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photographed while on an assignment for Indonesias largest coal mining company

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Why take a mining quiz

Mining is an essential part of the modern world, but it can be a dangerous profession. From slips and falls to explosions, mining can be a dangerous job. That’s why it’s important for your team to be up to date on the latest safety standards and practices. This quiz will help to test your team on their knowledge of mining safety.

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Deploy a mining quiz to your team

This mining quiz is perfect for assessing your team's understanding of health and safety procedures in a mining environment. With this quiz, you can identify what parts of your team's health and safety training they may need more reinforcement on, and deliver targeted training to fill any knowledge gaps. This quiz is essential for protecting your team while they're working in a mining environment, as it teaches them how to recognize and avoid common mining hazards, first aid procedures, and what to do in the event of an emergency. By regularly reinforcing your team's health and safety training, you can help ensure that they are better prepared to work safely in a mining environment.

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Example questions from our mining quiz

Question 1

Fall protection should also apply to what scenarios below 6 feet in relation to dangerous machinery

Question 3

Working conditions that do not pose a risk of serious harm

Question 5

What should you always do before operating the drill press

Question 7

Make sure there is enough space for rotating stock

Question 2

When used as protection from falling objects canopies must be strong enough to prevent collapse and to prevent penetration by any objects that may fall onto them

Question 4

Safety glasses are a minimum requirement

Question 6

What would be an acceptable outfit to wear while operating a lathe

Question 8

Reorder the steps to take before turning the lathes power on

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