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Giving Effective Feedback

By Dr. PY Lum
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Giving Effective Feedback Lessons

The full course includes

  1. Giving Effective Feedback

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Course author

Dr. PY Lum

Dr. PY Lum is an award-winning mobile microlearning developer. He has been in the Learning and Organization Development space since 1994. Lum is a passionate facilitator and coach who believes that people are autonomous and creative naturally.

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Course overview

Feedback has become more and more important in organizational life. More than ever, in a distributed workplace we need to give one another feedback effectively to grow trust, develop the team and produce desired outcomes. In this module, you will learn the what, why, and how of Giving Effective Feedback

What you will learn
  • What is feedback
  • Best practice of feedback
  • Why feedback is important
  • How to give effective feedback with S.T.A.R.S
The full course includes
  1. Giving Effective Feedback

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