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10 Sexual Harassment Training Courses

We’ve gathered a list of sexual harassment training courses that you can share with your team to bring more awareness to the topic. Your employees are more likely to not cause trouble and be more proactive in reporting incidents if they’re more knowledgeable on the topic. Follow your state’s laws and deliver compliance training as soon as possible with these courses below.

Sexual Harassment Training Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Sexual Harassment Training Course - Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

1. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Your team will learn more about sexual harassment and the harmful behaviors associated with it thanks to SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Sexual Harassment in the Workplace course. In this sexual harassment training course, your employees will find a number of interactive exercises to guide them through the difficult topic of sexual harassment and learn how to spot the signs. The training also focuses on the physical and psychological effects of sexual harassment, including PTSD, anxiety, and depression. 

It also describes the appropriate course of action employees should follow if they encounter someone in such a distressing situation. Your team deserves to work in a setting where they feel safe and at ease. Conducting training programs and sexual assault classes that address and prevent toxic behaviors, such as sexual harassment, is one of the best methods to ensure that they have healthy working circumstances.

All SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses, including this one, are made to display flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices. Your employees may decide when and where they want to take this course, giving them full control of their learning journey. As an admin or manager user, you can even remind them to finish their courses with Push Notifications. Simply select an individual or a group of learners to send a push notification in one easy click and watch course completions climb.

Cost: Free

Length: 4 lessons, 5-10 minutes per lesson 


  • What is sexual harassment?
  • Know the signs of sexual harassment
  • Effects of sexual harassment
  • Encourage, support, and act

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Sexual Harassment Training Course - Ethics and Code of Conduct

2. Ethics and Code of Conduct

To help you prevent conflicts, every organization needs to have a list of its ethics and code of conduct. A code of conduct acts as the internal framework and public proclamation of the organizational values and goals that your business pursues. Without it, your employees could be unsure of how to conduct themselves when speaking on behalf of the company or how to deal with coworkers.

The Ethics and Code of Conduct course offered by SC Training (formerly EdApp) emphasizes the value of instilling company values and expected behavior in managers and employees. This course assists you in developing a well-written code of conduct that clarifies to various audiences what your business is about, what it stands for, and what it aims to be. After your employees complete this course, the likelihood of needing to handle inappropriate behavior and conflict at work will lessen.

On SC Training (formerly EdApp), you have the option to include certification upon completion of this ethical training program so that your employees can show proof of their learning. Your certificates can match your brand and meet your compliance needs – no design experience is necessary. Just fill out the template fields with the correct details and decide on expiration dates. Then your learners can access their certificates on their learner profiles. 

Cost: Free

Length: 4 lessons, 5-10 minutes per lesson


  • Work environment
  • Protecting company assets
  • Culture of integrity

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Traliant Sexual Harassment Training Course - Sexual Harassment Training

3. Sexual Harassment Training

Traliant’s Sexual Harassment Training course aims to assure learners that they know how to make the right decisions or right actions if they experience or witness sexual harassment. It’s made up of bite-sized modules presented in interactive formats. There are also scenarios that aim to challenge your employees to decide on the best course of action for difficult situations in the workplace. 

This sexual harassment training course discusses the different types of behavior that count as sexual harassment. Physical or verbal harassment of a sexual nature is covered here from unwelcome advances to requests for sexual favors. It also brings awareness to “hostile work environments” and “quid pro quo,” two forms of sexual harassment defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  

Cost: Request a quote

Length: 40-120 minutes


  • Types of sexual harassment
  • Forms of sexual harassment
  • Scenario training

Created By Traliant

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SexualHarassmentTraining Sexual Harassment Training Course - Sexual Harassment for Individuals

4. Sexual Harassment for Individuals

If you’re looking to get your employees certified, then this course is ideal. This sexual harassment training course is meant for employees, managers, supervisors, and even volunteers. This online training course aims to give a comprehensive overview of the common issues surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace. This includes introducing, recognizing, and responding to sexual harassment. Laws concerning sexual harassment are also discussed. 

After successfully completing the course, your employees will receive a certificate that’s valid for 2 years. It’s nationally recognized in the US and is valid in all 50 states. You don’t have to worry about them not receiving a certificate either. They’re free to retake the course as many times as possible, up to 90 days.

Cost: 29.99 USD

Length: 2 hours


  • Introduction to sexual harassment
  • Recognizing sexual harassment
  • Responding to sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment and the law
  • Responsibilities as a manager/supervisor

Created By SexualHarassmentTraining

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iHASCO Sexual Harassment Training Course - Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

5. Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

This Sexual Harassment Awareness Training course by iHASCO is designed to be taken by anyone at any level in the workplace. Your employees will receive the necessary tools and information to identify, prevent, and remove sexual harassment from the workplace. This course is also IIRSM approved and CPD accredited, so you can be assured that your employees are receiving high-quality training. 

