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10 RI Fire Training Courses

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to recognize, prevent, and extinguish fire hazards with RI fire training courses. These courses will teach your team fire prevention techniques and strategies that are generally applicable at home or at work, along with specific guidelines for industries like construction and food service.

RI Fire Training Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) RI Fire Training Course - Fire Safety

RI Fire Training Course #1 - Fire Safety

SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers this RI fire training course to teach your team all the basics regarding fire safety. Before anything else, it raises awareness of the components that cause fire, which is illustrated through the Fire Triangle. Then, it guides them on how to follow fire safety protocols in the workplace. With this topic, they’ll learn to respond to an emergency by following the acronym RACE, which stands for Remove, Alarm, Confine, and Extinguish/Evacuate. 

This course also includes a lesson specifically for the construction industry. It explains the responsibilities of the PCBU (Person Conducting Business or Undertaking) along with the important rules to follow to avoid unwanted incidents. The last lesson in this course teaches them how to use different kinds of fire extinguishers in case of an emergency.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) designed this course to be short and concise. This way, your team doesn’t have to go through long, overwhelming texts just to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones against fire hazards. As an adaptive learning platform, its courses are made accessible on any device, so they can simply learn on the go.


  • Fire Triangle
  • Workplace fire safety
  • Construction site fire safety
  • Fire extinguishers

Cost: Free

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) RI Fire Training Course - Fire Prevention

RI Fire Training Course #2 - Fire Prevention - Commercial Kitchens, Extract Systems, and Cooking Ranges

With so many food businesses and establishments in Providence, Aviva and SC Training (formerly EdApp) created this RI fire training course to help them avoid fire hazards in commercial kitchens. To establish a better understanding of how fires can start in commercial kitchens, your team will be introduced to the typical designs of kitchen ranges and extract ducting systems. From there, they’ll learn how to conduct risk assessments so they can easily identify the potential causes of kitchen-related fires and act on them accordingly. 

This course also includes a two-part lesson on the different methods of how your team can prevent kitchen fires, particularly with proper sanitation, accredited contractors, and regular maintenance of cooking equipment/appliances. It also raises awareness about duct exit points and the importance of using fire-resistant ducting. A key element of fire preventive measures in commercial kitchens is keeping the area clean and safe. So, lessons about deep cleaning and removing fat deposit build-up are also tackled here.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is equipped with learning experience design tools, so rest assured that your team’s learning experience won’t be such a bore here. This course is equipped with so many interactive elements to help with your learning retention as you go through the lessons. 


  • Risk assessment
  • Methods to reduce kitchen fires
  • Fire compartmentation, fire-resistant ducting, and ducting exit points
  • Deep cleaning
  • Removing fat deposit build-up

Cost: Free

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Alison RI Fire Training Course - Chemical Safety; Fires and Explosions

RI Fire Training Course #3 - Chemical Safety; Fires and Explosions

Chemical Safety; Flames and Explosions by Alison will teach your team how to prevent and handle fires and explosions in connection with chemicals. The first module of the course explores the characteristics of combustible substances, different sorts of explosions, and different kinds of fire extinguishers to equip them with comprehensive fundamental knowledge. Once the basics are set, the second module then helps your team develop fire emergency action plans, along with the various strategies and techniques to avoid flames and explosions.


  • Introduction to fire and explosions
  • Prevention of fire and explosions
  • Fire emergency action plans

Cost: Free 

Created by Alison

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Virtual College RI Fire Training Course - Fire Safety Training

RI Fire Training Course #4 - Fire Safety Training

The Fire Safety Training offered by the Virtual College aims to increase public knowledge and understanding of the most prevalent fire causes along with the action steps that should be taken during a fire emergency. Through this fire training course, your team will gain awareness of the laws and legal requirements pertaining to fire and workplace safety. Fire detection, warning systems, and evacuation procedures are also covered in detail. This is to make sure that everyone on your team is equipped with sufficient knowledge to limit the damage caused by either a huge or small fire.


  • Common causes of fire 
  • Fire legislation and legal requirements
  • Fire detection
  • Warning systems
  • Evacuation procedures

Cost: 25 EUR + VAT

Created by Virtual College

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OSHA Education Center RI Fire Training Course - Fire Protection and Prevention

RI Fire Training Course #5 - Fire Protection and Prevention

OSHA Education Center created this Fire Protection and Prevention course to specifically help Providence construction workers prevent fire-related deaths or injuries. Through this Providence fire training course, your team will be able to identify the common causes of fires in the construction industry. They’ll also gain knowledge to extinguish different types of fires, which is very useful information in case fire-related incidents happen on the site. Other topics include OSHA’s fire protection and prevention standard, the local fire Code, and many more. 

This course takes an hour to complete and is designed for self-paced learning. It also includes audio narration, quizzes, and a certificate. 


  • Causes of construction fires 
  • Fire prevention protocols
  • Laws and regulations

Cost: 39.95 USD

Created by OSHA Education Center  

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OSHAcademy RI Fire Training Course - Fire Prevention Plans

RI Fire Training Course #6 - Fire Prevention Plans

To help your workers prevent fire hazards, OSHAcademy offers this Fire Prevention Plans training course. This RI fire training course begins by discussing how to recognize fire threats in the workplace and how to mitigate them. It then illustrates the significance and appropriate usage of portable fire extinguishers, fixed extinguishing systems, and alarm systems. It also covers the many components of an escape route and its fundamental needs.

Its course modules and assessment tests are all included free of charge. The catch is that certification is only offered for purchase, and it can only be obtained by passing the (open-book) final test.


