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10 Security Officer Training Courses

Competent and dependable workplace security is critical for every organization since it minimizes insurance, compensation, liability, and other expenses that security threats and risks can incur. There are many security officer training courses available online, but here are the ones from which your workers will learn the most:

Security Officer Training Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Security Officer Training Courses - The Role of Security Officers

1. The Role of Security Officers by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Having security officers around you provides physical and emotional assurance that you otherwise won’t get without them around. It’s important that you not only have them around you and the rest of your team, but that they also understand the role they play in your organization. When they do, you can sit back and do your own work without having to worry about potential threats, thefts, or emergencies since someone will be there to handle them. They’ll also be better equipped to deal with threats to you.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s The Role of Security Officers training course provides a great rundown of what security training looks like. Sections of the course include:

  • A security officer’s personality and appearance
  • A security officer’s directives
  • Duties of a security-guard
  • Security management

By the end of this security guard training, your security personnel will be able to understand the significance of their roles in your organization, what they should and shouldn’t do, and incident response in the workplace and in emergencies, among others.

This course is free and completely editable. You can update the content, add your own materials, or rebrand the entire course to fit what you need. 

Cost: Free

Features: security officer directives, duties, responsibilities

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Security Officer Training Courses - Security Personnel's Role in Handling Emergencies

2. Security Personnel's Role in Handling Emergencies by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

A security officer's primary responsibility is to safeguard staff, customers, and company property. They are often the first responders to workplace incidents and threats. That's why learning how to properly respond to emergencies is crucial for loss prevention.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Security Personnel’s Role in Handling Emergencies walks your officers through the responsibilities of security personnel in reacting to general sorts of emergencies such as fire dangers, bomb threats, and HAZMAT. 

This course is located in SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s free course library, which means you can use its simple authoring tools to create visually appealing and interactive courses. The LXP also has a Canva integration, allowing you to effortlessly generate engaging content to improve learner engagement and retention.

Cost: Free

Features: fire safety procedure, responding to bomb threats, managing HAZMAT incidents

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Security Officer Training Courses  - Resilience and Risk Management (Security)

3. Resilience and Risk Management (Security) by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

With external and unpredictable dangers happening more often in the workplace, your security officers' attitudes need to adapt to anticipate these risks so they can react faster and better to them.

From a security standpoint, this security officer training course aims to focus on the discipline of recognizing, preparing for, preventing, and recovering from dangers that we experience. To do this, SC Training (formerly EdApp) addresses the intersection of current resilience and risk management strategies with new and novel approaches.

Following SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s microlearning design, the topics in this course are easy to understand since they’re presented in a compact, targeted way, increasing knowledge retention. It's the ideal means of communicating essential training information to your staff, making learning and development more successful.

Cost: Free

Features: establishing risk and resilience management, building a strong foundation on managing risks

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Security Officer Training Courses - Legal Powers and Limitations (Security)

4. Legal Powers and Limitations (Security) by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

The differences between security officers' arrest authority and legal powers and those of the police can appear hazy because of their similarities. However, there are stark differences between the two that most people, and even security officers themselves, may not know about.  

This security officer training course will help your learners distinguish the legal powers and limitations of the police department and peace officers in comparison to the security industry, clarify your right to a citizen's arrest, and describe the detention processes after the issuing of your security officer’s citizen's arrest.

Cost: Free

Features: arrest authority handbook, citizen’s arrest

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Security Officer Training Courses - Access Control for Security Officers

5. Access Control for Security Officers by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Access control refers to the specific restriction of access to your workplace or a company resource. It allows you to be selective in allowing access to who, where, and even when. Security officers are commonly in charge of providing, managing, and restricting access control within your organization as it is key to information-security.

This security officer training course will not only help them understand access control but also tackle its significance, the dangers it handles, and ways to achieve effective access control within your workplace.

This course is also offered in seven different languages, including English, French, and Spanish, and can be taken on either desktop or mobile phone.

Cost: Free

Features: access control, importance of access control, threats to access control, types and methods of access control

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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EverythingHR Security Officer Training Courses  - Workplace Violence Issues For Security Officers

6. Workplace Violence Issues For Security Officers by EverythingHR

Preventing workplace safety threats, particularly workplace crimes and security liabilities, calls for the development of specialized skills by your security officers. This security officer training course delivers training on a unique skill set that enables learners to respond more efficiently to workplace violence incidences.

