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The QSE training solution

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is an all in one training platform where you can create and deploy effective training to your team in minutes

Loved by quality-focused companies

Quality training at its best, with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Start one step ahead

With over 800 editable courses in our free library, creating courses couldn't be easier. Just import, edit and brand. Can't find the perfect course? We'll create it for you.

Launch in minutes

Get training in the hands of your team faster. Create your team in bulk, assign courses and send our easy invite codes for no-hassle launch.

Made for mobile teams

Our mobile-first platform means that your team can complete their training anytime, anywhere. Perfect for casual, deskless, and hybrid teams!

Identify risk earlier with in-depth analytics

With real-time insights into your training, you can understand what tasks, topics, and business units pose the highest risk to your quality strategy. Then, you can easily make data-informed changes and re-deploy to your teams all within SC Training (formerly EdApp).

You can use SC Training (formerly EdApp) with your mobile phone which is great because our people are always on the go. If it’s a short burst of content in five minutes when you’re on a bus or on a break, that kind of flexibility is really giving people a reason to use the app.

Avis Lau, Global Marketing Excellence Manager, Shell
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