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Deliver training that fits into your team’s work day

Make sure every worker is up to date on company and safety training – no matter where they are. Explore how SC Training (formerly EdApp) can help you:

  • Create scalable, customizable onboarding and training in real-time
  • Deliver information your team can learn in under 5 minutes on any device
  • Engage your team with gamification, leaderboards, and social learning
  • Capture training outcomes for easy compliance
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Communi Corp UK
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Seamlessly train teams in any location with mobile-first training:









Access training and upskilling on the go

With mobile-first learning, teams can access learning content at the office or in the field. So they can do their training anytime, anywhere, on any device. No internet required.

Utilities industry training platform
Coommunicorp UK

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s intuitive interface makes it simple to train Communicorp UK’s dynamic workforce. As many of our employees are in the field, having a mobile-first platform that’s easily accessible both on and offline sets SC Training (formerly EdApp) apart from other eLearning platforms.

Grace Hannah, Director of People at Communicorp UK

And the best part? Your team can complete lessons in less than 5 minutes.

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Break down training and work instructions into bite-size lessons

Get your teams up to speed, faster. With in-built microlearning, your team can complete their training in highly-targeted bursts. So they can quickly understand new information and pick up new skills in minutes.

  • Retail and call centre representatives
  • Installers and technicians
  • Engineers
SC Training (formerly EdApp) microlearning lesson

Built for the way we work now

Make important documentation available to every team member – no matter where they are. Store files like PDFs, images, and videos alongside your digital training. So your team can clarify and problem-solve in real-time.

Document storage

Group users for a tailored learning experience

Organize your departments into groups to mirror team structures and locations. So you can deliver the right course to the right person every time. And notify and remind relevant teams to complete their training – all in a click.

User groups

Create a culture of knowledge sharing with social learning

Create connection no matter where your teams are. With in-built social learning, your teams can help each other in text, image, and video whether they’re at the office or remote. So you can keep trust and morale high.

  • Sharing achievements
  • Problem solve in real-time
  • Ask for clarification
Social and peer learning

Motivate your team to get training done quickly with gamification

Make training feel more like a game – not work. With gamified, bite-sized courses, teams can race to complete their lessons quickly and accurately to snag the #1 spot on the leaderboard.

Gamification features

Track in-person training records alongside digital training

Ensure each team member is up to date with policies, processes, and best practices with in-built analytics – whether they completed training in-person or in the learner experience. So you can be compliant by default.

Reporting and analytics

Every step of the training journey, all in an easy-to-use platform

1. Onboard

Onboard new team members

2. Train

Take them through
digital training

3. Assess

Assess their knowledge on the job

4. Track

Track their

5. Certify

Certify your

Build employee loyalty with learner paths

Deliver the professional development your teams deserve. Create upskilling for high-performing team members to understand broader company knowledge and move into leadership positions. So you can retain highly-qualified employees.

Learner paths

Instantly translate learning into 100+ languages

Easily reach and train global teams in their preferred language. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s built-in AI translation tool uses your learner’s default device settings to identify their preferred language. So you save hours of manual translation work.

AI translation
Enterprise feature

Let us build onboarding and training for you

Deliver custom content that looks and feels like you built it. Work with our customer success team and expert instructional designers to create impactful, bite-sized courses. So your workers get the training they need, faster.

Course creation services

And the best part? Teams can learn anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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