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10 Online OSHA electrical safety training courses

Electricity is a common hazard in every workspace. Your team should follow the most recent OSHA safety standards and practices to prevent any electricity-related accidents. Keep your electricians and engineers safe with these online OSHA electrical safety training courses.  

SC Training - OSHA electrical safety training

Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout/Tagout (US)

This electrical safety course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is great for refresher training required under OSHA Standard 1910.147. It’s been approved by The American Society of Safety Professionals for complying with these standards and specifically made for any employee authorized to use a machine powered by hazardous energy.

The course goes over how to control hazardous energy like electricity, how to conduct periodic inspections, and how to use a lockout/tagout system for turning off these machines. This training will help your team understand how to safely use and disable their machines for daily operations. 

Deliver this OSHA electrical safety training course in one click with SC Training’s Group Training feature. You can also track attendance, check your team’s training progress, and remind them when they have to go through annual refresher training with this powerful training platform.

Created by: SC Training
Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)
Certificate: Available 
Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

OSHA.com - OSHA electrical safety

Electrical Safety

This OSHA electrical safety training course comes from OSHA.com. It covers the general topics for electrical safety for anyone who directly works with electricity. Some topics include the general OSHA requirements, common electrical hazards, how to operate machines above 600 volts, and the concept of grounding. After completion, your team will receive an OSHA electrical certification. 

Created by: OSHA.com
Length: 1 hour (self-paced)
Cost: 20 USD 


OSHA Electrical Certificate Course

OSHA Education Center offers an online electrical safety course for employees who regularly work with electricity. With this course, your team will be able to follow the OSHA standards of personal protective equipment (PPE), wiring, and other electrical precautions. Your team can take this course anytime for up to 180 days.

Created by: OSHA Education Center
Length: Unavailable
Cost: 24.95 USD


OSHA Electrical Safety Training (General Industry)

This online course by 360 Training is for workers in the general industry who need to handle electrical systems. Its main topics are the OSH Act of 1970 and how to prevent electrical accidents like burns, shocks, and explosions. This course has a certificate of completion and is available 24/7 for up to one year.

Created by: 360 Training
Length: 2 hours (self-paced)
Cost: 40 USD


Electrical Safety (Construction) Online Course

Those looking for an electrical safety training course for construction can use this one from OSHACampusOnline.com by National Safety Training. Aside from learning general tips, your team will know the safe work practices with live electrical equipment. Some examples of these practices are grounding the equipment and using ground fault circuit interrupters.

Created by: OSHACampusOnline.com
Length: 1 hour (self-paced)
Cost: 24.95 USD


Electrical Safety Training (NFPA 70E)

HAZPOWER OSHA’s electrical certification online course is for workers, supervisors, and anyone who works with or near a conductor. It discusses the OSHA standards in Standard 1910 Subpart S for the general industry and Standard 1926 Subpart K for the construction industry. This course can be done on mobile devices.

Length: 3 hours (self-paced)
Cost: Plans start at 49.99 USD per student


29 CFR 1910 Subpart S - Electrical

Compliance Training Online’s online course is a good introduction to creating an electrical safety system. Your team will learn their responsibilities and the OSHA-approved practices for maintaining electrical safety. Some of these practices include wiring, re-energizing equipment, and alerting techniques. This course has an exam but can be taken anytime.

Created by: Compliance Training Online
Length: 2hours
Cost: Plans start at 39.95 USD


Electrical Safety

TPC Training has a training course that’s best for unqualified employees. It covers everything your new team members need to know for electrical safety like checking circuits, identifying electrical hazards, and handling an electrical accident. The course is available online and has safety videos. A Spanish version is available upon request.

Created by: TPC Training
Length: Unavailable
Cost: 70 USD


OSHA Electrical Safety Training Lockout/Tagout 3.0 Course

Coggno offers an electrical safety course that also talks about a lockout/tagout system. It’s meant for employees who work next to a potential electrical hazard. Aside from the basics of electrical safety, the course also discusses electrical panels, protective covers, and the OSHA standards for extension cords.

Created by: Coggno
Length: 45 minutes (self-paced)
Cost: 9.95 USD per student


Worksite Safety 02: OSHA Electrical Safety

Another general OSHA electrical safety training course comes from RedVector. This course discusses the common causes of electrical hazards and the OSHA safety standards to avoid them. These standards are based on 29 CFR 1926, Subpart K, or what OSHA has approved for working with electrical systems. This course can be done anytime as long as your team is connected to wi-fi.

Created by: RedVector
Length: 2 hours (self-paced)
Cost: 59.90 USD

Every modern industry uses electrical systems. This means that anyone from construction workers to office workers is at risk of injuries due to electrical failures. Electrical injuries come in the form of shocks, electrocution, fires, and explosions. Without proper training, your team may encounter further injuries if an electrical accident were to happen.  

A 2023 study from the National Library of Medicine stated that electrical energy is the 5th leading cause of work-related incidents. Contact with high electricity is extremely dangerous because it can easily go through a person’s body. The study concludes that following OSHA standards is important for the electrical safety of all employees. 

In the U.S., there are about 30,000 non-fatal shock incidents that happen every year. For adults, these incidents happen in the workplace. This is why electrical safety training is a must. Knowing how to use electrical systems and how to prevent an electrical accident could save a life. 

Who needs electrical safety training?

Any employee that works with electrical systems or equipment needs electrical safety training. These machines need a high amount of electrical energy to maintain their output. Your team must know how to control these machines and their energy to prevent any accidents. You can check this guide by SafetyCulture or search for more electrical safety topics to create a safety plan perfect for your team. 

What are the OSHA electrical safety training requirements?

OSHA Standard 1910.332 states that jobs that are at risk of receiving a powerful electric shock must be trained at OSHA electrical safety standards. OSHA has provided a list of these jobs. Some of them include electronic engineers, welders, mechanics, and blue-collar supervisors. These jobs in particular have a larger proximity to electrical hazards.

There are also different requirements for workers who are qualified or unqualified. Unqualified persons cannot use any electrical equipment but can work in the area of live electrical circuits. Qualified workers can use the equipment as well as perform safety tests, remove locks or tags, and work with live electrical systems.

All applicable employees must be trained with OSHA Standards 1910.331 through 1910.335. Any unqualified employees must need additional safety training for their specific tasks. Meanwhile, qualified employees must be trained in, at the minimum, the identification of live electrical parts, the determination of the voltage of these parts, and the clearance distances and voltages they will be exposed to at work. 

Protect your team against injuries and accidents with OSHA electrical safety training courses

Those working with electricity or near electrical systems must be careful of their tools, equipment, and worksite. An electrical shock or failure could happen at any time without the right safety precautions. OSHA safety training is the best way to prevent electrical injuries and fatalities from happening to your team.

Training can be done beyond the lecture room. Use SC Training to make your electrical safety training accessible on all devices. Sign up now to give your team the best electrical safety training experience.

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