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Share the information your teams need in a more engaging and interactive format. With content templates, you can easily share and introduce knowledge.

Comparison template

Compare two related concepts side by side with the comparison template. Learners simply drag to reveal the text and image content of each compared item to understand the link between the two concepts.

Expandable list template

Break up long points into bite-sized bits with the expandable list template. With only one piece of information shown at a time, it’s a great way to isolate important points. So your learners understand big concepts without getting overwhelmed.

Simple image template

Make a simple image slide more interactive with this template. Learners can tap to reveal optional text and pinch to zoom in and out on touchscreen devices. So your teams can get a closer look at what they’re learning.

Image gallery template

Swipe through images in order with the image gallery template. Perfect for sequencing information and images, this template allows your team to view visual, text-based, and audio content in order.

Image waypoints template

Highlight important details in an image with the waypoints template. Learners can tap on hotspots to learn more about key information in text and audio narration. So your teams can explore new product features, inspect diagrams, and more.

Image map template

Similar to the image waypoints template, learners can tap a hotspot to reveal an image for closer inspection. So your learners can get context for hotspots and visual information.

List slide template

Make learning content easily digestible with this simple list template. Perfect for overviews of important points or setting a table of contents, this template displays a list of bullet points with optional narration. So your learners get the gist quickly.

Parallax motion template

Capture your learners’ attention with this 3D motion slide template. The parallax motion template displays up to 7 images on top of each other and uses accelerometer-enabled smartphones and tablets to add motion to an otherwise simple image slide.

Reveal template

Tap to reveal text on the back of each card with this template. Similar to the expandable list template, learners can only see one rotated card at a time so they only see bite-sized chunks of information at a time.

Scratch-to-reveal template

Reveal ideas and concepts in a more interactive way with the scratch-to-reveal template. Similar to the reveal template above, learners simply use their finger or mouse to ‘scratch’ the image to reveal a new image and text information.

Scrollable template

Give your learners the information they need with this simple scrolling text template. As with all EdApp templates, the text will automatically adjust to look great on any device or screen size. Narration option available.

Scrolling media template

Similar to the scrollable text template above, the scrolling media template allows you to add text, images, video, and optional narration to a slide. So your learners can get the information they need in one go.

Table template

Display important information in a table format. You can also add a short description before or after the table for context. Narration option available.

Text sequence template

Similar to the scrolling template above, the text sequence template allows learners to scroll through text one point at a time. So your learners can focus on one point at a time.

Title slide template

Announce a new lesson or section with the title slide template. This simple template allow you to display a title and a short description. So your learners know what they’ll take away from the lesson. Narration optional available.

Video slide template

Enhance your learner experience with video. Simply upload a video directly to EdApp and set options like auto-play, auto-advance, and the ability to skip videos.

Video collection template

Put related videos in one slide with the video collection template. Similar to the video slide template above, learners can access multiple videos before continuing their lesson. So they can watch videos in any order.

Vimeo Video template

Already have a video uploaded to Vimeo that you’d like to include in an EdApp lesson? No problem. Use this template to easily embed a video hosted on Vimeo directly into your lesson.

YouTube video template

Already have a video uploaded to YouTube that you’d like to include in an EdApp lesson? No problem. Use this template to easily embed a video hosted on YouTube directly into your lesson.

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