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10 OSHA fall protection training courses

With the different fall hazards your workers are exposed to daily, it’s important to maintain safety in the workplace. Through OSHA fall protection training, you can help them perform their tasks confidently and efficiently. Explore our ten handpicked courses below to learn more.

OSHA Fall Protection Training
SC Training

Fall Prevention (US)

Because those in construction are exposed to numerous fall hazards every day, it’s important to train your crew on the latest Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines to make the worksite a safer place for everyone.

For those working in construction job sites, SC Training’s free fall prevention course is perfect for starters. It gives an overview of different fall prevention measures, like ladder, scaffolding, and roofing safety.

Your crew will also learn the dangers of falling from heights and common cases of faulty equipment. And if there’s more information you’d like to include in their fall prevention training, this platform allows you to edit the content however you like. With over 1,000 courses to customize, you can confidently deliver quality training while keeping everything on brand.

Learning content is communicated in digestible chunks for effective and boosted knowledge retention. Here, your workers’ safety training is in good hands.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-7 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free


OSHA Fall Protection Training (Construction & General Industry)

This fall protection course is for construction and general industry workers alike. It examines various fall protection standards, ways to prevent falls on construction sites, common hazards, and proven workplace safety operations. By the end of this course, your crew will satisfy OSHA’s training regulations.

While this program is costly at 79 USD per user, 360training’s courses are recognized in all 50 states. Aside from ladder safety, this fall protection training also offers a guide to proper scaffold use.

Created by: 360training

Length: 2.5 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 79 USD

J.J. Keller

Fall Protection for Construction - Online Training Course

Help your construction crew identify the different hazards in the worksite and ways to reduce them. This course covers the OSHA requirements listed in the Code of Federal Regulations 1926 Subpart M, which requires the use of fall protection systems for those working at heights of six feet or more above a lower level.

J.J. Keller’s free course explores fall protection systems, the characteristics of an unsafe environment, personal fall protection, and more. In the end, your team will also learn how to inspect and use equipment properly to keep the worksite safe.

Created by: J.J. Keller

Length: 25 minutes

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free

Hazmat School

OSHA Fall Protection Training Course (1 Hour)

Like other working at heights training courses, Hazmat School’s universal training caters to various occupations — from construction to shipyard and manufacturing plant workers. Topics include common fall hazards, ladder safety measures, and ladder selection procedures.

Here, your crew can either finish the training in one go or take it in chunks according to their schedule. But note that course access will only be available for 30 days. So if the time has elapsed and the course remains uncompleted, they’ll have to reenroll.

Created by: Hazmat School

Length: 1 hour

Certificate: Available

Cost: 25 USD


OSHA Competent Person for Fall Protection Training

This course is for construction workers seeking certification in compliance with the regulations listed in the 29 CFR 1926 Subpart M. It educates your crew on the different fall protection systems, care and inspection, and best work practices for using aerial lifts, ladders, and stairways.

It also teaches the importance of conducting pre-operation inspections before using heavy machinery to avoid injuries. And if you’re looking for a refresher training course, this can meet your needs. Upon passing the final exam, learners will be awarded a course completion certificate.


Length: 3 hours (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: 59.99 USD

SC Training

Ladder Safety (US)

This ladder fall protection training course is the perfect choice for your workers. It presents many essential topics: ladder fall prevention, ladder climbing, maintenance, and proper storage. Your crew will also learn OSHA’s best practices for safe ladder use.

Aside from the lessons, this course also references helpful OSHA sources that you can use to supplement your training. Images and quizzes are scattered throughout to boost knowledge retention. 

What’s great about this course is that each lesson can be finished in under eight minutes, so your workers can train flexibly anytime and anywhere. You can also customize the lessons according to your preference for free.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-8 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free


714 Fall Protection Program

Through eight modules, this OSHA fall protection certification course examines the following topics: elements of a successful fall protection program, emergency response, training requirements, equipment maintenance, and inspection. At the end of their training, learners will be able to identify different fall hazards and the challenges in height rescue plans.

