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Why take a artificial intelligence quiz

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in our lives, it's important that your teams are aware of the risks and benefits of this technology. AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we work, but it also has the potential to be abused. That's why it's important to educate your employees about the basics of AI and how it can be used safely and effectively in the workplace. They need to be aware of the dangers of cybercrime, data theft, and other malicious activities that could occur as a result of using AI. But they also need to understand the benefits of using AI, such as increased efficiency, improved decision-making, and increased productivity. That's why we've put together this quiz on artificial intelligence. It will help your employees understand the basics of this technology and how they can safely and effectively use it in the workplace.

artificial intelligence is on its way

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more popular in businesses and organizations around the world. However, with this newfound power comes great responsibility, and it’s important for businesses to ensure that their employees are aware of how to use AI safely and ethically. That’s where this AI quiz comes in. Designed for business employees, this quiz will help you identify what your team knows about AI, as well as any gaps in their knowledge. With this information, you can then provide your team with tailored training so they can use AI responsibly and ethically. Not only is this important for the safety and wellbeing of your employees, but it’s also necessary to ensure that your business is in compliance with government regulations. With regular training and reinforcement, your team will be able to use AI confidently and safely, making your business more productive and efficient. So, don’t delay – quiz your team for free today.

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Example questions from our artificial intelligence quiz

Question 1

AI is defined as the combination of technologies that enable machines capable of imitating certain functionalities of human intelligence

Question 3

AI is used to affect how people access information online

Question 5

As we saw in the Facebook example only AIdriven algorithms make mistakes

Question 7

Using AI where possible will be costeffective and reduce the amount of potentially psychologically harmful content humans will be subjected to

Question 9

Privacy is important since it also enables other human rights and freedoms including

Question 11

Targeted surveillance of civilians needs to comply with the threepart test that includes

Question 13

Negative discrimination is only morally wrong in the context of racial groups

Question 15

Biased Training Data may look like

Question 17

A good way to reduce bias being introduced into AI algorithms is to be diverse in hiring practices to ensure a wider range of perspectives

Question 19

The recidivism scenario highlights the importance of having a human component in any decisionmaking process and to not rely solely on algorithms

Question 2

The ability to express ones views in the public sphere is an essential component for enabling people to participate in public debates

Question 4

AI use for content moderation should be implemented with oversight and a clear process to protect the rights of the users

Question 6

We can avoid filter bubbles by

Question 8

The way data are collected now makes it easier to remain anonymous online

Question 10

Concerns related to surveillance in public places

Question 12

Article 1 of the UDHR proclaims that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights

Question 14

Bias in AI comes from

Question 16

Programmers should ensure that the data labels used in facial recognition algorithms are representative of all classes of users

Question 18

Ensure that diverse teams provide a healthy work environment for individuals from all backgrounds

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