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10 Lead awareness training courses

Lead is useful but dangerous. Its presence in workplaces for many industries creates health risks for workers and their families, but the right knowledge can keep them safe. Raise your team’s attention to this toxic metal and protect them with these 10 lead awareness training courses.

Lead awareness training courses
Lead awareness training - SC Training

Lead in Construction (US)

Packed with informative details, this OSHA-compliant course offers everything your team needs to know about lead exposure. Reviewed by the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), the program is filled with key safeguarding skills against this poisonous metal. 

This lead awareness training emphasizes the chemical’s presence in construction materials and environments. It stresses how easily the element enters your crew’s body, leading to numerous health damages from its buildup. 

Your workers will better understand the dangers they can face. From there, the course improves your crew’s lead safety with the program’s hazard communication and protective equipment training. 

With SC Training’s mobile learning approach, your crew can train anytime and anywhere. Better yet, with lessons turned into games, workers play and keep more of what they’ve learned in lead safety.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Lead awareness training - Health & Safety Institute

Lead Awareness Overview

This course delivers a comprehensive overview of lead awareness and safety. It covers the sources of exposure to this toxic metal, identifying the best methods to eliminate or reduce the dangers it brings. 

The Health & Safety Institute course emphasizes using personal protective equipment (PPE) and practicing good hygiene among the control strategies. It also dictates the responsibilities of your crew in safeguarding the workplace from lead hazards.

Created by: Health & Safety Institute 

Length: 13 minutes 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: Price available upon request

Lead awareness training - HAZWOPER OSHA

OSHA Lead Awareness Training

HAZPOWER OSHA Training offers a complete lead awareness course for construction. They guide your team in assessing workplaces, helping them find potential areas for exposure and how to address them. 

The OSHA lead awareness training explains to your team the regulation’s permissible exposure limits (PEL) and action levels (AL) for the construction industry. Additionally, completion of this training rewards 3.0 continuing education units for your crew.

Created by: HAZPOWER OSHA Training 

Length: 3 hours 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: 29.99 USD

Lead awareness training - BIS Safety Software

Lead Awareness Online Course

BIS Safety Software’s course focuses on preventing and controlling lead hazards. It trains your team on proper housekeeping and hygiene practices that free workplaces of chemical dust, fumes, and vapors. 

This lead safety training also covers medical surveillance and personal protective equipment, so your crew can keep track of exposure. The program encourages workers to look out for their protection against the toxic metal.

Created by: BIS Safety Software 

Length: 35 minutes 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: 69.99 USD

Lead awareness training - SC Training

Heavy Metal Hazards

Lead is just one of the heavy metals used in many industries. These hazardous materials, however, can damage the health of unprotected workers. 

This SC Training course raises your team’s awareness of the risks heavy metals put on their well-being. Your crew learns to prioritize their health at work, understanding the effects of lead, arsenic, and mercury build-up in their bodies. 

Through this course, you strengthen your team’s lead awareness training. The material trains them to replace materials containing these dangerous metals and get better at identifying sources of exposure. 

This training is fully editable, so you can add more topics or emphasize lead metals. With SC Training, you’ll have the power to customize pages, rewrite key points, and include materials - making the course more applicable to your crew’s work.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Lead awareness training - OSHA Education Center

OSHA Lead Awareness Training Online for General Industry

Regularly retraining your team makes sure they stay updated on new practices and safety innovations. Workers need to be on top of lead reduction changes and this training is a step in the right direction. 

The OSHA lead training completes the agency’s annual retraining requirement for general industries. It’s a self-paced course that includes an assessment at the end. With this refresher, your team remains up to standards.

Created by: OSHA Education Center 

Length: 1 hour 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: 24.95 USD

Lead awareness training - Hard Hat Training

Lead Awareness Online Training

A great course for both managers and workers, this lead awareness training is simple and practical. It defines relevant terms and breaks down the chemical exposure process in a way that’s easy to understand. 

Hard Hat Training’s program applies to the general and construction industries. The course helps workers replace lead-containing batteries, paint, and pipes with safer materials to create a better workplace.

