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10 Respiratory protection training programs in 2024

Mask up! Breathe easily in risky work environments and keep out fumes, harmful particles, and other airborne contaminants. Give your teams that extra layer of protection they deserve with this list of the top 10 respiratory protection training programs in 2024.

Respiratory protection training
Respiratory protection training - SC Training (formerly EdApp) logo

Respiratory Protection Awareness (US)

Leading our list is this Respiratory Protection Awareness course from SC Training (formerly EdApp). It covers everything from introducing your teams to the different types of respirators to helping employers identify what OSHA requires from them.

This course is not only carefully created by a team of expert instructional designers. It’s also compliant with the OSHA Standard on Respiratory Protection refresher and is co-authored by the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), so your teams are guaranteed top-notch training.

Through this training, your crew will understand the importance of respiratory protection and learn the precise details of putting on and removing the respirator. By the end of the course, they’ll also discover how to select the respirator that’s right for the respective task, hazard, and person.

When it comes to health and safety topics, you don’t want workers to doze off during training. This SC Training (formerly EdApp) course boasts gamification features that allow you to say goodbye to boring training. Your teams can simply tap and swipe their way through exciting built-in games that help them retain information better.

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free

Respiratory protection training - SC Training (formerly EdApp) logo

Airborne Hazards

You can also use this Airborne Hazards course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) to train your teams. Just by looking at the title, this stands out from the rest of the courses on this list by focusing on the contaminants that pose harm in the workplace.

Through this course, your team can learn about the different types of airborne hazards, the possible health effects of exposure to them, and some symptoms to watch out for regarding respiratory diseases. They’ll also learn about factors to consider in choosing personal protective equipment (PPE) against airborne hazards.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) gives you the option to edit the course and certificate to match your brand—no design skills needed. Apart from the certificate of completion, you can also celebrate your team's progress with banners and badges through its Achievements feature.

While airborne hazards may be a technical topic, the platform’s microlearning feature breaks complex ideas down and fights short attention spans through bite-sized training. Complete your respiratory protection training in minutes with this Airborne Hazards course!

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free

Respiratory protection training - 3M logo

Annual Respirator Training

This annual respirator program is created by 3M, one of the leading medical and safety product manufacturers. It offers a list of training must-haves, including written procedures, hands-on practice, limitations and uses, and documentation.

It also provides a free program brochure and other templates for recordkeeping related to respiratory protection training, such as safety data sheets and a medical evaluation questionnaire. You’ll need to pay an additional 29 USD for their medical evaluation service, but two evaluations are free for new accounts.

Created by: 3M Center for Respiratory Protection

Length: No information available

Certificate: Not available

Cost: Free; paid add-ons

Respiratory protection training - Hazmat School logo

OSHA Respiratory Protection Training

This one’s another OSHA-compliant respiratory protection training that tackles respirator identification, use, care, wear, and limits. It also aims to familiarize your teams with your in-house respiratory protection program, recognize hazards in their daily routine, and teach them how to maintain a respirator.

One drawback is that your access is limited to 30 days only, but you can avail of group or government discounts when applicable. Your teams will also have 24/7 access to an expert should questions arise.

Created by: Hazmat School

Length: 2 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 25 USD

Respiratory protection training - eSafety logo

Respiratory Protection Online Training

Next on the list is this respiratory protection training course by eSafety. It gives a general overview of the basics of respiratory protection, from familiarizing workers with their respiratory systems to proper respirator care and storage.

While this is a paid course, it offers comprehensive OSHA respiratory protection training, with over 20 subtopics included in the training. Other points covered include oxygen deficiency, particulate contamination, proper respirator fit, and more.

Created by: eSafety

Length: 30 minutes

Certificate: No information available

Cost: Contact for pricing

Respiratory protection training - Lion Technology Inc. logo

Respiratory Protection

Lion Technology’s respiratory protection course will help your team identify the hows of respirators at work, recognize the differences between the respirator types, and learn how to use and maintain respirators properly.

This training is also paid, but the package is inclusive of digital workbooks, interactive exercises, a certificate, and a Lion membership. You can access the course for up to 90 days after purchase.

Created by: Lion Technology Inc.

Length: 2 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 29 USD/user

Respiratory protection training - Safety Unlimited, Inc. logo

OSHA Respiratory Protection Training

This self-paced PPE course focuses more on the specifics of using the respirator, including proper selection, medical evaluation, fit testing, and training requirements. After finishing this four-hour training, an exam is given to evaluate the knowledge retained by your team. They can retake the exam as many times as needed.

Safety Unlimited, Inc. advises that this program should be taken together with company-specific training to make sure that your teams are sufficiently trained for their jobs.

