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Make important numbers stick. Reinforce key numbers or ask number-related questions so you can be sure that your team’s numerical knowledge is accurate.

Dial template

Check your learner’s numbers with the dial template. Learners simply rotate the dial to enter the correct number from within an evenly distributed range. So you can be sure they know their number

Dial distribution template

Similar to Dial, learners rotate the dial to select the correct number. This template offers the ability to distribute your numbers evenly or use a variety of other scales.

Number picker template

Number Picker allows learners to easily select a number between zero and nine. Minimum and maximum values can be set to limit the learner’s response.

Number sentence template

Let learners pick the correct number in a statement with this numerical template. Simply add possible numerical answers into the template along with a sentence. Learners can then increase or decrease the value to choose their response.

Pie chart template

Make percentages more interactive with the pie chart template. Learners can easily visualize and interact with the percentage value by tapping and dragging their finger to the correct number.

Ratio template

When numbers are dependent on one another, the ratio template is the perfect choice. Learners simply tap and drag until they hit the right balance between the two numbers – perfect for tasks like recipe measurements.

Slide number template

Slide your finger until you get the right number with this numerical template. Perfect for timelines and temperatures.

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