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Become an industry leader through our content partnership program with UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research). So you can share your expertise in our free course library.

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We’re on a mission to give every worker easy access to the training they need to succeed every day. That’s why we’re looking for industry experts like you to share your content in our free course library. So small businesses can onboard, train, and upskill their teams – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Become the next industry leader by sharing your expertise with organizations of all sizes, worldwide – from university professors and small business owners to non-profits and global co-operations. So you can empower and educate thousands of teams around the world.

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AXA Climate

Educating workplaces in every industry on climate change and sustainability with AXA Climate School.


Keeping your workers compliant with free OSHA refresher training endorsed by ASSP.


Training your teams to make food safer with our HACCP-certified food safety training.

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Join industry leaders and apply to share your content in our free course library to thousands of global learners through our EducateAll partnership with UNITAR. 

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