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Why take a reference quiz

In any workplace, there’s always a risk of injury. Whether you’re working with heavy machinery, in a construction site or are a first responder, there are certain risks that come with the job. That’s why it’s important for your teams to be familiar with the reference materials that can help to keep them safe on the job. From the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are a variety of resources that your teams can access to help keep them safe. Not only do these resources provide best practices for specific industries, but they can also help to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. That’s why we’ve put together this quiz on reference materials to ensure that your teams are familiar with the best practices from a variety of organizations. From the OSHA 1910 standards for general industry to the NFPA’s guidelines for emergency preparedness, your teams will be able to find the right resource for the job.

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Deploy a reference quiz to your team

This quiz is a great way to test your general knowledge and understanding of the topic. The questions in this quiz can be helpful in gauging how much you know about bloodborne pathogens and fire safety, and how well you can recall the information presented in the training.

Deploy a reference quiz to your team

Example questions from our reference quiz

Question 1

What is the first thing a food runner should do before setting dishes down on the customers table

Question 3

One of the most fundamental traits a food runner needs to have is good communication skills

Question 5

Prebussing means clearing empty dishes and utensils from the table while customers are still dining

Question 7

Conveyors make transporting material safer

Question 9

If one parts of the conveyor stops the whole conveyor must stop

Question 2

Which of these are good practices for food runners

Question 4

Can you put these food runner tasks in logical order

Question 6

Whats a good prebussing practice

Question 8

What is NOT a common cause of conveyor accidents

Question 10

Position yourself so you can always see the operating controls while youre working

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