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10 Powered industrial truck operator training programs

Forklifts are the key to improving your workflow efficiency in transporting goods. While they’re essential for hauling heavy objects, they invite risks if handled poorly. Prevent accidents at work by prioritizing your crew’s safety. Choose from our list of ten powered industrial truck operator training programs so you can give them the confidence to perform their jobs properly.

Powered industrial truck operator training
SC Training - Powered industrial truck operator training

Powered Industrial Trucks (US)

Keep your forklift operations safe onsite by enrolling your team in SC Training’s powered industrial truck operator training program. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced workers, as they’ll study essential safety tips and best practices to maintain smooth working operations.

The course delves into the kinds of forklifts, operating procedures, and protection from known hazards. Each lesson contains various quiz types to boost knowledge retention. At the end, there’s also a comprehensive final assessment to test learners’ knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

With SC Training, you can make learning feel like a game. Equipped with gamification features such as leaderboards, banners, badges, and achievements, watch your team swipe, tap, and drag their way through essential workplace learning. Courses can also be taken on any device, so it’s perfect for those on the go. Infused with bite-sized learning, they’ll only need to spare five minutes each day to complete each lesson.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

SC Training - Powered industrial truck operator training

Forklift Operation Safety

This heavy equipment operator training program introduces learners to the world of forklifts. From pre-operative checks to load handling and maneuvering, this three-part course covers common hazards associated with the job and how to conduct maintenance and inspection.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced forklift driver, this in-depth course can meet your needs. The great thing about SC Training is that you’ll never have to start designing your lessons from scratch.

Its AI-powered creator tool does all the work for you — no coding or designing required. So if you’ve got an idea you struggle with putting into practice, this feature has got your back! Customize the content and choose from 80+ templates to make your training engaging with images, videos, quizzes, and more.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Hard Hat Training - Powered industrial truck operator training

Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Training Online

If you’re looking to introduce your crew to the basics of powered trucks, this course tackles its maintenance, stability principles, common hazards, and safe operations. Hard Hat’s program satisfies the classroom requirement for those in need of occupational safety training.

Though quite costly, it offers practice quizzes that are scattered throughout to prepare learners for the final written exam. Aside from this, it gives a checklist for employers tasked with administering the practical exam.

This course meets the requirements set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on powered industrial trucks, material handling, and safety standards for lift trucks.

Created by: Hard Hat Training

Length: 120-150 minutes

Certificate: No information available

Cost: 79 USD

OSHAcademy - Powered industrial truck operator training

725 Forklift Safety Program Management

Through seven modules, this forklift training program studies the divisions of workplace forklifts, principles for safe loading and transfer, and best practices for maintenance. It’s modeled after OSHA’s Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations 1910.178 for materials handling and storage of powered industrial trucks.

This forklift operator certification program is designed for the general industry and will take 7 hours to complete. While your team can access all training materials for free, you’ll be charged a fee if you want to get a certificate upon course completion. It costs 25.99 USD for a PDF certificate and 37.99 USD for the original certificate.

Created by: OSHAcademy

Length: 7 hours

Certificate: Available upon purchase

Cost: Free

360training - Powered industrial truck operator training

Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Training

This powered industrial truck operator training is open to those in the general industry. Your crew will learn about OSHA standards, stability principles, inspections, and common hazards onsite. It also suggests techniques for safe driving to reduce accidents.

After the learners finish the lessons, they can instantly download their certificate. The forklift lessons are self-paced with the feature to auto-save progress, so your team can pick up from where they left off without hassle.

Created by: 360training

Length: 2.5 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 79 USD

eSafety Training - Powered industrial truck operator training

Powered Industrial Trucks

Divided into two parts lasting 30 minutes each, this forklift course is great for beginners. Part one introduces them to the basic operation responsibilities of forklift trucks, safe use, and the rules and responsibilities of operators.

The second part covers selecting the right personal protective equipment (PPE), identifying hazards, and using special techniques to maintain smooth workflow operations. eSafety’s course is compliant with OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.178.

Created by: eSafety Training

Length: 1 hour

Certificate: Available

Cost: Contact for pricing

HAZMAT School - Powered industrial truck operator training

Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety Course for All Classes

HAZMAT School’s OSHA required training program talks about essential topics like forklift operation principles, maneuvering in cramped spaces, load handling, and maintenance. Your team will immediately receive a PDF certificate upon exam completion, given they score at least 75% on the final exam.

