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Learners are more likely to retain knowledge when they have to practice doing it. Reinforce new concepts by having your learners recreate what they’ve learned.

Word construction template

Challenge your learners to spell out keywords they’ve just learned or reinforce the spelling of challenging words with the word construction template. So your learners actively recall newly learned keywords.

Sentence construction template

Reinforce key messages with the sentence construction template. Learners reorder words to recall and recreate key phrases. This template is useful for key sales scripts, recalling slogans, and other catchphrases.

Missing word template

Get your team to fill in the blanks of important phrases with the missing word concept template. Learners simply drag words in the correct position and order to complete a sentence.

Strike-out template

Challenge your learners to identify incorrect words or phrases in a sentence or paragraph with the strike-out template. Learners simply cross out the incorrect words or phrases using a finger or mouse. So the correct phrase is reinforced.

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