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10 Online defensive driving training courses with certificates

Learning to drive is a big responsibility that many workers take for granted. Caught in the rush, safety turns into an afterthought on the road. This is why vehicular accidents continue to account for major fatalities across the globe.

Keep workplace operations safe and teach your team to be one step ahead with these ten defensive driving training programs. Topics include safe driving practices, vehicle inspections, maintenance, and more.

Defensive driving training
Defensive driving training - SC Training

Driver Safety (US)

Train your crew to bring their a-game on the road through this advanced defensive driving training program. Designed by experts, each lesson is industry-approved so you know your team’s training is in good hands. It discusses the concepts of risky driving behavior to help you craft a driver safety program.

This course also explores safe driving practices in changing weather conditions. Interactive quizzes await to test learners’ knowledge at the end of every lesson. A checklist is also included to aid your crew in conducting vehicle inspections and maintenance.

SC Training’s (formerly EdApp) software is perfect for training teams on the go. Apart from the lessons being operable on any device, the briefcase feature allows for in-depth learning, letting you store files like images, PDFs, and videos alongside your courses.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-8 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Defensive driving training - SC Training

Defensive Driving for Heavy Vehicles

When operating heavy vehicles, safety shouldn’t be kept as an afterthought. This extensive course examines proven measures to prevent accidents on the road, along with defensive driving techniques for truck and car drivers.

The course is packed with true-or-false and fill-in-the-blank questions to check if learners have retained all the essential information. The real-world scenarios train your crew to develop critical thinking and awareness.

SC Training employs gamification to keep learners engaged and motivated. This top mobile-first operations platform also grants you access to all your team’s learning data through its powerful reporting and analytics suite. View out-of-the-box reports to help you draft strategies for improvement without delay.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-8 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Defensive driving training - Alison

Defensive Driving - Essential Principles & Practices

Learn the difference between defensive and aggressive drivers with free defensive driving courses like this. It introduces your crew to the common causes of road accidents, real-world scenarios, and defensive driving techniques.

There are three case studies included in this course to raise awareness. Often overlooked, Alison carefully delves into various mental and physical conditions that influence road traffic accidents. To obtain a certificate, learners must score at least 80% in every course assessment.

Created by: Alison

Length: 3-4 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free

Defensive driving training - National Safety Council

Defensive Driving Self Study 3rd Edition - Corporate Package

Avoid road collisions and traffic tickets with this advanced driving course by the National Safety Council. There are ten study guides for learners to explore at their own pace. The package also comes with a USB containing 14 videos of actual driving scenarios, which they must watch to progress to the next lesson.

Your crew must score over 70% on the final assessment to get a certificate of completion. Since this course is self-paced, it’s great for those who can’t attend in-person training or learners without internet access.

Created by: National Safety Council

Length: 10 study guides + 14 videos (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: 306.90 USD

Defensive driving training - 360training

Defensive Driving Online Training

Promote attentiveness on the road with this driving safety course by 360training. It discusses the basics of defensive driving, laws and regulations, weather conditions, and vehicle maintenance.

There are practice quizzes distributed throughout in preparation for the final exam. Your crew can immediately download their certificates upon course completion.

While this course mentions a few basic driving and traffic laws, it isn’t comprehensive, as learners must still familiarize themselves with specific federal and state laws.

Created by: 360training

Length: 2.5 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 39 USD

Defensive driving training - SC Training

Driver Safety

Avoid road accidents from happening to your crew through this comprehensive driver safety program. It talks about safe driving techniques, vehicle maintenance, and risky driving. They’ll also learn how to conduct proper inspections before hitting the road.

Split into four lessons, interactive images and practice quizzes are sprinkled throughout to boost knowledge retention. Motivate learners to perform well by awarding them certificates upon completing the course.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-8 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Defensive driving training - AARP

AARP Smart Driver™ Online Course

Specially designed for drivers aged 50 and up, this driving safety course examines the proper use of airbags, preventive ways to avoid distractions, and the usage of safety belts. Learn all the techniques for roundabouts, right-of-way, and left turns.