Though fully compliant, note that this OSHA forklift certification online course doesn’t offer hands-on practical training. So to receive practical instruction, you’ll have to reach out to a separate training facility.

Created by: HAZMAT School

Length: 4 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 69 USD

Alison - Powered industrial truck operator training

Forklift Operator Training

Through this introductory course on forklift operation, your team will study its various classifications, performance features, and rules for inspection. Aside from these, the course explores the hazards present in the workplace, like unfavorable working conditions, narrow alleys, and pedestrians passing by the work floor. They’ll also learn how to conduct risk assessments.

What’s great about this forklift training program is that there aren’t any prerequisites, so anyone interested in becoming a forklift operator can enroll. But to obtain a certificate, learners must achieve at least 80% in every course assessment.

Created by: Alison

Length: 3-4 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free

Lion - Powered industrial truck operator training

Forklift Safety Training

Lion offers forklift safety training for employees seeking to learn how to operate powered industrial trucks for their jobs. This course educates them on the basic safety principles, kinds of forklifts, common hazards, maintenance, and more.

The program is packed with reference materials to supplement learning, like interactive exercises, digital training booklets, and assessments for knowledge retention. Lessons can run on any device, with online training support readily available seven days a week.

Created by: Lion

Length: 1.5 hours (online)

Certificate: Available

Cost: 29 USD

OSHA Education Center - Powered industrial truck operator training

Forklift Certification Course

With this online forklift training course, your crew will learn the significance of forklift stability, the different kinds of forklifts, established safety procedures and best practices, inspections, and maintenance. For proper operation, they’ll study the right-of-way, loading procedures, and driving under unsafe conditions.

This in-depth course contains six learning modules and six quizzes. A final exam awaits learners in the end. Once completed, they’ll receive their forklift certificate along with a plastic card to store it in.

This forklift training offers certification to operate on Class I - Class VII forklifts. Though this online course is valid in every state, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to transfer the certification to another employer and state.

Created by: OSHA Education Center

Length: 2 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 49 USD

In any business that relies on the transportation of goods, powered industrial truck operator training is essential to maintaining safe operations in the workplace. To boost efficiency, forklifts help load and unload heavy materials from one point to another.

But if not handled properly, they expose your workers to various hazards. Relieve their worries and make safety a priority by investing in powered industrial truck operator training for your team. Identify the best practices for this indispensable machinery today.

What is considered a powered industrial truck?

A powered industrial truck, better known as a forklift, is a special vehicle used to carry, pull, or stack bulk materials from one location to another.

Powered industrial trucks are staples in many industries. From construction and manufacturing to shipping and agriculture, they help ease the burden of moving heavy objects around.

Some key characteristics of forklifts include:

  • Powered either by an internal combustion engine or an electric battery.
  • Used commonly in manufacturing, construction, warehousing, and retail. 
  • Equipped with forks or other attachments, which help the truck pick up and deposit assorted loads. 
  • Varied in size and capacity: three-wheelers, four-wheelers, stand-up riders, reach trucks, order pickers.
  • Operated only by licensed drivers who’ve satisfied the training requirements set by OSHA.

Powered industrial truck training programs are essential for growing your business. Not only are they required by OSHA, but they also maintain safe working conditions for your crew.

How to implement a powered industrial truck training program

Required for workers in industries that haul materials, powered industrial truck operator training covers general principles on the safe operation of forklift trucks. To implement the training, you need to educate workers on the different types of forklifts, common hazards, inspection, and maintenance.

According to OSHA, training for forklift operations must consist of the following:

  1. Formal instruction: through lectures, interactive computer learning, discussions, videotapes, and written material.
  2. Practical training: performance demonstrations by the trainer and practical exercises assigned to trainees.
  3. Evaluation: the conduct of performance evaluations in the workplace.

Remember that for the training to be effective, you’ll have to align the forklift program to the specific type of vehicle the worker is assigned to operate. The completion and evaluation of training are needed before being allowed to handle forklift machinery.

Keep workplace operations safe with powered industrial truck operator training

Note that only competent workers who’ve undergone successful training are allowed to operate powered industrial trucks. Additionally, performance evaluations must be conducted every three years, with refresher training made available when operators have been reassigned to a different truck, or when they’ve been operating unsafely. 

By selecting the right powered industrial truck operator training program for your crew, you can eliminate injuries onsite and make sure everyone gets home safely to their families every day.

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