Created by: Hard Hat Training 

Length: 1 hour 

Certificate: Not available 

Cost: 39 USD

Lead awareness training - Vubiz

Lead Safety Awareness

In minimizing lead hazards, OSHA recommends the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)’s hierarchy of controls. This lead safety training focuses on the methods of creating risk controls and directing workflow. 

Vubiz’s course trains your crew to install safeguards and isolates when working in lead-contaminated areas. In addition, workers learn the benefits of tracking employee movement and health to control exposure.

Created by: Vubiz 

Length: 30 minutes 

Certificate: Not available 

Cost: 29 USD

Lead awareness training - CHCTraining

Lead Awareness - Online

Some of the most common lead exposure points in construction are renovation, demolition, and painting jobs. This is due to the lead fumes and dust present in those tasks. You can keep your team safe while doing these tasks with this course from CHCTraining. 

The self-paced program trains workers on the safest practices when working with lead-contaminated materials in construction. Its focus on the industry’s roles makes sure your team gets the right training.

Created by: CHCTraining 

Length: 2 hours 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: Starts at 70 USD/user

Lead awareness training - OSHA.com

Lead Awareness for General Industry Online

Your team is surely made up of first-timers and experienced workers. This OSHA lead training works both as an entry course and a refresher. The course is versatile for manufacturing, custodial work, and clutch repairs. 

The OSHA.com program covers the uses of lead in the industry and the exposure risks. It trains your team on standard-compliant practices to prevent hazards.

Created by: OSHA.com 

Length: 2 hours 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: 19.95 USD

Lead awareness prevents poisoning caused by the heavy metal. It protects workers from the many physical and mental health damages of overexposure. 

Lead awareness helps your team be alert to their surroundings. Leaded pipes, batteries, radiators, plastics, cables, paint, electronics, and solders can all be found in your crew’s workplace. This practice defends workers from the toxic dust, vapors, and fumes these materials produce. 

Understanding the hazards of lead builds habits and attitudes that save lives. Your team stays healthy and goes home to their families without carrying the harmful substance. 

What is lead awareness training? 

Lead awareness training equips your team with the right practices, procedures, and tools that minimize exposure. It trains your crew to work effectively, without compromising their health. 

Construction and general industries use many resources that contain lead. While the metal is multi-purpose, it puts teams at risk. Lead awareness training teaches your crew the best replacements for these materials and how to avoid hazards.

The program also trains workers on the best equipment and protocols to reduce risks. When avoiding lead isn’t possible, these applications help your crew stay safe. With lead safety training, your crew can exercise all caution against the heavy metal. 

What are the best ways to prevent lead exposure? 

Lead exposure happens through inhaling or swallowing the chemical’s particles. To avoid this, OSHA recommends that your team follow the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)’s hierarchy of controls. Here’s how you can apply the different control options when working with the toxic metal: 

  • Elimination or substitution  

The best prevention for exposure is not to use lead-containing materials in your work or replace them with safer resources. A good example is avoiding lead pipes and switching to lead-free PVC for plumbing. 

  • Engineering controls 

Some tasks aren’t possible without leaded equipment. Your next best practice is creating controls that reduce exposure. This can be done by engineering local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums. 

  • Administrative controls 

Enforcing safety protocols in your workflows can also help reduce your crew’s contact with lead particles. Some procedures to apply are limiting entry in contaminated areas, cleaning the workplace, washing hands and face, and changing clothes. 

  • Personal protective equipment 

Protective equipment is your team’s final defense against lead exposure. The chemical safety method works best when partnered with the other control practices and should not be relied on alone. Lead protective equipment includes respirators, goggles, gloves, and protective clothing. 

Protect your team for success with lead awareness training 

Dealing with lead shouldn’t compromise the workplace. Your crew can deliver great work with the help of lead awareness training. 

Dangerous materials don’t have to endanger workers. Training your team on the right procedures and equipment makes sure they work confidently around lead and go home without it. 

Deliver effective lead awareness training with a leading safety platform. Sign up for SC Training today!

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