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Leading Under Pressure

Make leading in high-pressure environments a practiced skill, not a surprise event.
By rescue diver John Volanthen.
As seen in National Geographic

Who is John Volanthen?

In 2018, twelve members of a boys’ soccer team and their coach were trapped deep in Thailand’s Tham Luang cave system. After 9 days of being trapped, John Volanthen was one of the first voices they heard.  

Award-winning rescue diver John Volanthen has spent a lifetime planning and executing some of the world’s most complex rescue dives. Now, he’s showing you how to become an influential, pressure-resilient leader in SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s new course: Leading Under Pressure

John Volanthen free leadership course

What the course includes:

Duration: 30 minutes
  • Introduction to Leading Under Pressure
  • When and why influencing quietly is more effective than taking charge
  • Risk vs reward: Knowing when to stop and stay within limits 
  • How to prepare for high-pressure situations
  • How to build and practice resilience and mental strength
  • Teamwork: Knowing who to trust
Leadership course

Turn your team into pressure resilient leaders

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