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10 Free School Safety Training Courses with Certificates

We’ve handpicked the best free school safety training courses that the members of your school staff can take to increase their awareness of the most prevalent school safety risks and discover the best ways to prevent and manage them. These courses will teach them how to respond to an active shooting, stop the spread of COVID-19, manage disasters, and more. 

Free School Safety Training Courses with Certificates
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Free School Safety Training Course - Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course

1. Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Active shooting can be very unpredictable, and it can occur at any time and in any location – even in schools. For this reason, all schools should have a systemic emergency preparedness plan in place, including a school safety committee that knows how to respond in case of an active shooter event. Guide your school's staff on how to implement a full lockdown with the help of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Active Shooter | School Full Lockdown Refresher Course.

The steps to be followed after hearing the lockdown announcement are laid out in detail in this free school safety training course. It contains key reminders for maintaining the safety of students and the community at large, such as locking doors and keeping lights off while hiding in a safe place. Towards the end of this training, your staff will gain a better sense of the psychological consequences of lockdown drills alongside some ways to process emotions after dealing with such traumatic events. 

This microlearning course is free for up to 10 users! It also comes with a series of interactive templates with games and quizzes in between lessons. By reducing the mental barriers to learning information, you can rest assured that your school staff can easily follow and recall the information taught in this course.

Length: 2 lessons; 3-5 minutes per lesson


  • Detailed lockdown procedure
  • Safety tips in an active shooter attack
  • Psychological consequences of lockdown drills

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Free School Safety Training Course - Let's Kick COVID-19!

2. Let's Kick COVID-19!

COVID-19 has had the world turned upside down. And for schools, establishing a COVID-19 safety plan that protects children and faculty from the risks of this pandemic is now part of the so-called new normal. Share SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Let's Kick COVID-19 course with your school admin to help them learn all facts they need to know about the coronavirus and how to stop it from spreading inside and outside the school property. 

In this free school safety training course, your school’s staff will gain a deeper understanding of the novel Coronavirus directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). From there, they’ll be guided through personal control and prevention strategies, like proper hand hygiene and physical distancing. The training will also go through the steps to follow if they come across someone showing signs and symptoms of infection. 

This SC Training (formerly EdApp) course is designed in collaboration with the learning experts at Improvement Sciences (ImSci), a global leader in delivering credible content to learners around the world. The information presented in this training is acquired from reliable sources, primarily the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO), so you can be confident that your team will be working with reliable information.

Length: 10 lessons; 3-5 minutes per lesson


  • Facts about COVID-19
  • Personal control and prevention strategies
  • Infection signs and symptoms
  • Addressing someone with an infection

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Alison Free School Safety Training Course - Managing Safety and Health in Schools

3. Managing Safety and Health in Schools

Alison's Managing Safety and Health in Schools course discusses the general safety and health legislation that your school’s safety committee must adhere to. Here, they’ll get a better understanding of their duties and responsibilities around health and safety management, and learn how to identify and control the most common campus hazards. To establish systematized safety management for your school, this course will also teach them how to measure and assess risk, plan for emergencies, and report an accident. 

Once they've completed this free school safety training course, they have the option to get an official certificate, although they'll have to purchase it through the Alison Shop. 

Length: 3-4 hours


  • School safety and health legislation
  • Duties and responsibilities of a school safety committee
  • Measure and assess risk
  • Emergency planning and accident reporting

Created by Alison

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Coursera Free School Safety Training Course - Disaster Preparedness

4. Disaster Preparedness

Is your school committee ready in the event of a disaster? This Disaster Preparedness course from Coursera can lend a hand! This free school safety training course will introduce your school’s staff to the phases of the disaster cycle, or the ongoing process of planning and reducing the impact of disasters. It will teach them the most vital preparedness strategies that will keep their students and the entire school community safe during a disaster. And finally, your staff will gain some helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy and positive attitude and make rational decisions if a disaster occurs.  

This course is designed for self-paced learning with deadlines that can be adjusted as needed. 

Length: Approximately 13 hours


  • Phases of the disaster cycle
  • Disaster preparedness strategies

Created by Coursera

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Educator’s School Safety Network  Free School Safety Training Course - School Safety 101

5. School Safety 101

If you want to raise the level of safety on your campus and successfully manage typical crisis occurrences, then School Safety 101 is a great course that you can offer to the staff members of your school. 

Through videos, reading, and application activities, they'll have the opportunity to learn about the current state of school safety, including the most common risks that students encounter today. It will also guide them on how they can make a school property safe for both the students and the faculties, with an emphasis on how they can prevent common violence and crisis from ever occurring. Ways to manage common crisis events will be discussed as well. This course is free and your teams can participate anytime and anywhere they prefer.