Crafted by the American Association of Retired Professionals (AARP), this course uses adult learning principles to engage your crew. And since everything’s self-paced, they’ll have 60 days to complete the course.

Created by: AARP

Length: 4 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 29.95 USD

Defensive driving training - DriveSafe Online

DriveSafe Online Defensive Driving Courses

This 1-hour defensive driving course online by DriveSafe is perfect for self-paced learners. With no timers throughout, your crew can take the lessons anytime and anywhere. They’ll learn all about extreme weather conditions, roadway obstacles, aggressive driving, and mechanical malfunctions.

The course also offers practice quizzes to test learners’ knowledge and prepare them for the final assessment. Upon completion, learners will receive their certificates through email.

Created by: DriveSafe Online

Length: 1 hour

Certificate: Available

Cost: 24.95 USD

Defensive driving training - Hazmat School

Defensive Driver Safety Training Course

Searching for in-depth lessons on driver safety? Hazmat School’s got you covered. Like other vehicle safety training courses, this covers critical safety issues to prevent accidents on the road. It also includes proven methods for analyzing traffic patterns and the factors restricting road safety awareness.

This course is perfect for workers expected to drive professionally at work. Common industries under this category include warehousing, tourism, trucking, and distribution.

Created by: Hazmat School

Length: 2 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 35 USD

Defensive driving training - SC Training

Driver Safety for Gig Workers

For those in the gig economy, SC Training’s free defensive driving course online offers tips to avoid distractions, maintain vehicles, and retain safe driving practices. It also defines the characteristics of aggressive drivers to raise awareness among your team.

This also stresses the importance of vehicle maintenance as the key to reducing road accidents. Learn all about motor oil and tire pressures through this comprehensive course. It only contains three lessons, which can be taken on any device. Ideal for those on the go!

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-8 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Defensive driving is the ability to predict hazardous events on the road, whether due to potential collisions or irresponsible drivers. It’s the discipline of always thinking one step ahead and aiming to prevent accidents before they happen.

This skill is important to develop among your crew, as it promotes awareness and responsibility. Faster doesn’t mean better on the road, especially when their safety is on the line.

What is defensive driving training?

Defensive driving training is a worthwhile investment, as it stamps out accidents on the road and saves your business from inflated expenses like vehicle repairs and high fuel consumption.

While some mistakes can be corrected, the same doesn’t apply to road accidents. A few seconds is all it takes for a driver’s life to be changed forever. Prevention is always better than cure, so you should never skip out on your team’s safety training.

What are the three main principles of defensive driving?

To avoid unwanted incidents, remember these three main principles of defensive driving:

Exercise Caution

Keep your eyes on the road to prevent potential distractions. Make it a habit to check your surroundings regularly; this means adjusting your side mirrors properly to gain a better view of what’s around and taking a quick look before steering your wheel to the side.

Create Space

Defensive drivers embrace the two-second rule to avoid tailgating. This is the recommended safe distance to keep between vehicles. Each time you find yourself behind another car, count to two from when it passes by a motionless object on the side. Remember, you must only pass the same object after getting to ‘two.’

Maintaining sufficient distance between the car in front prevents unwanted accidents if the driver ahead presses the brake unexpectedly. But when the roads are slippery or you’re driving behind large trucks, it’s wise to create more space (four to six seconds).

Communicate well 

Don’t keep other drivers guessing what your next move is. Make sure to communicate your intentions clearly. So when making a turn, signal early to inform them you’ll be switching lanes. Also, don’t be afraid to use your horn! This will quickly grab the attention of other drivers and pedestrians ahead.

Protect your workers from road accidents through defensive driving training

A few minutes of training each day will make a huge impact on regular operations on the road. Prevent negligence from getting in the way of maximizing productivity, skills, and profit. 

Keep workers’ safety on the top of your list by enrolling them in a defensive driving training program. Educating them to become responsible and proactive drivers boosts their confidence in performing their jobs well while assuring families of their safe return every day.

Choose the best provider of defensive driving training programs. Sign up for SC Training today.

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