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10 Data Entry Training Courses

Find the best-suited data entry training courses for you here, whether you’re looking to learn new technical skills or acquire advanced data entry skills. The courses on this list will help you learn the ins and outs of a data entry role, along with the tools commonly used for data entry, like Microsoft Excel. 

Data Entry Training Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Data Entry Training - Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

1. Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a commonly used spreadsheet tool where you can enter, organize, and analyze data. It can be a bit overwhelming for beginners, so SC Training (formerly EdApp) created this Getting Started with Microsoft Excel course to help you easily use its functions. This data entry course will guide you through Microsoft Excel’s interface, particularly its basic components. Next, it will teach you how to create and edit a worksheet, sort data values in a worksheet, and save a workbook. Lastly, it will demonstrate basic Excel functions that can help you quickly generate numbers, count data, as well as get the sum and average. 

It’s a good starting point as it gives you the basics of Microsoft Excel without overwhelming you with loads of info. It’s also broken down into three short lessons, so they’re easy to understand and complete. You'll only need a couple of minutes to learn everything, and then you’ll be ready to navigate through Microsoft Excel in no time. 


  • Excel environment
  • Creating a workbook
  • Basic Excel functions

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Data Entry Training - Preparing the Data

2. Preparing the Data

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Preparing the Data course was created by their partner training experts specializing in data analysis, statistical analysis, Microsoft Excel, and many more. To develop your fundamental understanding of data, this data entry training course explains the difference between data and information. After teaching you how to identify and differentiate data, it then elaborates on its different types. Once the basics are understood, it will provide you with techniques on how to make a good list of data in Microsoft Excel. 

Like all courses in SC Training (formerly EdApp) training software, you can easily take this course on the go. It’s accessible via any device, so your learning experience doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck! 


  • Data
  • Types of data
  • Data listing

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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The Knowledge Academy Data Entry Training - Data Entry Masterclass​ Course Outline

3. Data Entry Masterclass​ Course Outline

The data entry course by The Knowledge Academy gives you a more comprehensive guide to data entry and how to use related tools, which you can  apply to freelance work. Here, you’ll learn the ins and outs of data entry, and how to become a data entry professional. You’ll also know how to navigate through Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and how to use them for the accurate and efficient performance of data entry tasks. This course also includes lessons on data entry project examples to prepare you for your possible tasks and teach you how to do them in a simple but effective way. Its last lesson focuses on freelancing, specifically on Upwork, which will help you get started on data entry as a side job. 

This course can be taken as an online self-paced course, which is the most convenient way to take this training. You also have the option to opt for either online instructor-led or onsite training. 


  • Data entry
  • Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • Windows
  • Upwork and freelancing

Cost: 895 USD (online self-paced)

Created by The Knowledge Academy

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Skillshare Data Entry Training - Beginners Guide to Microsoft Excel - Data Entry

4. Beginners Guide to Microsoft Excel - Data Entry

Another course to equip you with basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is this Skillshare’s data entry course. It first introduces you to the world of data entry, then goes into detail on some Microsoft Excel’s basic functions. These functions include sorting, filtering, and modifying data, as well as using tools like Flashfill and Autofill Handle. Despite seeming like very basic functions, they can be very handy to help improve your efficiency in certain data entry tasks.


This video training course contains 7 lessons and can be completed in less than an hour. It’s also completely self-paced and includes assignments to help you put your learning into practice. 


  • Intro to data entry
  • Basic Microsoft Excel functions

Cost: Free trial, Paid subscription

Created by Skillshare   

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Coursera Data Entry Training - Excel Skills for Business

5. Excel Skills for Business: Essentials

With Coursera’s Excel Skills for Businesses course, you’ll be able to expertly navigate through the Microsoft Excel interface and be able to use its tools efficiently. First, you gain insight into the fundamentals of Excel, including the ins and outs of its interface, its terminologies, and basic controls. As you dive further into the course, you’ll learn about the different formulas and functions in Excel, which can help you quickly and accurately calculate data. To help you organize data and make it more presentable, you’ll go through lessons on how to use formatting tools and how to manage your spreadsheets using Sort and Filter. Other topics tackled here include how to optimize your spreadsheet for printing and how to create and modify charts. 

This course is presented in video format. It also includes downloadable Excel workbooks and quizzes to boost your understanding.