Created by: Safety Unlimited, Inc.

Length: 4 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 24.95 USD

Respiratory protection training - OSHA logo

Respiratory Protection Training Videos

A collection of respiratory protection training videos is also available straight from OSHA. They offer short and straightforward videos on fit testing, respiratory protection for various industries, respirator types, respirators vs surgical masks, understanding the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard, and more.

These videos are hosted on the US Department of Labor YouTube page and most of them are available in English and Spanish. While the videos aren’t as interactive as some courses offered in this list, you’re assured of quality and getting the training you need as it comes from the source itself.

Created by: OSHA

Length: Approximately 2-30 minutes depending on video

Certificate: Not available

Cost: Free

Respiratory protection training - FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness logo

Respiratory Protection: Program Development and Administration

Unlike the other courses on this list, this program is designed for your in-house trainers and supervisors as it focuses on how to create and implement a fully compliant respiratory protection program.

It covers the administrative components needed for the program, standards during an emergency, PPE requirements, and technologies employers can use for fit testing.

The only downside is that there are prerequisite courses for this training, plus it’s on a scheduled basis, so you may need to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Created by: FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness

Length: 3 days

Certificate: No information available

Cost: Contact CDP for pricing

Respiratory protection training - HSI logo

Respiratory Protection

This training targets both employees with mandatory and voluntary respiratory training. Apart from the fundamentals of respiratory protection, it also covers the employer’s responsibilities for respirator training in the workplace.

This quick course follows an interactive format and abides by OSHA standards. Specifically, it covers several regulations under OSHA, including recordkeeping, breathing air quality, user seal check procedures, and respirator cleaning procedures.

Created by: HSI

Length: 25 minutes

Certificate: No information available

Cost: Contact HSI for pricing

Respiratory protection training is your first line of defense to protect your teams from inhaling substances that can be harmful to their health and may cause trouble to your day-to-day operations.

Respiratory protection is aimed at workers at risk of inhaling hazardous substances such as dust, fumes, vapors, and airborne pathogens. Healthcare workers, emergency responders, laboratory personnel, construction workers, painters, and even agricultural workers all benefit from regular, effective, and proper training on respiratory protection.

What is respiratory protection training?

For many industries, hazardous substances can be present in the air despite all the control measures in place to eliminate them. In fact, the first step toward respiratory protection is for employers to address the hazard at the root by eliminating it from the source.

But since these harmful airborne substances can be pesky and unavoidable, respiratory protective equipment like air-purifying respirators (APRs) and atmosphere-supplying respirators (ASRs) safeguard employees from any harm that they may cause.

Under the OSHA standard for respiratory protection, employers are required to establish a respiratory protection program, select proper and certified respirators, conduct medical evaluations for employees, and train them for proper use, maintenance, and care of respiratory protective equipment (RPEs).

Whether you’re an employer, supervisor, or training manager, OSHA is the go-to authority for all things training—from respiratory protection and beyond. Take a look at this OSHA-required training checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need covered.

What are the respiratory hazards in the workplace?

To know if your teams may benefit and are eligible for respiratory protection training, look out for the presence of these respiratory hazards in your work environment.

  • Dust - These are tiny particles that can become airborne from processes such as grinding or mixing. Dust is often present at construction sites from substances like wood, metal, and other construction materials.
  • Vapor - Some vapor can become a respiratory irritant when released into the air. Solvents, chemical vapors, and pesticides are some examples of vapors that may lead to allergic reactions, lung damage, or even systemic toxicity.
  • Infectious agents - Think COVID-19 and tuberculosis. Airborne pathogens in hospitals and other healthcare settings are some of the most common respiratory hazards.
  • Gas - Some gasses can act as asphyxiants which may deprive tissues of oxygen. Examples of these are carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen cyanide.
  • Pharmaceuticals - Some ways that pharmaceuticals can be respiratory hazards include via inhalation during administering drugs, dispersion of aerosols from ingredients used in manufacturing, and through allergic reactions.
  • Oxygen deficiency - If you or your teams work in confined spaces, the lack of oxygen can cause serious respiratory damage and may even be fatal.

Ensure employee health and safety with respiratory protection training

Inhaling toxic substances can happen in the blink of an eye. This makes the respiratory system among the most vulnerable when it comes to workplace exposure to hazardous materials. It’s a quick and direct way to enter the body, posing dangerous and life-threatening risks for many workers.

But there’s no need to lose sleep over it. With training platforms like SC Training (formerly EdApp), you can equip your employees with the skills they need to protect themselves and others. Invest in your team’s safety and sign up for free!

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