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Whether you’re a student or a teacher, school bus safety is critical. Every year, there are accidents involving school buses – from students being struck by the bus while crossing the street to the bus itself crashing. That’s why it’s important for both students and teachers to be aware of the safety precautions they need to take when on or around a school bus. In this quiz, we’ll cover topics such as how to safely cross the street in front of a school bus, what to do if you’re on the bus and it crashes, and how to evacuate the bus in an emergency. We’ll also cover what to do if you’re approached by a school bus while crossing the street. So whether you’re a student who is new to taking the bus to school or a teacher who is responsible for bus evacuation, this quiz will ensure that you are fully prepared for any potential safety risks.

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Example questions from our school quiz

Question 1

Take a moment to think about the problem your organization is trying to solve How many possible solutions can you think of to solve this problem

Question 3

Below are three problem statements from nonprofit organizations Select the one you think is best

Question 5

Stay away from the window

Question 7

Wait for the ALL CLEAR signal from a police officer before you evacuate the room

Question 2

A problem statement specifies the exact challenge your organization is trying to overcome

Question 4

Once the doors are locked hide quietly in the Safe Zone

Question 6

sbWhat should you do if you are out of the classroom during a lockdownsb br

Question 8

sbWhich among the reactions below did you have during the lockdown drillsb br

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