Length: 3 hours


  • The current state of school safety
  • Violence and crisis prevention strategies
  • Ways to manage common crisis events

Created by Educator’s School Safety Network 

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FutureLearn Free School Safety Training Course - Introduction to Cybersecurity for Teachers

6. Introduction to Cybersecurity for Teachers

Students face serious risks from cyberattacks, which is why it’s also vital to increase their awareness about cybersecurity to keep them safe when using technology. This free cyber security course from FutureLearn is intended to familiarize teachers with the core ideas of cybersecurity so that they can effectively teach it to their students. Here, they’ll get an idea of the most common cyber-attacks, followed by some tools they can use to protect their data, devices, and networks. This course will also take them through cybersecurity approaches like input sanitation and security protocols. 

Your team will learn all the basics of cybersecurity through a series of bite-sized videos and articles. Plus, they’ll have the opportunity to connect with other learners from FutureLearn and experience the power of social learning. 

Length: 3 weeks; 2 hours per week


  • Core ideas of cybersecurity
  • Types of cyber attacks
  • Tools to prevent cyber attacks
  • Cybersecurity approaches

Created by FutureLearn

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edX Free School Safety Training Course - Injury Prevention for Children & Teens

7. Injury Prevention for Children & Teens

Help your school admin gain foundational knowledge on how they can protect their students from common injuries with edX’s Injury Prevention for Children & Teens training course. This free school safety training course will increase their understanding of the leading causes of child and teen deaths, which include motor vehicle crashes, youth violence, and suicide. They’ll also learn a range of prevention strategies directly from nationally-recognized injury prevention experts. There are a total of eight modules in this course, but your school staff has the option to take only the topics that interest them the most. 

Length: 5 weeks; 4-6 hours per week


  • Leading child and teen injuries
  • Prevention steps protecting children and teens from common injuries

Created by edX

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Anti-Bullying Alliance Free School Safety Training Course - Free CPD Online Anti-Bullying Training

8. Free CPD Online Anti-Bullying Training

This Free CPD Online Anti-Bullying Training course by Anti-Bullying Alliance will help your school personnel develop a better understanding of what constitutes bullying and how to prevent their students from engaging in this kind of behavior. They will also be guided through different forms of bullying, like cyberbullying, disablist bullying, and sexual bullying. A survey will be given before and after the course to monitor the learning progress of your school staff. After the successful completion of both the modules and surveys, they'll receive a downloadable certificate that they can add to their credentials. 

Length: 14 lessons; 30-45 minutes for each lesson


  • Definition of bullying
  • Ways to prevent and reduce bullying
  • Different forms of bullying

Created by Anti-Bullying Alliance

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Youth Risk Prevention Specialists Free School Safety Training Course - SafeAware© Increase Your School's Safety in 5 Easy Steps

9. SafeAware© Increase Your School's Safety in 5 Easy Steps

Youth Risk Prevention Specialists has created a school safety training course that promises an increase in your school safety level in just five easy-to-implement steps. Among these strategies include improving your school climate, paying attention to physical security, and clarifying communication systems, which will be discussed in the form of videos and modules. It will also teach your school staff how to spot signs of school threats and how they can mentally prepare and address those issues. 

This course is completely self-paced and your school staff can decide when they’d like to participate. They can access the learning module through any devices they own, including smartphones and tablets. 

Length: 8 lessons; approximately 2 minutes per lesson


  • How to improve school climate
  • Importance of paying attention to physical security
  • Improving communication systems
  • Signs of school threat
  • Mental rehearsing

Created by Youth Risk Prevention Specialists

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Free School Safety Training Course - Evacuation Plan

10. Evacuation Plan

Having a thoughtful evacuation plan can go a long way in keeping the safety of students and staff should an emergency occur during school hours. Make use of this SC Training (formerly EdApp) Evacuation Plan course to educate your school faculty about where to go in a crisis and how to conduct a safe and orderly evacuation. 

The first thing you need to know about this course is that it serves mainly as a template for your evacuation plan. It contains vital information like the importance of having an evacuation plan and the roles and responsibilities of your school staff in case of an emergency. But since each school and organization has its own unique plan, routes, and floor plan, you must compile this information on your end. The slides, on the other hand, are ready for editing, so all you have to do is drag and drop your content into them. SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s course authoring tool is incredibly easy to use and you can rest assured that the editing process will be quick and straightforward.

This course is designed to be responsive to any screen size, from a large desktop screen to a smaller smartphone screen.

Length: 3 lessons; 3-5 minutes per lesson


  • Importance of evacuation plan
  • Employee evacuation roles
  • Routes and floorplan

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Pave the way to a secure school environment with free school safety training courses

School should be a secure place where students can confidently come without worrying about their safety. But as school safety concerns increase – from the COVID-19 outbreak to an increase in school shootings and violent crimes – the need to maintain school safety has never been greater. And while commonly overlooked, having a competent and knowledgeable school staff can make a huge difference in preventing most school threats. Knowing how to react in a school emergency can also reduce its impact by a great margin. 

Make sure your school educators, staff members, and stakeholders are in the best possible position to prevent and manage school risks with the help of the free school safety training courses we’ve listed above!

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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