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Why take a maintenance quiz

The best way to avoid workplace accidents is by having a well-maintained workplace. Whether it’s the floors, the machines, or the tools, everything needs to be in good condition to avoid injuries. And it’s not just the physical environment that needs to be maintained – your employees’ safety also depends on having up-to-date safety information. That’s why we’ve put together this quiz on workplace safety maintenance. Employees need to be aware of the potential dangers in their work environment and know how to safely operate the machinery and tools. They should also be aware of the proper procedures for reporting any unsafe conditions. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is an important part of protecting your employees and your business.

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Deploy a maintenance quiz to your team

With this maintenance quiz, you can identify what parts of your organization’s maintenance plan your team members can’t recall and close these knowledge gaps so your team can easily implement them. This knowledge is critical for protecting your organization from unexpected downtime, as it teaches them how to perform routine maintenance, repair common issues, and know when to reach out for help. With this reinforcement of your organization’s maintenance protocols, your employees will feel more confident and empowered, and are less likely to make mistakes that may result in unexpected downtime. This will improve the overall uptime of your business. Not only can reinforcing this essential training save you from unexpected downtime, it also helps ensure that your organization is compliant with government regulations. This quiz allows you to track the progress of employees and identify any individuals who may require additional training. For team members that require additional regular refresher training, you’ll also have the option to deliver the maintenance quiz to them in bite-sized chunks, at regular intervals. This allows your team to reinforce their knowledge at their own pace, making them more likely to recall what they learned sooner than if they were to have completed a one-off training program. And the best part is that your teams can access this maintenance quiz on their preferred device whenever they have 5 minutes to spare – whether that’s on their commute, in between tasks, or before they finish up for the day.

Deploy a maintenance quiz to your team

Example questions from our maintenance quiz

Question 1

A crane operatorintraining has identified a faulty button in the cranes controller and has requested your assistance What should you do

Question 3


Question 5

Which of the following areas should an out of order sign be placed when a crane is defective

Question 7

What are the different hazard types we need to guard against

Question 9

Some examples of safety devices in the context of machine guarding are automatic doors and sensoractivated alarms

Question 2

When the operator s field of vision is obstructed the signaller should be able to assess if a maneuver is safe to execute and communicate their findings through hand signals

Question 4

KNOWLEDGE CHECK Which of the following inspection procedure is true

Question 6

Aside from machine guards workers are provided a set of PPE as protection against nonmechanical hazards

Question 8

What are physical barriers in the context of machine guarding

Question 10

Which of the following statements are safety training requirements

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