Responding to these problems involves a careful analysis of the resources that the organization may need to acquire or implement in order to tackle those issues and emergencies. This security personnel training course will teach your learners how to properly analyze emergency situations and how to simultaneously address them. It will also help them to build and maintain a safe and secure working environment for the institution's workers and clients.

Unlike other courses on this list, this one isn’t for free. It also follows a more traditional style of training where your learners will have to listen to an hour-long recording. If you’re looking for something more up-to-date with the L&D trends, this course might not be for you.

Cost: $40

Features: legal issues, pre-employment screening, prevention strategies

Created by EverythingHR

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Security Officer Training Courses - Security Roles in Communications

7. Security Roles in Communications by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

As a customer-facing role, your security officer’s communication skills are vital for you to be able to form good relationships with the public. Apart from addressing threats and dangers in the workplace, they’ll also be the first people that potential customers will ask about your company or store since they’re stationed at the front of it.

This security officer training course will help your staff to maintain an image of authority while also making good and lasting impressions on your customers. They’ll be able to balance being in a role of security and customer service. The lessons in this training include the basics of public relations and communication, methods of communication, and how to be an effective communicator.

You can also fill your lessons using one of SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s over 80 completely interactive and immersive templates. You can add text, photos, videos, games, and other media to SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s simple authoring tool to create artistically beautiful and interactive course materials.

Cost: Free

Features: basics of public relations & communication, methods of communication, how to be an effective communicator

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Security Officer Training Courses - Prevention of Theft from Commercial Premises Lessons

8. Prevention of Theft from Commercial Premises Lessons by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Commercial theft is one of the main things that security officers have to deal with in their day-to-day jobs, especially in the retail industry. Some are petty thefts, where people posing as customers steal smaller and inconsequential items. Few aim for bigger and more valuable items in the store. At other times, your other staff may even be included in the act of theft as well. No matter the scale of the situation, it’s important that your personnel be properly trained on this.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Prevention of Theft from Commercial Premises is a security officer training course that teaches your learners about the distinctions among physical security solutions they need to use, recognize the many types of surveillance today, and understand multiple digital security options your workplace needs to implement.

Cost: Free

Features: surveillance, door security, computer security

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Security Officer Training Courses - Active Shooter Response and Preparedness Course

9. Active Shooter Response and Preparedness Course by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Active shooter situations rarely ever happen. But what do you do right after you alarm the authorities? it’s still important to train your officers on how to properly respond. After all, it’s impossible to know where or when one will happen. Training your security officers and even other unarmed workers can help them protect themselves even before law-enforcement arrives.

This security officer training course explores the different components of a practical active shooter response and preparedness program. The training focuses on the basics of public safety, the role of security professionals, employee vigilance, techniques for spotting potential shooter attacks before they even happen, and ways to respond to them accordingly.

Cost: Free

Features: active shooter attacks data, employee vigilance, training staff on active shooter response

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Security Officer Training Courses - Ethics and Conduct in Security Services

10. Ethics and Conduct in Security Services by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Organizations' values, vision, and mission have been developed through their code of ethics and conduct. These tell each member to practice the appropriate conduct in order to establish a safer workplace. This course will go through the rules of conduct that comprise security employees' roles, responsibilities, and tasks.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s security officer training course also lets you integrate videos from external sources, such as YouTube and Vimeo, into this lesson. Apart from being editable, free, and fully customizable, this lesson is also equipped with a variety of useful configuration settings, such as Play on Demand, Auto Play, Auto Progress, and Always Show Skip Button.

Cost: Free

Features: purpose of the code and how to act with integrity

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Improve security measures in your organization with security officer training courses

As security threats increase, security officer training courses have become more important than ever. Security officers play a vital role in ensuring the safety of your business, employees, and customers. They’re your first line of defense for when emergencies and threats appear in the workplace. They have to be alert, aware, and, most importantly, trained properly. Check out our security officer training courses on this list to improve security measures within your organization.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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