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Make training feel more like a game – not work. Put your team’s knowledge to the test with rapid-fire questions on any subject to reinforce key concepts.

Find-a-word game

Reinforce keywords from your lesson in a fun, familiar way. Similar to a wordsearch puzzle, this template asks learners to find keywords from a lesson in a grid of jumbled letters. This allows learners to recall newly learned keywords.

Elevator game

Challenge your team’s knowledge on items or products with the elevator game. Learners select the matching descriptions for an image, with more points earned the closer the image it to its matching attribute.

Image/word match game

Reinforce key concepts, product knowledge, or important workplace items with this game template. Learners simply match as many images to the correct words as possible within a set timeframe to earn points.


Make your training feel more like a game show with the Jeopardy game template. Like the gameshow, learners select from a grid of categories and various difficulties, and earn points by answering true or false questions.

Letter jumble

Reinforce key products, concepts, and knowledge with the letter jumble template. Learners drag the missing letters of keywords in your lesson to unscramble the message in a race against the clock.

Memory game

Challenge your learner’s memory by matching shuffled tiles before the clock runs out. Learners tap on each tile to uncover words or definitions before they turn back over, they then have to find the associated tile to win.

Next in order game

Test your team’s ability to understand a process flow. Learners must place the correct steps in order before the time is up. So your learners know each step in any of your organization’s procedures.

True or false

Swipe right for true statements, and left for false. This easy-to-use template is perfect for mobile devices, with faster swipes being rewarded with more points. So your learning content is absorbed as quickly as your learner’s reflex.

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