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Free GDPR Training Presentations for Powerpoint

We’ve gathered the top GDPR training PowerPoint presentations designed to guarantee legal compliance, protect personal data, enhance your cybersecurity practices, and meet global data protection standards. Transform them into free microlearning content to bring the best learning experience to your team.

Free GDPR Training Presentations for Powerpoint
Convert GDPR training presentations into microlessons with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scrap your old GDPR PowerPoint decks for beautiful microlessons

Level up your training materials and make them more engaging for your learners with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s AI Doc Transformer (coming soon). Turn your old PowerPoint presentations into beautiful and interactive courses with just a click of a button!

After sharing your courses with your staff, you can relax and witness the increase in GDPR training engagement rates among your team!

Only .pptx files accepted. Maximum file size 100MB.

Convert your free GDPR training presentations for PowerPoint today!

Safeguard data and earn your client’s trust with GDPR training - turn your GDPR training PPT to microlearning today!

GDPR training gives learners an understanding of GDPR and equips learners with practical knowledge. These include data protection best practices, such as obtaining valid consent, implementing strong security measures, and effectively responding to data subject requests. By implementing these, organizations can enhance data security, reduce the risk of data breaches, and protect individuals' privacy rights. 

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s AI Doc Transformer (coming soon) is easy to use and can be accessed from any device! Simply upload your PowerPoint presentation to the transformer and SC Training (formerly EdApp) will automatically create a course for you. You can then customize the course by adding images, videos, and text. Once you’re happy with the course, you can publish it to your learners.

If you need inspiration or want a course ready right off the bat, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course library includes several GDPR courses that you can edit and customize to your heart’s content.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is easy to use and free for you and your team. No credit card required.

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