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Why take a accident investigation quiz

It’s not enough to just have workplace safety guidelines in place – you also need to have a plan for investigating any accidents that do occur. By having a process for investigating accidents, you can piece together what happened, determine the root cause of the accident, and put corrective measures into place to prevent it from happening again. All too often, accidents are simply written off as “bad luck”, but analyzing them can help to improve safety in your workplace. Investigating accidents also helps to protect your business in the event of a lawsuit. If an accident occurs and you can show that you have been taking steps to investigate and correct any safety issues, you are more likely to be seen as not at fault. That’s why we’ve put together this accident investigation quiz. With questions on everything from identifying the cause of an accident to taking corrective action, this quiz will help you to develop a process for investigating any accidents that occur in your workplace.

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By accident investigating the event, you can prevent the same incident from happening again. Pulling together what you know about the accident, interviewing employees who may have witnessed it and reviewing company procedures, you can piece together what may have gone wrong. You can also develop policies to prevent future accidents. This quiz will help your team investigate the accident and better understand their role in preventing future incidents.

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Example questions from our accident investigation quiz

Question 1

Aside from the Safety Regulation Authority media and our organisations management who would be interested in accidents

Question 3

Can missing information lead to an ineffective investigation

Question 5

If an accident occurs deal with the emergency make sure you can investigate the accident thoroughly

Question 7

Accidents and incidents only occur due to managementrelated issues

Question 9

After getting a statement and identifying the causes of an incident always provide meaningful and functional recommendations which can be implemented

Question 11

Its important to keep maintain and properly update the details of an investigation when new information comes to light because missing information may result in wrong outcomes

Question 13

In this scenario Should Jim report the incident personally and follow the necessary workplace Investigation Procedure requirements by himself

Question 15

Use the Whys technique to order the immediate causes down to the Root Causes of Jims incident

Question 17

Identify the corrective actions that can be recommended to Jim or the client after the incident

Question 2

Claims for compensation are paid by insurers where liability and negligence are proven

Question 4

Conflicting irrelevant or misleading information can lead to an ineffective investigation

Question 6

What information and evidence do you need to gather during accidents

Question 8

Which of these is a potential root cause of an incident

Question 10

Meaningful recommendations should have specific timebound corrective actions that reduce the risk of further incidents by addressing immediate and root causes

Question 12

Who needs to know about what happened to Jim

Question 14

Use the Whys technique to order the immediate causes down to the Root Causes of Jims incident

Question 16

Use the Whys technique to order the immediate causes down to the Root Causes of Jims incident

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