managers, and even aspiring leaders, to analyze their company’s tendency for change, devise systematic procedures for overcoming resistance, and explore critical negotiation options. For additional elective courses, learners can choose between topics like collaborative team leadership, quality and service excellence, effective presentation planning, and strategic decision making. 

The overall duration of this instructor-led change management training course is 3 months, which is further divided into 3 to 5-hour lessons per week.


  • Navigating power relationships
  • Negotiation skills
  • Leading strategic change initiatives
  • Leading organizational change

Cost: $3,600 USD

Created by eCornell

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) C Suite Training Course - How to be a Passionate Leader

6. How to be a Passionate Leader

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s How to be a Passionate Leader course is intended to help you become a positive influence on your employees and inspire them to perform better in their jobs. It starts with a lesson highlighting the significance of personal passion and how it attracts and inspires employees to perform better. It also emphasizes the importance of being outspoken with your beliefs and following them through with your behavior and actions. Another key concept discussed in this course is the importance of building trust and harmonious relationships with your employees, which is beneficial in earning their loyalty and commitment.


  • Importance of Personal Passion
  • Taking action
  • Building relationships & trust
  • Avoiding the trap of difficult decisions

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Alison C Suite Training Course -  Transformational Leadership

7. Transformational Leadership

Unlike most corporate leadership training programs, which are mostly based on old belief systems, Alison’s Transformational Leadership course focuses on cutting-edge tools, tips, and strategies to boost leadership. It aims to help modern leaders effectively lead the new millennium and produce impressive results day after day. Among the leadership skills and traits you are expected to learn, the course also talks about dealing with staff issues, improving their relationships with their teams, and influencing them to be task-oriented and as effective as they can be. This course will also unveil old misconceptions about leading a team, and replace them with new, empowering beliefs and values that every modern leader can adapt to excel in their roles. 

This Alison course is free for anyone who wants to upgrade their leadership skills and leave the traditional styles behind. Paid certificates are optional, but even without them, you will still receive a Learner Achievement Verification, which can be accessed via Alison’s Dashboard. 


  • Cutting-edge transformational leadership tools, tips, and strategies
  • Improving relationships with teams
  • Misconceptions about leadership

Cost: Free

Created by Alison  

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edX C Suite Training Course - Leading with Effective Communication

8. Leading with Effective Communication (Inclusive Leadership Training)

In the Leading with Effective Communication course by edX, you’ll learn about inclusive communication and how you can use this to effectively share and interpret messages with your team members. Here, you’ll also develop an inclusive leadership mindset, including empowerment, accountability, courage, and humility, which will help you enhance your dialogue process. Further down the course, you’ll encounter some leadership tips and strategies on how to overcome everyday communication roadblocks, as well as express yourself authentically and confidently. The content of this course is delivered through a series of lectures, combined with quizzes and compelling case studies, ensuring higher learning outcomes. 


  • Inclusive communication
  • Inclusive leadership mindset
  • Overcoming communication roadblocks
  • Expressing authentic self

Cost: Free

Created by edX

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) C Suite Training Course - How to Experiment

9. How to Experiment

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp), the How to Experiment course gives you different methods and techniques to experiment as a leader, drive change, and further motivate your employees. It includes a unique lesson about how creating adventures, threats, and disasters can impact the motivation of employees. It also guides you through methods to make leaps as an efficient leader. Other lessons include ways to improve the elements of an organization and experiment with the operations. Towards the end of the course, you’ll find a summary lesson where you can review all the key information previously discussed. 

Thanks to SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s authoring tool, this course is completely editable. This means that you can add slides that discuss your company’s grievance policy and deploy the expanded course to your teams. By further adding your company logo and fonts, you can fully transform this course into your own.


  • Creating adventure, threats, and disasters
  • Using methods to make leaps
  • Taking the organization by surprise
  • Experimenting in other ways

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Coursera C Suite Training Course - Agile Leadership

10. Agile Leadership

From the name itself, the Agile Leadership course by the University of Colorado in Coursera is designed to help you develop agile leadership skills and learn how to properly implement change management principles in your organization. This leadership training program also delves into the theory of agility, key agile leadership concepts, agile scaling, as well as the neuroscience of change and change models. It also covers the practical tools for organizing, leading, and facilitating agile teams in a business environment. Here, you’ll also discover strategies for creating your own agile transformation packet.


  • Introduction to change
  • Agile leader training
  • Developing an agile team
  • Agile organization

Cost: Free

Created by Coursera

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Lead with adaptability and agility with c suite training course

With change being inevitable in the business landscape, it’s important to stay adaptable and innovative so you can lead your organization with confidence despite any challenges. Making time to unlearn old-fashioned leadership methods is a crucial step in your journey to becoming an adaptable leader that your employees can trust and rely on. By exploring c suite training courses, you’ll be able to keep your leadership skills in check, shift to a forward-thinking mindset, and lead with agility.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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