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10 Quality Control Training Programs

We’ve gathered a list of quality control training programs designed for engineers and inspectors in the manufacturing and industrial industries. These courses will develop the knowledge and skills needed to conduct audits, inspection checks, product tests, and performance evaluations effectively.

Quality Control Training Programs
SC Training

Quality Control

Hosted on SC Training, Quality Control is an online course designed specifically for workers in the manufacturing industry. This course will give them a broader understanding of quality control processes, supplier quality, and inspections. Your workers will also learn about the auditing processes required for ISO 9000 standard registration and touch on quality assurance. 

The course will cover the eight dimensions of quality: performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality. This was originally conceptualized by David Garvin and can be used as your team’s framework for strategic analysis and product performance quality. 

This course makes use of microlearning, breaking up typical long-form content into bite-sized chunks. This shortens the amount of time taken for training and makes it easier for your workers to absorb what they’re learning. Lessons can be completed in as short as five minutes and are filled with engaging and interactive slides to help keep your workers' attention.

Created by: SC Training

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Certificate: Available

Scope: What is quality control, ISO 9000, quality assurance, eight dimensions of quality

SC Training

Food Safety & Document Control

Also hosted on SC Training, the Food Safety & Document Control course can serve as a supplemental quality control training program for workers in the food industry. It provides employees with a general overview of food quality control standards and the importance of food safety management systems, non-conformance reports, site observance reports, and inspection and test plans. Additionally, they’ll also learn about the main differences between document control and food safety management records.

Using SC Training's intuitive authoring tool, you can import this course directly from the course library and update its content in accordance with your company's branding standards. Through the platform's AI translation capability, you can even translate the entire course into more than 100 different languages, making it easier to scale training for global teams.

Created by: SC Training

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Certificate: Available

Scope: Food safety management, document control, records


Introduction to Quality Control

Alison’s Introduction to Quality Control is another free quality control training program that explores quality control methods, theories, and processes in industrial engineering. Workers will be introduced to the topic of quality control and its dimensions and components. In addition, they will learn about quality management and different control charts. They will also have access to work studies to better understand process capability and process mean in quality control. At the end of the course, they will have to answer a final assessment and if they score over 80%, they can have access to a certificate of completion. 

Created by: Alison

Cost: Free

Certificate: Available

Scope: Introduction to quality control, dimensions and components of quality control, control charts, process capability and process mean, work study


Quality Control & Management Training - CPD Accredited

Provided by the recruitment agency Reed, Quality Control Management Training is an online and self-paced course that gives workers a solid foundation of knowledge on quality control and management training. Here, workers will gain a practical and theoretical understanding of both quality control and management. They will be introduced to Quality Management and Total Quality Management, quality measurement and improvement, and quality control. Besides that, they will also learn how to understand customer expectations and needs, the Six Sigma concept, supply chain management, and quality audits. 

Created by: Reed

Cost: 16 USD

Certificate: Available

Scope: Quality management, Total Quality Management, quality measurement and improvement, customer expectations and needs, Six Sigma, supply chain management, quality auditing


Certified Manager Of Quality/Organizational Excellence Certification Preparation

This course from ASQ is for those who need to brush up on their quality management skills before certification. Certified Manager Of Quality/Organizational Excellence Certification Preparation is a preparation course that reviews topics on leadership, planning and development, and quality management. In detail, workers will go through strategic planning models, business environment analyses, quality models and theories, quality management, customer-focused organizations, supply chain management, and training and development. This course is self-paced and can be finished in approximately 25 hours.  

Created by: ASQ

Cost: 724 USD (Member); 824 USD (Non-member)

Certificate: Available

Scope: Leadership, strategic plan development and deployment, quality management, customer-focused organizations, supply chain management, training and development

Penn Foster

Quality Control Inspector Course

Penn Foster’s Workforce Development program offers Quality Control Inspector Course, a quality control training program for trainees and workers alike. In this course, workers will be provided with the analytical skills and statistical techniques to monitor, inspect, and test products and manufacturing processes. This industry-wide course is designed to assure that your workers will use the best practices for quality control. They will learn basic industrial math, practical measurements, print reading, quality control concepts, precision measurement instruments, and operation analysis. With 32 different assessments to accomplish, be assured that your workers will be prepared for their tasks after completing this course. 

