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Why take a safety training quiz

Whether your team is in a construction industry or not, safety training is critical for everyone. Knowing how to safely lift and carry items, use power tools, and work with hazardous materials are just a few of the essential safety skills that your team should have. And the best part is that these safety skills can be learned quickly and easily with the right training. That’s why we’ve put together this safety training quiz. With over 10 questions, this quiz will test your team’s knowledge on a variety of health and safety topics. In addition to the quiz, we’ve also included a downloadable PDF with safety tips and information on how to stay safe at work. So whether your team is just starting out in their career or has been working for years, make sure that they’re taking advantage of our safety training quiz and resources.

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Employees who have access to regular safety training are less likely to make mistakes that could lead to an accident in the workplace. This quiz tests your employees’ understanding of workplace safety and helps to identify any knowledge gaps that may need to be addressed. You can then use this information to create a personalized safety training program that is tailored to your employees’ needs. With access to safety training that is specific to their job role, employees are more likely to stay safe on the job. This quiz is free to use and deploy, and learners can access it through their mobile devices, allowing them to decide on their own learning schedule.

Safety first

Example questions from our safety training quiz

Question 1

Good workplace keeping means more than just tidying up your workstation

Question 3

Spills should be cleaned up immediately

Question 5

Before taking the action what do you need to know when planning anbsplift

Question 2

Good housekeeping is the responsibility of everyone

Question 4

Rank the factors contributing to Slips Trips and Falls order of most common

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