By taking this course, your learners will have a better understanding of sexual harassment and know how to properly report incidents to managers. The program is also available in 36 other languages, making it possible for you to send this course out to your global teams. This way, everyone in your company can have similar learning experiences.  

Cost: £20 (single use), as little as £5.00 (subscription plans)

Length: 3 lessons, 20 minutes 


  • Sexual harassment awareness
  • Identifying sexual harassment
  • Addressing sexual harassment

Created By iHASCO

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Compliance Training Group Sexual Harassment Training Course - Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

6. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

This sexual harassment training course by Compliance Training Group mainly guides employees through key federal discrimination and sexual-harassment laws. It also relates these laws to everyday workplace behavior and provides the legal definitions of discrimination and harassment. This microaggressions training course is presented in a webinar format and is certified by organizations like HRCI, SHRM, DGS, and more. 

Cost: 39.99 USD 

Length: 2 hours


  • Federal law and state laws
  • Identifying sexual harassment
  • Examples of sexual harassment
  • Internal complaint process
  • Supervisor responsibilities

Created By Compliance Training Group

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High Speed Training Sexual Harassment Training Course - Sexual Harassment Training For Employees

7. Sexual Harassment Training For Employees

This Sexual Harassment Training for Employees has been designed by High Speed Training to give workers an understanding of sexual harassment and its signs. This includes risk factors, danger zone behaviors, and other indicating factors. The course also explains the responsibilities of employees, how to file a complaint, and what support can be given to victims.

This course includes full audio voiceover and an online assessment with no time limits. No previous knowledge is needed to take this course since it’s written to be at an introductory level. Since sexual harassment can happen at any level in the workplace, let your employees at all levels take this course and make them more aware and vigilant of potential incidents.

Cost: £25

Length: 3 modules, 1-2 hours


  • What is sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Policies and procedures

Created By High Speed Training

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360training Sexual Harassment Training Course - Preventing Sexual Harassment

8. Preventing Sexual Harassment

Preventing Sexual Harassment by 360training examines sexual harassment in greater detail, defining it and dispelling stereotypes and myths. It also covers how to handle a potentially hostile work environment, persistent harassing behavior, difficulties with perception and tension in the workplace, and the proper procedures to report harassment.

The implementation of programs, anti-harassment policies, and managers' duties with regard to hostile work conditions are also covered in this course. The proper way to handle a harassment complaint and look into allegations is then discussed. Before outlining the components of a successful anti-harassment strategy, definitions of quid pro quo and a hostile work environment are reviewed.

Cost: 30.00 USD

Length: 2 hours


  • Debunking stereotypes and myths
  • How to handle various situations
  • Reporting harassment
  • Managers’ responsibilities
  • Handling complaints

Created By 360training

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ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training Course - Sexual Harassment Training Course

9. Sexual Harassment Training Course

Easily train your employees with this online sexual harassment training course by ProProfs. This corporate compliance training course is designed by legal professionals and meets current US federal and state sexual harassment training requirements. It starts off by introducing the topic of sexual harassment and its types. Also, it discusses what to do if you are involved in or observe an incident of sexual harassment. It also tackles the responsibilities of a supervisor in handling situations of sexual harassment.

By the end of this course, your learners will have a better understanding of state and federal laws and know their roles in prevent sexual harassment from happening in the workplace. 

Cost: 25.00 USD

Length: 9 modules, 1-2 hours 


  • Introduction to sexual harassment
  • Types of sexual harassment 
  • Responsibilities of a supervisor
  • Additional protocols and remedies

Created By ProProfs

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Sexual Harassment Training Course - Sexual Harassment at Work - Compliance Training for Australian Business

10. Sexual Harassment at work - Compliance Training for Australian Business

The last sexual harassment training course on this list is a compliance program for Australian businesses. Hosted on the company training software SC Training (formerly EdApp), your learners will discover more global facts and statistics related to sexual harassment. Similarly, they’ll realize how prevalent sexual harassment is in Australian workplaces. To end the course, your employees will learn about prevention and intervention strategies that can be applied to any workplace. 

While this course may seem limited if your company isn’t based in Australia, you can edit the contents of this course to better match your locale with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s built-in content creator tool. With a template library and an intuitive interface, you can create beautiful courses in minutes. But if you can’t even spare that little bit of time, SC Training (formerly EdApp) is ready to help you create engaging content with their team of expert instructional designers. 

Cost: Free

Length: 3 lessons, 5-10 minutes per lesson


  • Sexual harassment at work facts
  • Prevalence of workplace sexual harassment in Australia
  • Prevention and intervention strategies for sexual harassment at work

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Protect your employees from sexual harassment with these sexual harassment courses

It’s your duty as an employer or manager to stop sexual harassment from happening in the workplace by giving your employees a place to work that’s safe and secure. One of the most effective approaches to do this is through in-depth training on sexual harassment. Bring more awareness on the topic and give your employees and tools and information they need to keep themselves and others safe. 

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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