Created by: Penn Foster Workforce Development

Cost: Contact for pricing

Certificate: Available 

Scope: Basic industrial math and practical measurements, print reading, precision measuring instruments, quality control, process analytics, statistical principles

QAQC Construction

QA/QC Construction Quality Management Training Course

QA/QC Construction Quality Management Training Course by QAQC management is designed for inspection and site engineers and planners. In this course, workers will get a better understanding of quality assurance and quality control inspection systems on construction projects, test equipment handling, different types of inspection tests, and more. This course can also cover topics such as design control, document control, and auditing. This course is led by a virtual instructor and is conducted on virtual instructor-led training software like Skype or Zoom.

Created by: QAQC Construction

Cost: 745 USD

Certificate: Available

Scope: Quality assurance and quality control, inspection systems, test equipment handling, tests, design control, document control, auditing


Introduction to Quality Control Tools

Introduction to Quality Control Tools is another course that’s hosted on Alison. In this course, workers will learn about the quality control tools used for data collection and interpretation as well as the Six Sigma Concept. In the first module, they will cover seven different tools, the concept of acceptance sampling, and process capability. In the second module, they will also learn how to assess service quality and strategic resource organization. Additionally, they will go over maintenance management, the concept of combination layouts, and the various ways of designing product layouts. 

Created by: Alison

Cost: Free

Certificate: Available

Scope: Quality control tools, acceptance sampling, process capability, maintenance management, Six Sigma, facility layouts, layout design and precedence diagram


Integrated Quality Management

Also offered on ASQ, Integrated Quality Management is an instructor-led training course done in a virtual classroom setting. Here, workers will review advanced quality management principles, best practice techniques, tools, and skills. They will also receive an overview of what quality management is, the human factors needed to achieve technical solutions, and performance metrics and strategic planning for improvement. Similarly, they will also learn about product and service design and improvement. They will go over different methods like Six Sigma, Quality Function Deployment, Advanced Product Quality Planning, and more. 

Created by: ASQ

Cost: 989 USD (Member); 1089 USD (Non-member)

Certificate: Available

Scope: Quality Management overview, human factors needed to achieve technical solutions, performance metrics and strategic planning of improvement, product and service design and improvement

SAI Global

Online Implementing a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

The last quality control training program on this list is Online Implementing a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 by SAI Global. By taking this course, workers will gain the practical skills and knowledge needed to develop, implement, or enhance a Quality Management System (QMS). They will go over the fundamentals, purpose, and scope of a QMS, design a QMS framework incorporating process management techniques and tools, and undertake a gap analysis and document processes incorporating operational controls and measures. However, it’s recommended that learners should have a strong understanding of ISO 9001:2015 before taking this course.

Created by: SAI Global

Cost: 1,385 USD

Certificate: Available

Scope: Overview of Quality Management Systems, fundamentals, purpose, and scope, procedural and process information, performance monitoring tools and techniques

What are quality control training programs?

Quality control training programs are learning courses that aim to equip manufacturing teams with the skills and knowledge needed to keep products up to industry standards. The topics may include policies, regulations, equipment handling, and many other related lessons. Techniques, strategies, and best practices for inspections are the priority to ensure your teams keep production lines safe and of top quality.

Ensure quality and safety with these quality control training programs

There will always be a defined set of criteria or requirements that should be set out to ensure the quality of a product or service. And maintaining these standards is essential if you want to keep clients or customers happy. Your company’s products and services mustn’t be defective since that could give your company a bad reputation. Enroll your workers in quality control training programs so that they can inspect the quality of their and others’ work and make sure that the output is aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. 

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