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Why take a welding safety quiz

Welding can be a dangerous job if the proper safety precautions aren’t taken. We’ve put together this welding safety quiz to help ensure that your workers are up to date on the latest safety practices. Welders can be exposed to a variety of hazards, including ultraviolet radiation, noise, and sparks. Inhaling welding fumes can also cause health problems. That’s why it’s important that welders receive proper training and wear the appropriate safety equipment. The quiz covers everything from the types of welding to the different types of safety gear that should be worn. It’s important to remember that welding safety is not just the responsibility of the welders – it’s the responsibility of everyone on the job site. That’s why it’s important to ensure that all workers are familiar with the safety hazards associated with welding and know what to do if they encounter a welding accident.

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Deploy a welding safety quiz to your team

With this welding safety quiz, you can identify welders’ knowledge gaps and close these knowledge gaps so your welders can remain safe when working with welding equipment. This knowledge is critical for protecting the health and safety of your welders, as it teaches them how to identify potential hazards, use the correct safety gear, and weld correctly without causing injury. All of these are indispensable skills and give welders the potential to work safely and productively. With this welding safety reinforcement in place, the overall safety of your business and the welders within it can be much greater. Not only can reinforcing this essential training save lives, it also helps ensure that your organization is compliant with government regulations. With regular welding safety quizzes, your welders will be more confident with any welding-related incident or emergency. Plus, you’ll also get access to your team’s results ​​so you can understand individual welders’ knowledge gaps, as well as overall performance once the quiz is complete. For teams that require more regular refresher training, you’ll also have the option to deliver the welding safety quiz to your welders in bite-sized chunks, at regular intervals. This allows your welders to reinforce their knowledge at their own pace, making them more likely to recall what they learned sooner than if they were to have completed a one-off training program. And the best part is that your welders can access this welding safety quiz on their preferred device whenever they have 5 minutes to spare – whether that’s on their commute, in between tasks, or before they finish up for the day.

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Example questions from our welding safety quiz

Question 1

To lay a weld does stick welding involve the use of a consumable electrode without flux

Question 3

The type of welding you do and the amperage you use will dictate the lens shade

Question 2

Secondary electric shock happens when the welder touches part of the welding or electrode circuit at the same time as touching the metal being welded

Question 4

PPE must be worn in accordance to the proper safety protocols and a worker must not intentionally misuse or damage the equipment

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