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10 OSHA machine guarding training courses  

Machines make laborious tasks efficient. These mechanisms may have risks, but you can protect your team with OSHA machine guarding training. Guide them through the hazards and the proper safeguarding methods. Use these 10 courses to get you going.

OSHA machine guarding training
OSHA machine guarding - SC Training

Machine Guarding (US)

SC Training offers a great introduction to machine guarding that stresses its necessity. As an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant course, it covers the organization’s requirements for machine safety and how best to comply.  

This OSHA machine guarding training is perfect for those new to the industry. It familiarizes your team with the hazards, possible injuries, and safest practices when handling their equipment - helping your crew become well-rounded equipment users.

You won’t have to worry about how your crew can complete this course with SC Training's mobile-first learning. This valuable training is in their hands. Machine safety knowledge is now accessible anytime they're free and anywhere they’re in.  

The training course is divided into short lessons that grab attention and maximize knowledge retention. If you want to add more, the course is editable. This ensures you give your team exactly what they need. 

Created by: SC Training

Length: 10 minutes  

Certificate: Available  

Cost: Free (up to 10 users) 

OSHA machine guarding - Health & Safety Institute

Machine Guarding

The course focuses on proactivity regarding machine safety. Spanning OSHA standards on various machines like power presses and transmissions, Health & Safety Institute's training is versatile in safeguard applications.  

This interactive training goes beyond guards and devices, emphasizing miscellaneous safety aids like Personal Protective Equipment. Operators will understand their responsibilities for their own and other’s well-being. 

Created by: Health & Safety Institute  

Length: 20 minutes  

Certificate: Available  

Cost: Price available upon request

OSHA machine guarding - BIS Safety Software

Machine Guarding Training (OSHA)

BIS Safety Software’s machine guarding training bridges the gap between methods and practices using case studies. Your team will learn to identify machinery hazards and the appropriate machine guarding OSHA techniques.  

It’s divided into multiple modules that are accessible on your mobile device. To complete the course and earn the certificate of completion, you must pass the final assessment with at least an 80% grade.

Created by: BIS Safety Software  

Length: 1 hour  

Certificate: Available after passing the final exam with at least an 80% grade 

Cost: 39.95 USD

OSHA machine guarding training - Compliance Training Online

Machine Guarding Safety

Besides the OSHA standards and methods in machine guarding, Compliance Training Online’s course details the responsibilities of workers and managers for ensuring workplace safety.   

The course is self-paced and available in many languages. With 0.2 continuing education units (CEU) awarded upon completion, this training fits experienced operators pursuing accreditation in their field.

Created by: Compliance Training Online  

Length: 2 hours  

Certificate: Available  

Cost: Starts at 35.95 USD/trainee 

OSHA machine guarding training - Coggno

Machine Guarding Course

This machine safety course complies with OSHA standard 1926.300, covering the standards and proper procedures for handling hand-held power tools. It presents the prominent hazards and safeguarding methods for blades, abrasives, shears, and cutters.  

Coggno’s training is on virtual reality (VR), making it the most unique course on the list. Its immersion provides a “hands-on” experience, but with the requirements for a VR system, you’d be paying for more than just the training. 

Created by: Coggno  

Length: 20 minutes  

Certificate: Non-available  

Cost: 20.99 USD/unit

OSHA machine guarding training - Hard Hat Training

Machine Guarding Online Training

Made by industry veterans, Hard Hat Training’s OSHA machine guarding training is exhaustive and detailed. It’s a comprehensive study of the proper operating procedures, hazards, and guarding techniques; instilling compliance with standards and regulations.  

The course provides value for both managers and crew members. A machine handling and guarding checklist is given to test competency. Meanwhile, an OSHA wallet card will be issued after completing the course for accreditation. 

Created by: Hard Hat Training  

Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes  

Certificate: Available  

Cost: 39 USD

OSHA machine guarding training - OSHA.com

Machine Guarding Safety

This OSHA outreach course by OSHA.com grounds machine guarding and requirements into your day-to-day operations. Its modules cover injury prevention and security of vicinities.  

Certification seekers and re-trainees fit what the training offers, with an OSHA Department of Labor (DOL) card to be issued upon completion. All of these are accessible on mobile devices.

