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10 Free Digital Marketing Courses

We’ve created a list of digital marketing courses to equip your teams with the knowledge and skills needed to reach your audience online. Taking these courses will help you make the most out of your online business opportunities and guide you in creating a digital marketing strategy for your organization.

10 Digital Marketing Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Digital Marketing Course - Digital Marketing

1. Digital Marketing

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Digital Marketing course is perfect for those who want to reach the global marketplace in the digital space to grow their business. It starts by defining what digital marketing is and compares it with traditional marketing, then outlines the pros and cons of each strategy. This course also tackles the beginnings of digital marketing and how it has evolved. Further into the course, learners will gain knowledge about the different digital marketing channels they can invest in, such as SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, and many more. Lastly, it teaches essential digital marketing terminologies as well as digital marketing mistakes everyone should avoid.

This course consists of four bite-sized lessons with carefully selected topics to make sure that learners get all the relevant knowledge they need. Information is presented in a microlearning format to reduce cognitive overload and ensures that learners easily understand and retain the information in this training.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing, digital marketing evolution, digital marketing channels, basic digital marketing terms

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Digital Marketing Course - Social Media and Electronic Communication

2. Social Media and Electronic Communication

Social media is one of the many channels that has been a go-to for businesses as part of their marketing strategy due to its wide reach and engagement. In this course by SC Training (formerly EdApp), learners will discover how powerful social media is in reaching their audiences and learn how to leverage social media platforms to promote brand awareness. Here, they’ll learn about different social media strategies they can implement and some tips for effective social media engagement. This digital marketing course online also talks about the importance of customer care and proper social media etiquette for more professional and meaningful interactions.

With SC Training (formerly EdApp), you can access the best digital marketing courses. And while this course leans more on the retail industry, it’s fully customizable and editable, which means it can be used by any organization for any line of business. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s drag and drop authoring tool makes editing easy and simple even without any technical knowledge or design background. You can also choose from over 80 interactive and intuitively designed microlearning templates to populate your content.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Social media in retail, social media engagement strategies, social customer care, basic social media etiquette

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Google Digital Marketing Course - Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

3. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is an in-depth course for those who are new to digital marketing. It contains 26 modules featuring video tutorials, quizzes, real-world scenarios, and exercises that will help learners turn knowledge into action. Among the topics covered are taking your business online, planning an online business strategy, search engine optimization & marketing, advertising, and analytics. Among Google digital marketing courses, this takes around 40 hours to complete but it’s also self-paced so learners can go through their lessons at their convenience. Once learners pass the final exam, they can get a certificate that they can share on LinkedIn or add to their CV.

Cost: Free

Scope: Website optimization, online strategy, search campaigns, advertising, web analytics

Created by Google

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Coursera Digital Marketing Course - Digital Strategy and Business Opportunity

4. Digital Strategy and Business Opportunity

Coursera’s Digital Strategy and Business Opportunity course can be taken by beginners or veterans who want to upskill their digital marketing knowledge. Like other free online marketing courses, this one starts by taking learners on a journey to how advances in technology have changed consumer behavior and created challenges for businesses, which later turned to opportunities. It then teaches learners about the core principles of digital marketing and the value of having a digital marketing campaign. This course ends by teaching learners about the role of content marketing and introduces techniques for content creation. This free marketing course takes around 11 hours to complete and includes a shareable certificate.

Cost: Free

Scope: Digital disruption & business opportunity, digital marketing strategy, content marketing

Created by Coursera

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Digital Marketing Course - Email Campaigns and Strategies

5. Email Campaigns and Strategies

Leveraging email as a tool to reach consumers has been a widely-used tactic for so long now. If you’re looking to start an email marketing campaign, this course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a great place to start learning about it. This course begins by educating learners about the importance of emails and why it’s still effective today. For perspective, it differentiates transactional emails from marketing emails and introduces learners to the most popular email clients used by organizations. To send effective marketing emails, the next lesson will focus on different strategies and techniques to use, such as the KISS method, A/B testing, message personalization, and mobile optimization. Lastly, learners will know how to manage email lists and entice consumers to sign up for email subscriptions.

What’s interesting about this online marketing class is that it uses gamification examples within lessons, such as drag-and-drop, sequencing, matching, and many more to make the learning experience interactive and engaging for your learners. This is an effective way to combat the lack of motivation and boredom associated with learning work-related information. 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Email as a marketing tool, writing effective emails, managing email lists, email personalization

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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edX Digital Marketing Course - Buyer Behaviour and Analysis

6. Buyer Behaviour and Analysis

Knowing your customers is half the battle, which is why it’s important to have an understanding of their purchasing behavior. In edX’s Buyer Behavior and Analysis course, learners will be introduced to the needs, wants, and motivations of a typical customer. It will explore the consumer decision-making process and how you can leverage online technology to position your product or service. This course will also discuss consumer ethics and identify the ethical and unethical practices used to influence buyer behavior. This is a self-paced course that takes 12 weeks to complete. While it’s free to take, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid version just to access graded assignments and exams.

