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10 Hospitality management courses

Set your hospitality managers up for success with our list of hospitality management courses! It includes a variety of topics fitting for hospitality management in hotels, restaurants, resorts, or event venues.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) hospitality management course - Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism
Hospitality management course #1

Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism

Built in collaboration with industry experts, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Guest Service in Hospitality and Tourism is a great way to start teaching your staff the importance of delivering excellent service to customers.

In this hospitality management course, learners will discover the basics of good guest service, the importance of making good first impressions, and the best practices for handling common customer complaints. They’ll also learn to develop their communication and social skills and greet guests the right way.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Guest service skills and their importance, greeting guests, check-in venues, responding to guest complaints

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eCornell hospitality management course - Hospitality Management
Hospitality management course #2

Hospitality Management

Cornell’s certificate program in hospitality management is designed to help hospitality professionals develop the necessary skills to succeed in their roles. It covers topics like guest loyalty, managing finances, building high-performing teams, and handling customer issues. By completing the program, learners will gain practical skills that they can use to boost revenue and promote their businesses effectively. They’ll also learn to leverage customer behaviors to make smarter decisions on the job.

Cost: 3,750 USD

Created by: eCornell

Scope: Understanding financial statements, building high-performing teams, pricing essentials, guest loyalty, hotel operations

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edX hospitality management course - Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Hospitality management course #3

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry

This hospitality management course by edX gives learners the opportunity to take part in meaningful conversations about the hospitality and tourism industries using professional language. They’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry, explore potential career options, and access resources to further their knowledge and skills in the field.

Cost: Free (Audit)

Created by: edX

Scope: Professional language in hospitality and tourism, career opportunities, foodservice sector, lodging sector

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Coursera hospitality management courses - Management Foundations in the Hospitality Industry
Hospitality management course #4

Management Foundations in the Hospitality Industry

Coursera’s online course in hospitality management explores the foundations of service-driven management in the hospitality industry, focusing on topics such as ethics, social responsibility, and managing customer experiences.

Here, learners will go over the different management tasks, including analyzing job resources, designing roles, and recruiting the right talent for a hospitality organization. The course also highlights the importance of employee training programs for the professional development of hospitality workers.

Cost: Free (Audit)

Created by: Coursera

Scope: Introduction to job analysis and design, talent management, orientation and socialization, training and development

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) hospitality management course - Guest Experiences
Hospitality management course #5

Guest Experiences

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Guest Experiences course emphasizes the importance of personalizing guest experiences, delivering consistent service, and addressing common customer issues and complaints. Course-takers will dive into simple strategies to create a welcoming atmosphere, such as smiling, breaking the ice, and understanding guest moods.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Components of good guest experiences, personalized guest experiences, serving with consistency, managing customer issues

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) hospitality management course - Dealing with Difficult Customers
Hospitality management course #6

Dealing with Difficult Customers

Running into difficult customers can happen quite frequently in this line of business. To help enhance your team’s problem-solving skills, consider this hospitality management course. That way, they’ll be able to address customer issues and meet their needs with ease.

This course will teach your team the different types of challenging customers and how to deal with them. It’ll walk them through the best ways to handle situations like guest complaints, wrong food orders, and intoxicated guests.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Types of difficult customers, responding to guest complaints, handling wrong food orders, dealing with intoxicated customers

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) hospitality management course - Teamwork in the Hospitality Industry
Hospitality management course #7

Teamwork in the Hospitality Industry

Teamwork and collaboration among different departments are needed to seamlessly operate hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Teamwork in the Hospitality Industry is a hospitality management online course that you can use to inspire your staff to work together, align their goals, and maximize their productivity.

The course suggests insights into teamwork in the hospitality industry and the benefits it brings to employees’ personal and professional lives. It also includes useful tips for enhancing teamwork and effectively communicating with team members.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: The importance of hospitality teamwork, best practices, communicating in noisy environments, effective team communication

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) hospitality management course - Hotel Housekeeping Inspection
Hospitality management course #8

Hotel Housekeeping Inspection

This three-part hotel management course focuses on teaching your staff how to inspect various areas in a hotel and make sure they meet sanitation standards. It covers the best practices for checking guest rooms, bathrooms, and corridors. By using a mental checklist during inspections, both new employees and existing staff can guarantee cleanliness and give excellent service that leaves a positive impression on guests.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Room inspection, bathroom inspection, corridor inspection

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) hospitality management course - Cleaning and Sanitizing in Hospitality
Hospitality management course #9

Cleaning and Sanitizing in Hospitality

Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is another essential responsibility for hospitality professionals, as it contributes to attracting and retaining customers. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s hospitality management course teaches the necessary skills for proper disinfection and routine maintenance of guest spaces. It covers effective practices for servicing restrooms and cleaning dining and public areas, such as lobbies, corridors, walkways, and waiting rooms.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Cleaning vs. sanitizing, servicing restrooms, dining areas, and public areas

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) hospitality management course - Mental Health & Wellbeing
Hospitality management course #10

Mental Health & Wellbeing (Hospitality)

This hospitality management training program is designed to address mental health concerns in the hospitality industry. It aims to increase awareness about various aspects of mental health, including the frequency of mental illness in the field and common signs and symptoms of poor mental health.

It also goes into detail about the different strategies for promoting positive mental well-being within an organization. That way, hospitality managers can offer guidance when needed and help their team navigate mental health challenges effectively.

Cost: Free

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Mental health awareness, supporting the mental health of hospitality workers, importance of self-awareness, where to get help when needed

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Running and successfully managing businesses in the hospitality industry is no easy feat. Hospitality management requires overseeing various tasks, ranging from housekeeping and front office operations to event planning and team management. 

If you’re aiming for long-term success in this highly competitive industry, start by training your hospitality managers. It’ll keep them up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry, the rules they need to follow, and the best ways to do their jobs both effectively and efficiently.

What are the subjects for hospitality management?

When training, it’s important to know and cover the key subjects for hospitality management. These subjects will equip them with the key principles, practices, and techniques needed to excel in hospitality management. Let’s dive into some of them:

  • Customer service: Customer service is at the heart of hospitality management. This subject focuses on providing great service, handling customer questions and complaints, and creating positive experiences for guests.
  • Food and beverage management: Here, you’ll cover topics like menu planning, inventory management, hygiene and safety regulations, and maintaining quality standards.
  • Front office operations: Front office operations deals with managing the front desk, handling guest check-ins and check-outs, reservations, and ensuring smooth communication between different departments.
  • Housekeeping and facilities management: This subject covers maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and overall maintenance of guest rooms, public areas, and facilities. It includes training on housekeeping standards, laundry operations, and effective management of cleaning resources.
  • Event management: This includes planning and organizing different events in the hospitality industry, such as conferences, banquets, and weddings. This subject covers event planning, coordination, and execution.
  • Leadership and team management: Developing leadership skills and learning effective team management techniques are needed for hospitality managers. This subject focuses on leadership styles, team building, motivation, and conflict resolution.

Manage operations efficiently with hospitality management courses

The lack of proper hospitality management training can lead to inefficiency in daily operations, increased turnover rates, and damage to your company’s reputation. That makes it essential to invest in training programs through comprehensive hospitality training courses online.

Keep in mind that when managers and workers are well-trained, they’re more likely to be excited, engaged, and focused on delivering exceptional service. Having hospitality certifications, in particular, proves they’re confident representatives of your organization who are competent enough to contribute to its overall success.

With SC Training (formerly EdApp), you’ll have access to useful tools for learning management in hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Its mobile learning features will let hospitality workers access microlearning courses on their smartphones, fitting training into their busy schedules.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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