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Why take a environmental quiz

Did you know that the environmental impact of your business can go beyond your carbon footprint? From water usage to the types of products you use, there are a number of ways your organization can have a negative effect on the planet. That’s why it’s important for your team to be aware of the environmental policies and practices of your company. They should also be familiar with ways to reduce their environmental impact both at work and at home. For example, did you know that you can save energy and money by turning off your computer when you’re not using it? Or that you can reduce your paper consumption by taking advantage of email and online document storage? You can also make a difference by choosing products that are environmentally friendly. By making small changes, your team can have a big impact on the planet. That’s why we’ve put together this environmental quiz to ensure that your workers are up-to-date on the latest environmental practices. And the best part is that your team’s can access this environmental quiz on their preferred device whenever they have 5 minutes to spare.

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Deploy a environmental quiz to your team

With this environmental quiz, you can identify and close knowledge gaps so your team can easily recall how to handle and dispose of waste and other potentially hazardous materials. This knowledge is critical for protecting the environment and ensuring compliance with government regulations. With regular quizzes, your team will be more confident with how to handle and dispose of waste, reducing the potential for environmental damage. Plus, you’ll also get access to your team’s results ​so you can understand individual workers’ knowledge gaps, as well as overall performance once the quiz is complete. For teams that require more regular refresher training, you’ll also have the option to deliver the environmental quiz to your learners in bite-sized chunks, at regular intervals. This allows your team to reinforce their knowledge at their own pace, making them more likely to recall and implement what they learned sooner than if they were to have completed a one-off training program.

Deploy a environmental quiz to your team

Example questions from our environmental quiz

Question 1

If the history of Earth was a 24hour day Homo Sapiens would appear 7 seconds before midnight

Question 3

The largest division of biodiversity is the domain The smallest is the species Can you organize the ones in between from largest to smallest

Question 5

A terrarium can be a whole ecosystem

Question 7

Organize this theoretical food chain in the right order from top to bottom

Question 9

True or false Apex predators cant be keystone species

Question 11

Humans have been reducing the genetic diversity of life

Question 13

Nature is a dynamic system

Question 15

What is crucial to the evolution of species as theorized by Darwin

Question 17

How long did it take for the 5th extinction to wipe out most of life on Earth

Question 19

What is coral

Question 21

What are the possible immediate effects of losing coral reefs for humans

Question 23

The geological era of the human is called the anthropocene

Question 25

What can happen to some species of turtles because of the rise in temperatures

Question 27

Through your food every week you could be ingesting enough plastic to make a credit card

Question 29

Do you know what a Dodo is or was

Question 31

We learned that species have always come and gone So compared to other extinctions what is different today

Question 33

How to shop smart

Question 35

Help avoid food spoilage by keeping your fridge organised so you can clearly see your foods and know when they were purchased

Question 37

Why do meal kits have overall lower greenhouse gas emissions

Question 39

You can use br coffee grounds as

Question 41

Select plantbased complete sources of protein

Question 43

Do you remember what powers Earths climate

Question 45

What distributes heat around the Earth

Question 47

Is current warming on pace with the usual cycles

Question 49

Why do you think our climate is changing faster than usual

Question 51

Where does the extra CO2 come from

Question 53

What are the 2 direct consequences of ice melting on Earths climate

Question 55

What happens to soil when it absorbs more heat

Question 57

What does a small change in average temperature mean

Question 59

Cross out the incorrect word brTropical cyclones draw their power from the warmth of the atmosphere

Question 61

To limit global warming we need to achieve carbon neutrality

Question 63

Do you remember what happened to the Amazon rainforest in 2019

Question 65

What are the three types of tipping points for Earths climate

Question 2

What can be a few of the scientific criteria for life

Question 4

There is probably up to 1 trillion species on Earth

Question 6

Where can you find the greatest species diversity on Earth

Question 8

Whats a keystone species

Question 10

Why is genetic diversity important

Question 12

What issue does the Cavendish banana face

Question 14

What was discovered in the US in the 18th century leading to a revolutionary understanding of evolution

Question 16

How many mass extinction events have there been on Earth before human times

Question 18

What is the common denominator in the past five mass extinctions

Question 20

Events where whole coral reefs massively die are called coral bleaching

Question 22

What are researchers doing to help devastated reefs

Question 24

What is the cause of 80 of deforestation

Question 26

An insecticide that can penetrate the whole plant is called a systemic insecticide

Question 28

What are invasive species

Question 30

The elephant population today is estimated between 200000 and 500000 individuals How many do you think there were in 1930

Question 32

About of the food that is produced is never eaten

Question 34

Ethylene gas promotes ripening in foods and could lead to spoilage

Question 36

Where possible you should choose cardboard over plastic packaging

Question 38

In order to regrow spring onions simply save the white part with the roots and place it in a glass with a little bit of water

Question 40

What is the most important criteria when selecting sustainable food products

Question 42

Eating seasonal food is more cost efficient because its more abundant so it costs less per pound in the store

Question 44

What are the 5 components of Earths climate system

Question 46

What causes these natural cycles of temperature variations Several possible answers

Question 48

What is the process of what we call the greenhouse effect Order these 3 steps

Question 50

Why do CO2 levels drop from May to September in the Northern Hemisphere

Question 52

The reflective power of a surface is defined by its albedo

Question 54

What does a positive feedback loop mean

Question 56

How would you say climate change is related to extreme weather events

Question 58

What are the main consequences of global warming on weather

Question 60

How does global warming affect rainfall

Question 62

If Earth keeps warming it could reach a tipping point

Question 64

The key element in our climate reaching a tipping point is brpositive feedback loops

Question 66

Can you order the following cascading effects of one tipping point on the others

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