  • Critical core of excel
  • Calculations and formatting
  • Managing and printing spreadsheets
  • Charts

Cost: Free

Created by Coursera

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Queenswood College Data Entry Training - Data Entry Course in Brampton

6. Data Entry Course in Brampton

This data entry training course by Queenswood College focuses on the typing aspect of data entry, helping you improve your typing speed and accuracy. This course provides you with techniques for using a keyboard to increase your efficiency in typing data. You’ll also be able to practice and improve your typing speed so you can efficiently meet your data entry deadlines. Lastly, as data entry needs great attention to detail, you’ll be trained to type without typos and mistakes. 

Queenswood College gives you various options on how you’d like to take your classes, whether it's with a small class size or just a one-on-one session. You also have the freedom to choose your schedule, so they don’t take much of your time. 


  • Keyboarding technique
  • Typing speed
  • Data entry accuracy

Cost: Price available upon request

Created by Queenswood College

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Pitman Training Data Entry Training -  Numeric Data Entry

7. Numeric Data Entry

This Numeric Data Entry training course by Pitman Training is designed to help boost your productivity and efficiency while working with a numeric keypad. To learn how to touch-type number keys, you’ll become familiar with the home keys and numeric keys. Once that fundamental skill is mastered along with applying arithmetic operators, you’ll then dive into the scope of data entry work. You’ll also gain knowledge of how to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. 

This course includes exercises so you can practice and improve your skills. You’ll also only need around two to three hours to complete this course. 


  • Numeric keys
  • Data entry work
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Microsoft excel

Cost: Price available upon request

Created by Pitman Training

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Reed Courses Data Entry Training - Data Entry

8. Data Entry

Provided by the Academy for Health and Fitness in Reed Courses, this Data Entry training course equips you with all the essential info you’ll need to work with data. This course introduces you to the scope of work of data entry, the common data entry rules and guidelines you should keep in mind, as well as techniques for using Microsoft Excel for storing data. This course also tackles the roles that commonly involve data entry tasks, such as being a personal assistant, admin support, and administrative manager. So, you’ll learn additional skills to help them perform these roles effectively. Lastly, if you’ll be working with personal data, its lesson on general data protection and data security will help you ensure that you’re compliant with the rules and regulations under this law. 


  • Data entry work
  • Office administration
  • Data protection and security

Cost: 12 EUR inc. VAT

Created by Reed Courses

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Alison Data Entry Training - Practical Excel 365 for Beginners

9. Practical Excel 365 for Beginners

Alison’s Practical Excel 365 for Beginners is a good course if you only need basic knowledge to sort and organize data using Excel. If you have no prior experience with Excel, this course will help you discover how to navigate through its interface so you can familiarize yourself with its basic tools and features. Then, you’ll learn how to use its Print and View Options, as well as how to incorporate tables and charts into your data in the spreadsheet. 

Its lessons are very straightforward and basic, but still a good starting point for beginners. It also includes PDF files and assessments to support your learning.


  • Working with Excel
  • Basic Excel tools

Cost: Free

Created by Alison

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Reed Courses Data Entry Training - Data Entry Administrator

10. Data Entry Administrator

Available in Reed Courses, this course by StudyHub focuses on the role of a data entry administrator, which is ideal if you are planning to shift into this type of work. This course includes lessons that will help you efficiently use Microsoft Excel as well as develop your business writing skills. Here, you’ll also learn about data analysis and forecasting, and document control, which are essential aspects of working with data. To help you stay compliant with data security regulations, insights on workplace confidentiality and GDPR will surely be handy. Apart from gaining knowledge of the know-how of the responsibilities of a data entry administrator, this course will help you increase your speed and productivity by teaching you some touch-typing techniques. 


  • Data entry administrator
  • Using Microsoft Excel
  • Data analysis and forecasting
  • Touch typing

Cost: 75 EUR inc. VAT

Created by Reed Courses

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Gain and improve your technical skills with data entry training courses

A data entry role entails repetitive tasks that need a high level of accuracy and efficiency. To transfer hard-copy data or enter any data into an electronic database, you need to use a computer program or software. It’s a straightforward task, but it can be tedious when you lack knowledge about how to use certain tools, like Microsoft Excel, which is key to entering data correctly and quickly. Through data entry training courses, you’ll be able to learn new technical skills or even improve your current skills for performing tasks related to entry, collection, storage, and modification of data.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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