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Why take a voice quiz

From conference calls to video meetings, more and more teams are using voice technology to communicate with each other. While this can be a great way to save time and improve productivity, it can also be a source of frustration if the technology isn’t working properly. That’s why it’s important that your workers are familiar with the basics of using voice technology. They should know how to make a call, how to join a meeting, and how to use the mute and volume buttons. They should also be aware of the etiquette for using voice technology – for example, it’s generally considered rude to start talking while someone is still talking. And finally, they should be aware of the potential challenges of using voice technology, such as how to deal with noise interference or low connectivity. That’s why we’ve put together this voice technology quiz to ensure that your workers are up-to-date with the latest best practices for using voice technology.


Deploy a voice quiz to your team

With this voice quiz, you can identify which parts of your communication training program your team members struggle with and close these knowledge gaps so your team can be more effective when communicating with clients. This knowledge is critical for maintaining customer relationships and preventing communication breakdowns, as it teaches your team how to listen actively, use open questions, and give clear and concise instructions. By reinforcing your team’s communication training, you can help them feel more confident when interacting with clients – whether that’s over the phone, in person, or via email. This will improve customer satisfaction rates and prevent your team from making costly communication blunders. Not only can reinforcing this essential training save your business money, it also helps ensure that your organization is compliant with government regulations. This quiz allows you to track the progress of employees and identify any individuals who may require additional training. For team members that require additional regular refresher training, you’ll also have the option to deliver the voice quiz to them in bite-sized chunks, at regular intervals. This allows your team to reinforce their knowledge at their own pace, making them more likely to recall what they learned sooner than if they were to have completed a one-off training program. And the best part is that your teams can access this voice quiz on their preferred device whenever they have 5 minutes to spare – whether that’s on their commute, in between tasks, or before they finish up for the day.

What is your story

Example questions from our voice quiz

Question 1

Listed below are some nonverbal behaviours one can respond with brWhich are characteristic of an aggressive response

Question 3

Which of the following actions demonstrate assertiveness

Question 5

Assertion is a personality trait

Question 2

Now select the expressions of an assertive response style

Question 4

Not only does assertive communication help us express our views and achieve goals but do so without hurting or alienating others

Question 6

Thinking of the situation earlier reorder the below statements to formulate your response using the DESC frameworkbr smallDescribe Express Specify Consider Choosesmall

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