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Coordinate every aspect of facility management

Create a consistent experience for your teams and customers – no matter the location. All without chasing them to complete training. Explore how SC Training (formerly EdApp) can:

  • Save hours on creating and managing onboarding and training
  • Minimize on-the-job training and save admin time for managers
  • Capture training outcomes for easy compliance
  • Built for any device
Facility management training platform
Australian Open
Adelaide Oval
Auckland Unlimited

Seamlessly train facilities management teams in any location:

Operation systems

Building and
operations systems

Brand, location and service standards

Brand, location,
and service standards

Security and risk management

Security and risk

Set a consistent customer experience at every location

… so your facilities can exceed their expectations. Ensure consistent brand standards, building systems knowledge, and customer service at each location with mobile-first training. So your customers get the best experience, every time.

Australian Open training with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Make training a part of your team’s day

Organize employees by location so each building manager can manage and implement training and track analytics in real-time. Simply assign a manager to a user group to allow each facility full control of their team training.

User groups
Auckland Unlimited

We have staff ranging from 18-76 years old, some of whom have been here for 20-odd years without the opportunity to progress. We created a training framework that gave employees something to work towards. Now, we’re able to promote people internally versus contract externally.

Rachel Rust, Security Development Advisor at Auckland Unlimited

And the best part? Your team can learn anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Every step of the training journey, all in an easy-to-use platform

1. Onboard

Onboard new team members

2. Train

Take them through
digital training

3. Assess

Assess their knowledge on the job

4. Track

Track their

5. Certify

Certify your

Make internal and external teams compliant by default

Deliver learning that’s available to anyone, on any device – all without giving access to internal systems. So internal teams and external contractors can do courses in their own time. And you can track completions for easy compliance.

Make internal and external teams compliant by default

Break down brand and safety training into bite-size lessons

Get teams up to speed, fast. With in-built microlearning, teams can complete training in bite-sized bursts. So they can quickly understand and retain important information in minutes.

Fire safety; Building security; HVAC maintenance; Facility maintenance; Sustaibability

Verify your worker’s understanding of digital training in person

Ensure every team is up to date with your brand experience, building systems, and safety training. And track in-person assessments alonside digital training records. So you can be sure customers receive the best experience possible.

Assess your team on the job

Empower frontline teams with real-time insights

Easily update training based on your workers’ progress and feedback for the best employee experience. So you can make sure your teams fully understand expectations, building operations, risk management, and sustainability practices.

Track training outcomes

Integrate with the platforms your company already uses

Spend more time on impact, not admin. Integrate directly to thousands of platforms like Google Suite, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams with Workato and Zapier. So you can automate the most time-consuming tasks.


Launch faster with ready-made content in our editable course library

Customize any of our 1,000+ courses to jumpstart your training. So you can deliver branded training to your internal teams and external contractors in minutes. Just add your own branding.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s editable course library

Certify your workers with courses built for you by industry experts.

Enterprise feature

Let us build onboarding and training for you

Deliver custom content that looks and feels like you built it. Work with our customer success team and expert instructional designers to create impactful, bite-sized courses. So you get your teams trained up, faster.

Custom content created for you

And the best part? Teams can learn anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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