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10 OSHA PPE training courses

Every employee needs to undergo personal protective equipment (PPE) training to protect them from potential hazards or accidents. To give your team a complete training program, we’ve made a list of the 10 best online courses for your OSHA PPE training program. They cover how to equip, maintain, and use PPE and how it should be implemented on the worksite.

OSHA PPE training course
SC Training - OSHA PPE training courses

Head Protection (US)

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Head Protection (US) is a free online course that covers why employees need head protection, how to care for and store the necessary PPE, and how to use it for day-to-day work. It takes one click to deliver the course to dozens of team members.

You just need to set a deadline and your team can complete this course at any time on any device that can access the internet. With the platform’s reporting and analytics feature, you can easily track your team’s learning performance and make necessary adjustments to your PPE training program.

This online and mobile-friendly PPE course comes with a final assessment. Though a written assessment is not required for PPE certification, a short quiz can greatly help your team accurately recall their training.

Created by: SC Training
Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)
Certificate: Available
Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

SC Training - OSHA PPE training courses

Eye and Face Protection (US)

Another PPE course that SC Training offers is for eye and face protection. This course has been verified by the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) for use as compliance training or refresher training. These teachings follow the OSHA standards for eye and face protection, which can be found under OSHA Standard 1926.102.

This course covers why PPEs for the eye and face are vital for preventing any injuries or contact with chemicals. Unlike other parts of the body, most eye and face injuries or infections can be easily avoided with the correct PPE.

Not only does the course discuss different PPEs and how to use them, but it also covers first-aid tips and additional precautions to protect the face. Each lesson has a short game about what was covered to help your team engage with the training material.

Created by: SC Training
Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)
Certificate: Available
Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

SC Training - OSHA PPE training course

Respiratory Protection Awareness (US)

Respiratory hazards could lead to sickness, lifelong damage to the body, or even death. That’s why it’s important to conduct regular PPE training if your worksite has these airborne hazards. This course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is based on the OSHA standards for compliance in construction.

The course discusses the different types of respiratory hazards and which PPE is best for blocking each one out. It also goes in-depth on all the factors to consider when choosing a PPE for respiratory protection, whether it's for the hazard, the task, or the person.

You can add another lesson about the specifics of the PPE your team will be using through SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Creator Tool. You can easily copy this course and add your company’s logo, branding, and safety measures. There’s no design experience needed to use this powerful drag-and-drop tool.

Created by: SC Training
Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)
Certificate: Available
Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

OSHA Education Center - OSHA forklift training

OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Certificate Course

This OSHA PPE training course by OSHA Education Center can be done anytime online for up to 180 days. It covers everything an employer needs to know to implement PPEs in their workplace from doing a hazard assessment to all the different kinds of PPEs. It also covers PPEs for welding and laser operations.

Created by: OSHA Education Center
Length: 1 hour
Certificate: Available
Cost: 24.45 USD

OSHA.com - OSHA PPE training course

Personal Protective Equipment

OSHA.com’s Personal Protective Equipment training course gives a basic overview of OSHA standards for PPE. Aside from discussing PPE, the course talks about controls. Controls are the different ways employers can reduce the risk of harm in the workplace. There must be controls in place before implementing PPE to minimize serious work-related injuries.

Created by: OSHA.com
Length: Unavailable
Cost: 20 USD

360Training - OSHA PPE training courses

Personal Protective Equipment Training (General Industry)

This online course from OSHAcampus is meant for employees or employers who want to know the essentials of PPE. It covers PPE for every part of the body, like goggles, gloves, eyewear, and other clothing. Worksites under general industry that have a risk of hazards such as heat, noise, or electricity. This course can be done anytime and has a Spanish version.

Created by: OSHAcampus by 360 Training
Length: 1 hour (self-paced)
Certificate: Available
Cost: 20 USD

360Training - OSHA PPE training course

Personal Protective Equipment Training (Construction)

OSHAcampus by 360 Training also has a PPE training course for construction sites. This is compliant with OSHA Standard 1926 Subpart E under the Safety and Health Regulations for Construction. It covers the hazard assessment needed to identify the best PPE for construction work. It also goes over the best practices for PPE meant for construction, like how to use and maintain it.