Cost: Free

Scope: Buyer behavior fundamentals, consumer decision-making, product positioning, consumer ethics & misbehavior

Created by edX

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Harvard University Digital Marketing Course - Digital Marketing Strategy

7. Digital Marketing Strategy

Harvard has put together this course for those looking to create, design, and deploy a successful digital marketing strategy. Here, learners will get a glimpse of a customer’s end-to-end journey and discover how advancements in technology have reshaped consumer behavior. Digital marketing strategies discussed here include storytelling, social media, and search engine marketing. At the end of the course, learners will have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned through a final project where they will be asked to create a digital marketing strategy of their own. This online course follows a set schedule and takes 5 days to complete. Learners will also get a certificate of participation from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education.

Cost: $3,250 USD

Scope: Consumer behavior, digital transformation, marketing strategies, creating a digital strategy

Created by Harvard University

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FutureLearn Digital Marketing Course - Get Started With Digital Marketing

8. Get Started With Digital Marketing

Interested in knowing why digital marketing is so valuable to businesses? Look no further as FutureLearn’s course will walk you through the digital marketing world, and equip you with the knowledge to implement it in your organization. To kick it off, the course begins with defining digital marketing, then introducing learners to its key channels and presences. Here, learners will gain an understanding of the impact of technology on online consumer behavior along with the challenges and opportunities it presents. This digital marketing course is self-paced making it the perfect employee training companion for busy professionals. It can be completed in two weeks with 3 hours of weekly study.

Cost: Free

Scope: Defining digital marketing, digital marketing channels, impact of digital technology on online consumer behavior

Created by FutureLearn

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Eduonix Digital Marketing Course - Generating Leads Through Digital Marketing: The Masterclass

9. Generating Leads Through Digital Marketing: The Masterclass

Attracting leads to your business is another common channel used in the digital marketing sphere. Eduonix welcomes learners of all backgrounds and has designed this digital marketing course with no expertise in mind. Learners will find themselves equipped with the fundamentals of lead generation, its difference from other marketing channels, and how it fits into the digital marketing strategy. It teaches learners how to turn solid leads into sales by using lead generation tactics and essential tools for effective lead generation and automation. By the end of this course, learners will be able to build a funnel, create a lead list, interact with leads, and design a successful digital marketing strategy. While this course isn’t free, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee in case this course doesn’t suit your needs.

Cost: $5 USD

Scope: Lead generation & automation, lead generation tactics & techniques, sales funnel

Created by Eduonix

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Alison Digital Marketing Course - Copywriting for Conversions: How to Write Persuasive Content

10. Copywriting for Conversions: How to Write Persuasive Content

Get ready to unlock the power of words to move, persuade, and captivate your audience through Alison’s digital marketing course. It teaches learners the art of persuasive writing to make websites, blog posts, and social media pages catch the attention of your consumers. This course first introduces learners to the basics of copywriting. It then proceeds to teach learners how to write attention-grabbing headlines along with pre-sales and sales copies. It also teaches different copywriting techniques, such as copywriting for service providers, lead generation pages, and e-commerce stores. An assessment will be included in the end to put your newly acquired knowledge and skills to the test.

Cost: Free

Scope: Introduction to copywriting, writing persuasive headlines, copywriting techniques

Created by Alison

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Build and grow your online presence with digital marketing

Digital marketing leverages online technology so you can meet consumers where they are and where they spend time the most—the internet. It works across all industries and enables you to reach a broader audience since digital marketing channels are more accessible than their traditional and more tangible counterparts. Due to its wide scope, there are a lot of unique and creative ways to invest your online marketing efforts and turn them into sales. It’s an effective strategy to put your product or service out there and engage with consumers without breaking the bank.

Digital Marketing Courses FAQs

What is a digital marketing job?

Digital marketers are responsible for launching marketing campaigns and connecting with target customers through the use of digital channels. These channels include but are not limited to websites, emails, social media, search engines, and more. 

Is digital marketing a good career option?

Yes. Digital marketing plays a vital role in modern businesses and brand awareness. Furthermore, it is estimated to be increasing at a rate of 25-30% per year with no indications of slowing down, making it a secure and promising career choice today.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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