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Why take a construction quiz

Working in the construction industry can be dangerous, and it’s important that your workers are aware of the risks associated with the job. Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry, and workers need to be thoroughly trained in how to prevent falls and what to do if they do fall. In addition to falls, construction workers are also at risk of being struck by objects, electrocuted, and caught in between objects. That’s why we’ve put together this quiz on construction safety. This quiz will help to ensure that your workers are familiar with the common dangers associated with construction work and know how to stay safe on the job.

In the line of fire

Deploy a construction quiz to your team

With this construction quiz, you can identify and close knowledge gaps so your workers can easily recall how to protect themselves when working with heavy machinery, power tools, and other equipment. This knowledge is critical for protecting the safety and health of your workers, as it teaches them how to safely work with individuals who may be injured on the job. Not only is this a risk to your workers, it’s also important to ensure that your organization is compliant with government regulations. With regular checks, your team will be more confident with how to handle equipment and situations that may be an increased risk of injury. Plus, you’ll also get access to your team’s results ​​so you can understand individual workers’ knowledge gaps, as well as overall performance once the quiz is complete. For teams that require more regular refresher training, you’ll also have the option to deliver the construction quiz to your learners in bite-sized chunks, at regular intervals. This allows your team to reinforce their knowledge at their own pace, making them more likely to recall and implement what they learned sooner than if they were to have completed a one-off training program. So, don’t delay! Quiz your team for free today.

Deploy a construction quiz to your team

Example questions from our construction quiz

Question 1

Personal protective equipment is worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses

Question 3

Prescription safety glasses shall be permitted to worn only if they are ANSI Z87 approved and have permanently attached side shields

Question 5

Hard hats are also known as safety helmets and are made from strong plastic such as HDPE or highdensity polyethylene

Question 7

The most used tool in all construction work are your hands

Question 9

Automated machinery may be controlled remotely or with the use of delayed timing devices that cause machines to start automatically

Question 11

For safety reasons what are the things you should do before using hand tools

Question 13

Never change bits and blades while the power tool is connected to a power source

Question 15

TAKE A GUESS According to research about of construction workers struggle with anxiety depression and other mental health issues

Question 17

We do not leave our concerns and challenges at home when we get to work

Question 19

Which of the following is a technique to avoid making a mistake at work

Question 21

How can a fall protection system be demonstrated

Question 2

Hard hats are required at all times

Question 4

Employees must have medical clearances before wearing a respirator

Question 6

Audiometric testing program monitors an employees hearing over time and should be available at no cost

Question 8

What are the things you need to be aware of to protect your hands for construction work hazards

Question 10

What are gloves for

Question 12

When using a hammer make sure you grip it tightly with your wrist straight Finally strike the target with the center of the hammer face using adequate force

Question 14

For large deep and other cuts that wont stop bleeding use a clean cloth to apply direct pressure before elevating the wounded hand above shoulder level

Question 16

Which of the following statement shows ways to stay connected at work

Question 18

Each of us has the duty to be constantly aware of potentially hazardous conditions

Question 20

Material handling and confined space entries are two instances where teamwork is necessary

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