  • Controlling hazards
  • Fixed extinguishing systems and employee alarm systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Exit route requirements

Cost: Free (without certification), 20.99 USD - 32.99 USD (with certification)

Created by OSHAcademy

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TSCTA RI Fire Training Course - Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Training

RI Fire Training Course #7 - Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Training

This RI fire training course is designed specifically for Construction Site Fire Safety Manager (CSFSM) candidates to help them prepare for the role. Here, they’ll be introduced to the local ire Code and will also be familiarized with the local fire department rules. This course also includes construction-industry specific lessons, so they’ll now know how to comply with the fire safety requirements in the industry. Additionally, this course will help CSFSM candidates develop fire safety plans, perform fire safety inspections, and operate fire extinguishers. Other topics this course will explore include OSHA and the Building Code industry best practices. 


  • Local Fire Code
  • Local Fire Department rules
  • Preventive fire safety measures
  • Industry best practices

Cost: 220.50 USD (for 10+ persons)

Created by TSCTA

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Worksite Safety RI Fire Training Course - Fire Safety & Extinguishers

RI Fire Training Course #8 - Fire Safety & Extinguishers

This Fire Safety & Extinguishers course from Worksite Safety will teach your team all the fundamentals of fire safety and extinguishers. Here, they’ll learn how to recognize and spot various fire hazards as well as conduct preventive fire safety measures. Other topics include how to operate a fire extinguisher using the PASS system. 

Overall, insights from this course will help your team know how to respond to a fire emergency and determine how to put out a fire before it spreads and causes more harm. This course includes a downloadable course certificate, which is valid for three years.


  • Hazard identification
  • Types of fire
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire extinguisher types and uses
  • PASS system

Cost: 34.95 USD

Created by Worksite Safety

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Universal Class RI Fire Training Course - Basic Fire Safety

RI Fire Training Course #9 - Basic Fire Safety

Universal Class offers this Basic Fire Safety course to equip your team with crucial life-saving skills in preventing and managing fires. To set the context of this course, it covers the fire triangle, fire stages, and fire behavior. Then it goes into detail about methods for preventing fires, which can be useful at home or at work. Additionally, your team will learn to organize an evacuation plan and firefighting techniques.

Videos and additional materials are used to deliver the lesson. It also contains assignments and tests in order to reinforce important concepts and assess knowledge retention.


  • Fire behavior and types of fire
  • Fire prevention for properties, homes, and businesses
  • Dealing with fire incidents

Cost: 50 USD (without certification), 75 USD (with certification)

Created by Universal Class

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BIS Safety Software RI Fire Training Course - Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety

RI Fire Training Course #10 - Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety

Designed by BIS Safety Software, the Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety course contains general information about fire extinguishing procedures. Some of the topics covered in this course include fire types and behaviors as well as extinguisher classifications. To mitigate risks of injury or death, your team can also expect to learn more about different procedures for operating fire extinguishers and techniques for extinguishing small fires. 

At the end of the course, your workers can take a knowledge test to ensure the retention of information. If they achieve a passing mark of 80% or more, they’ll be able to download and print a certificate of completion.


  • Fire types, classifications, and behaviors
  • Extinguisher classifications
  • Procedures for operating a fire extinguisher
  • Techniques for extinguishing a small fire

Cost: 79.99 USD

Created by BIS Safety Software

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Fire training in Rhode Island usually includes various courses teaching workers about fire prevention, preparedness, and response. Topics cover fire safety regulations, hazard identification, emergency evacuation, fire extinguisher use, and first aid. These programs equip participants with essential knowledge and skills to understand, prevent, and respond to fire emergencies, fostering a safety culture in Rhode Island.

What are the important elements of the Rhode Island fire code?

For a complete fire safety training for Rhode Island employees, it's important to focus on key elements from the Rhode Island Fire Code. Let's explore the essential topics to include in your fire training program:

  1. Fire Prevention: Educate employees on fire hazards specific to the workplace, such as electrical equipment, flammable materials, smoking policies, and the importance of maintaining clear exit pathways.
  2. Emergency Procedures: Train employees on the proper actions to take in the event of a fire, including how to report a fire, activate alarms, and evacuate the building safely. Emphasize the importance of not using elevators during a fire.
  3. Fire Extinguishers: Teach employees how to use fire extinguishers effectively and safely. Explain the different types of extinguishers available, their appropriate use for specific fire types, and the PASS technique (Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, Sweep from side to side).
  4. Evacuation Plans: Familiarize employees with evacuation routes, assembly points, and designated meeting areas outside the building. Conduct regular drills to ensure everyone understands the procedures and can evacuate safely and efficiently.
  5. Fire Detection Systems: Explain the operation and significance of fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and any other fire detection equipment installed in the workplace. Instruct employees on how to recognize and respond to fire alarm signals.
  6. Electrical Safety: Educate employees about electrical safety practices, such as avoiding overloading outlets, using equipment with damaged cords, and reporting any electrical issues to the appropriate personnel.
  7. Hazardous Materials: If relevant to your workplace, provide training on the safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials, including flammable substances.
  8. Emergency Contacts: Provide employees with a list of emergency contact numbers for reporting fires, medical emergencies, and other relevant situations.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and it's crucial to consult the Rhode Island Fire Code and involve local fire authorities to ensure that your fire training program aligns with the specific requirements in your area.

Reduce fire hazards with RI fire training courses.

Keeping your team up to date with fire safety standards, especially with rules and regulations under the Rhode Island Fire Code, is important. It’s not only to stay compliant but also to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from fire hazards. Thanks to many available RI fire training courses, you have plenty of options on how you can equip your team with such crucial knowledge. The courses we’ve listed above can be taken online, so your team can learn at their own pace and convenience. 

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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