Created by: OSHAcampus by 360 Training
Length: 1 hour (self-paced)
Cost: 20 USD

HSI - OSHA PPE training courses

Personal Protective Equipment Workplace Safety Program

HSI offers online PPE training courses for workers. This is to provide them with the knowledge of recognizing hazards and their effects on the body; equipping and adjusting PPE; and recognizing the responsibilities of the employer to provide and replace PPE. This course also comes in two more languages: Spanish and French Canadian.

Created by: HSI
Length: 90 minutes
Cost: Contact for pricing

National OSHA Foundation - OSHA PPE training course

PPE Certification & Training

The National OSHA Foundation has a PPE course for employees looking for certificates. It covers everything they need to know to include PPE in their work routine. They must pass a quiz before receiving their certificate, but it has unlimited tries. Employers can track the progress of their team through their Employer Admin Portal.

Created by: National OSHA Foundation
Length: 1 hour self-paced
Contact for pricing
Cost: 29.95 USD

SC Training

Behaving Around Operating FLT'S (US)

For PPE use in warehouses or worksites that use a forklift, SC Training (formerly EdApp) has a course for that. The Behaving Around Operating FLT'S (US) course is for pedestrians or employees working beside moving forklifts. Its main purpose is to raise awareness about the risks of forklift accidents and how to avoid them.

This course has a lesson on PPE and how it’s the last line of defense against potential warehouse hazards. In situations where risk management and safety measures can’t guard against a certain type of accident, PPE can still prevent critical injuries.

Other lessons cover the different types of forklift trucks and blind spots. If your team has ideas or questions about the course, they can quickly send them through the in-lesson Discussions tool. With this forum-like feature, they can give feedback in real-time and you can easily lead a lively discussion on the PPE usage and traffic plan of your warehouse.

Created by: SC Training
Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)
Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

PPEs are a part of every work environment, especially those that are exposed to hazardous materials or are at risk of accidents. OSHA requires that employers provide their team with their required PPE, check if it's well-maintained, and conduct regular training.

For Fiscal Year 2023, OSHA reported that there were about 7,000 violations for the general requirements for fall protection, 2,500 violations for respiratory protection, and 2,000 violations for eye and face protection. While these violations will result in fines and penalties for your company, it also means your team is vulnerable to life-threatening harm.

In a 2020 study, researchers found that a low PPE usage rate is connected to a higher rate of accidents during construction work. They concluded that the best way to make sure an employee uses their PPE is through safety training.

What is PPE training?

PPE training teaches your employees how to use, maintain, and adjust the PPE required for their tasks. Your PPE training program may differ from other companies because of the type of PPE that needs to be discussed. This must be chosen and provided for by your employer.

OSHA has a guidebook on how employers should implement PPE on the worksite and how to conduct proper training. Firstly, employers should do a hazard assessment on the worksite to find potential dangers like exposure to toxic substances and accidents. Then, they should acquire the necessary PPE to protect the team from these hazards.

After doing these steps, the employer must conduct PPE training so that employees are knowledgeable in the use, maintenance, and care of their PPE. Employees must always wear their PPE, maintain it, and inform their employer if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

By conducting regular OSHA PPE training, you can prevent your team from facing accidents or prolonged exposure to toxic hazards. Choosing the right PPE course helps you protect your workers while following OSHA standards.

What are the OSHA PPE training requirements?

The OSHA training requirements for PPE are outlined in Standard 1910.132(f). To summarize, the employer must train each of their employees on:

  • What PPE is necessary and when to use it;
  • How to properly wear, remove, and adjust PPE;
  • The limitations of their PPE;
  • And how to properly maintain and dispose of the PPE.

Afterward, the employee must demonstrate the mentioned teachings, or else they can’t do the work that PPE is required for. That employee should be retrained to permit them to do that specific work. Other requirements for retraining include changes in the work environment or updates to the required PPE.

Protect your team with OSHA PPE training courses

PPEs are one of the many ways to keep a workplace safe. However, it’s the only way to protect your team if they encounter harmful chemicals or accidents. This is why PPE training is crucial to keeping your team aware of certain hazards and how to protect themselves from them.

Turn the task of training into an educational experience. Use SC Training for the best way to deliver OSHA PPE training to your team. Sign up now to create a safer work environment.

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