OSHAcademy’s fall protection training emphasizes real-world scenarios using scaffolds, ladders, and aerial platforms. While your crew can access everything for free, you’ll need to pay if you want to get a certificate upon course completion. It charges 25.99 USD for a PDF certificate and 37.99 USD for the original certificate.

Created by: OSHAcademy

Length: 7 hours

Certificate: Available upon purchase

Cost: Free

 OSHA Pros

Fall Protection Training Course for the Competent Person

With this course, your crew will discover the different hazards they’re exposed to and the standards for selecting personal protective equipment. It also discusses fall protection plans and systems recommended by OSHA.

This course is self-paced, so your crew can freely take the units according to what fits their schedule. It features photos, videos, and quizzes to make learning engaging. But note that this doesn’t replace the evaluations required by OSHA, so you’ll still have to enroll them in other training that satisfies OSHA regulations.

Created by: OSHA Pros

Length: 220 minutes (self-paced)

Certificate: Available upon passing the final exam

Cost: 89 USD


OSHA Fall Protection Training

With this OSHA fall protection training course, your crew will study proven methods of fall protection, proper equipment use, best practices, and more. Organized into seven units, this course launches quizzes after every lesson to test learners’ knowledge and prepare them for the final exam. They must score a minimum of 70% to obtain certification.

The platform offers customized progress-tracking software to help you monitor your crew’s progress. Learners can conveniently access the lessons via mobile, tablet, or computer.

Created by: E-Training

Length: 1-2 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 25 USD

SC Training

OSHA Focus Four Hazards | Fall Hazards

This fall protection training course is the perfect choice for your crew. It presents many essential topics: personal fall arrest systems, fall prevention, the use of guardrails and safety nets, and more. They’ll also learn the best practices for safe ladder use and the basics of scaffold safety.

The course also offers practical managerial tips on how to secure the workplace for everyone. Learn about the different fall protection methods available and choose which best applies to your crew.

With SC Training, you can ditch long hours of classroom lectures and make training feel like a game for them instead. Learners will earn points as they advance through each session, and this can be used to incentivize training.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-9 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free

The construction trade fuels companies’ economic growth. Though a booming industry, the risks associated with the job are high. This is where fall safety for your workers comes in.

Fall protection refers to the systems designed to prevent or reduce injuries in the workplace. OSHA requires the enforcement of fall protection systems for those working at heights of six feet or more above a lower level.

With your workers exposed to various hazards regularly, it’s your responsibility as an organization to ease their worries. You can do this by offering safe working conditions and proper fall protection training.

What is fall protection training?

Fall protection training is mandatory for workers exposed to fall hazards daily. Employers whose workers handle dangerous machinery or equipment should offer protection at work.

Safety training helps them develop awareness of the risks they face and how to minimize them on the job. It’s an important investment for your workers as fall-related injuries remain one of the leading causes of work-related fatalities every year.

To reduce injuries in the workplace, OSHA requires employers to:

  • Offer working conditions that are free of common dangers.
  • Maintain floors in work areas clean, and at most, dry.
  • Issue workers the required personal protective equipment for free.
  • Train workers on job hazards in a language they’re familiar with.

What are examples of fall hazards?

Fall hazards can be anything on the work site that can cause loss of balance or bodily support, leading to a fall. OSHA lists the main types of fall hazards in the workplace:

  1. Unguarded roof edges, floor and roof openings, leading edges, structural steel, etc. 
  2. Unsuitable scaffold construction
  3. Unsafe compact ladders

Prevent accidental falls in the workplace with OSHA fall protection training

In work sites where scaling heights are the norm, it’s your responsibility to keep your crew safe. Avoid being fined for failure to comply with OSHA’s requirements on fall protection training. Not only will you maintain safe working conditions, but you can also ease their families' worries by making sure each worker gets home safely every day.

This profitable industry surely comes with its own risks. But don’t worry! With quality OSHA fall protection training, you can help your workers develop the right knowledge and skills to navigate the workplace safely.

Avoid injuries at work by investing in top safety training software. Sign up with SC Training for free today.

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