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Make learning unforgettable with spaced repetition

Reinforce knowledge regularly with Brain Boost spaced repetition. So you can unlock your team’s full learning potential. No additional content necessary.

Cut your training time in half with the science of spaced repetition

Onboarding, training, and upskilling doesn’t have to take too long. Our Brain Boost spaced repetition feature uses the SM-2 algorithm to automatically repeats key content until your learner gets it. No additional content creation required.

Powered by SM-2 algorithm
Learner complete their trainig

Learner completes their lesson, as usual, and Brain Boost analyzes the learner’s behavior

Brain boost create personalized quizzes

Then, Brain Boost creates a personalized follow-up quiz and delivers it in spaced intervals

Quizzes adapt based on learner behaviour

Brain Boost automatically adapts these ‘quizzes’ based on learner behavior

Why does spaced repetition work?

Spaced repetition is a scientifically-proven learning strategy based on the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. Learners absorb new concepts better when they’re spaced out.

Unlock your team’s full potential in less than 10 minutes a day

Only repeat unlearned concepts to your learner. Brain Boost automatically creates lessons with previously shown content and repeats it regularly. So your learner can focus on the concepts that aren’t sticking.

Unlock your team’s full potential in less than 10 minutes a day

Automatically repeat unlearned concepts

Make sure your team learns from their mistakes. Brain Boost pulls incorrectly answered slides to show again to your learner. Every session updates the in-built spaced repetition algorithm to reflect your learner’s new understanding.

Automatically repeat unlearned concepts

… and make sure that it sticks

Reinforce new concepts using scientifically-proven spaced repetition. Brain Boost’s in-built machine learning automatically groups similar concepts together and presents them to your learners in spaced intervals. So it becomes part of their long-term memory, not a one-off learning opportunity.

Spaced repetition

Track your learners’ progress in one place

Curious about how your learners are doing? No problem. You can track each learner’s progress and performance to make sure they’re understanding and remembering the key concepts from your course.

Track learner progress

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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