Created by: OSHA.com  

Length: 10 hours  

Certificate: Available  

Cost: 20 USD

OSHA machine guarding training - Vubiz

Machine Guarding

This Vubiz course complies with OSHA training standards CFR 1910 Subpart O. It trains your team on the types of machine guards, devices, methods, and solutions that keep them safe from the machine hazards and risks they work with.  

Your team can complete this training, no matter their working schedule, with the course’s mobile accessibility. The material provides an outline of legal requirements that assure your compliance with OSHA bylaws.

Created by: Vubiz

Length: 1 hour  

Certificate:  Available  

Cost: Starts at 29 USD

OSHA machine guarding training - J.J. Keller

Machine Guarding – Online Training Course

J.J. Keller’s OSHA machine guarding course trains your team for emergency response in the event of an accident. While it’s important to know the proper safeguarding practices, it's best to have your team know their way around emergency procedures when working with their equipment.  

All things considered; the course is great for operators constantly handling machinery. This free 29 CFR 1910 Subpart O compliant training makes your team better suited to their tasks at hand. 

Created by: J.J. Keller  

Length: 30 minutes  

Certificate: Available  

Cost: Free 

OSHA machine guarding training - eTraining

Machine Guarding Safety

Your crew uses their tools every day and it’s easy to get complacent.  Condition your team to avoid the common mistakes in OSHA machine guarding with this course by eTraining. It also covers standard compliance and definitions of the OSHA requirements.  

The course issues certification after passing the final assessment with a minimum 70% passing grade. Your team will be prepared for that test with interactive and bite-sized modules that help them retain the necessary knowledge. 

Created by: eTraining  

Length: 20 minutes  

Certificate: Available after passing the final exam with at least a 70% grade.  

Cost: 20 USD

Machines ease the toughest labor and the most taxing outputs. Though, its rotating parts, cutting contraptions, and powerful pulling equipment put operators and those around them at risk. Their protection lies in proper machine guarding techniques and practices.  

Machine guarding is your immediate defense against any injury or fatality. It’s installing safeguards and performing practices that minimize your contact with dangerous parts, functions, and processes of mechanisms.  

With proper OSHA machine guarding training, your team’s work is safe and effective.  

What are the OSHA machine guarding requirements? 

According to OSHA, installed machine guards must meet these standards:  

  • Prevent contact – Safeguards should protect the hands, arms, and any body parts of the operator and those around them from any direct contact with the hazardous moving parts of a machine.  
  • Be secure – Machine guards should be firmly in place so they can’t be easily removed or tampered with. It should also be durable enough to withstand the equipment’s normal operation.  
  • Protect from falling objects – Guards should not allow any material to fall into the machine’s moving parts. Any material that falls can become a dangerous projectile that could injure someone.  
  • Create no new hazards – Safeguards should not have any shear points, jagged edges, or unfinished surfaces that could cause cuts.  
  • Create no interference – Machine guards should not interfere with the operator’s task, but rather maximize the efficiency and comfortability of the operation.  
  • Allow safe lubrication – Guards should leave enough space for lubrication even when installed.  

What are the types of machine guarding?  

OSHA classified these as the 5 types of machine guarding. All these techniques should follow the safeguarding requirements that were mentioned above -  

  • Guards – Barriers that prevent direct contact with the hazardous parts of a machine. These could be fixed, interlocked, adjustable, or self-adjusting.  
  • Devices – Controls or sensors that limit an operator’s access to the hazardous parts of a machine. These could be presence sensing, pullbacks, restraints, operational controls, or gates.  
  • Machine location – Locating machines with hazardous parts, in positions away from workers.  
  • Automated feeding and ejection methods – Automated feeding and ejection of stocks and loads to eliminate the operator’s exposure to hazardous parts.  
  • Miscellaneous aids – Aids that heighten the safety of the operator and those close to the machines. These could be awareness barriers, face shields, and protective goggles.  

Create the best workplace with OSHA machine guarding training courses  

Operating machines doesn’t have to be dangerous. With OSHA machine guarding training and proper compliance with the organization’s standards, your team can focus on the work without worrying about their well-being.  

Investing the time and resources to machine safety training builds accountability and security amongst your team. It creates a trustful and confident working environment, regardless of risks. A safe workplace is a more productive one.  

Help your team produce their best, without the hazards, using the best safety training software! Sign up for SC Training today.  

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