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10 Free Interview Skills Training Courses

We’ve made a list of the 10 best interview skills training courses that will equip you and your training managers with the right skills and knowledge needed to hire the best candidates who fit your company’s standards. Among the topics covered include the types of interview questions, steps on structuring interviews, techniques for finding and hiring the best talents, and more.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) Free Interview Skills Training Courses
Last published: 7th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Interview Skills Training Course - Interviewing Talent for Startups

1. Interviewing Talent for Startups

Employees are the backbone of every company - they can make or break your brand. As for startup businesses, it is even more crucial to have the best talents right at the start of your battle, or you’ll risk losing a great amount of time and money, which may lead to early failure and closure. Understanding this dilemma, SC Training (formerly EdApp) has created its Interviewing Talent for Startups course to provide you with a helpful guide that you can use to find the right people for your startup company. It has a total of five mini-lessons, discussing niche considerations when profiling your potential talents, different interview strategies, and when it's best to apply them. Plus, you will also learn how to set rubrics and check resumes and cover letters, ensuring a bias-free job interview. 

The good news is that this employee training course is accessible through smartphones and tablets. Meaning, your learners can take and complete it anytime and anywhere.  

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Profiling talent for a startup, types and parts of an interview, interview strategies, mitigating bias with structured interviews

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Interview Skills Training Course - Effective Communication

2. Effective Communication

While an interview process seems pretty straightforward, this task is easier said than done. As a formal conversation where the exchange of information takes place, this process requires effective communication skills to build a good rapport with your potential interviewee and ensure that you leave them a positive image of your company. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Effective Communication course will provide you with practical tips and techniques for improving your communication skills while keeping your reputation intact. It also explores the best actions that must be considered to become a more effective and engaging interviewer in a virtual setting. 

SC Training (formerly EdApp) structured this interview training into easily digestible chunks, which only takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. It supports a self-paced learning method, meaning, you can learn in your preferred time and schedule. 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Revamping communication skills, connecting virtually

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Business Training Works Interview Skills Training Course - Finders Keepers: How to Interview and Hire Well

3. Finders Keepers: How to Interview and Hire Well

Learn the ins and outs of interviews and the best practices for finding the top talent with this recruiter training course by Business Training Works. In this program, expect a series of discussions and activities that will go over the unbreakable laws of interviewing, ideal methods to target ideal candidates, steps on how to establish a consistent process for screening new talent, ways to ask an interview question, and more. It will also review illegal and unacceptable questions that must be avoided to protect your company’s reputation. 

Unfortunately, this course is only available via onsite training. You may have to get in touch with the team first to know if they can bring this training to your specific site or location. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Unbreakable laws of interviewing, techniques on how to target ideal candidates, techniques for finding and screening new talent, how to keep interviews legal

Created by Business Training Works

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High Speed Training Interview Skills Training Course - Interviewing Skills Training for Managers

4. Interviewing Skills Training for Managers

High Speed Training designed this training course to help recruitment managers increase their confidence when screening and hiring the best talents. This program details the recruitment process from start to finish, plus steps for developing insightful interview questions to ask and assessment templates to help you find the right kind of information you need and make a better hiring decision. It also brings light on the Equality Act 2010 and your legal responsibilities when conducting interviews. This training is 100% online and can be completed for 3 hours. An assessment will be available upon course completion, so you’ll know whether the key concepts are retained in your memory or not. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Introduction to interviewing skills, preparing for interviews, questions to include and avoid, evaluating candidates

Created by High Speed Training

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Guthrie-Jensen Interview Skills Training Course - Behavioral Interviewing Skills: Hire Right

5. Behavioral Interviewing Skills: Hire Right

Guthrie-Jensen’s Behavioral Interviewing Skills: Hire Right is another recommended interview skills training course that will increase the rate of your success in selecting the top candidates with skills and capabilities aligned to your company’s culture. This program will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create behavioral interview questions following the STAR formula, a structured interview technique that focuses on Situation, Task, Action, Result. It also outlines ways for building rapport to ensure that your candidates are comfortable sharing their skills and personal information with you. Here, you'll get to practice your interviewing skills by listening and note-taking, and also activities like paraphrasing.

Cost: Available upon request

Scope: Create behavioral questions by following the STAR formula, identifying and review behavior traits and competencies, techniques for building rapport with candidates

Created by Guthrie-Jensen

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SkillShare Interview Skills Training Course - Talent Acquisition and Recruitment: Hiring the Best Fit

6. Talent Acquisition and Recruitment: Hiring the Best Fit

This SkillShare training course is developed with one primary objective in mind: help hiring managers conduct more effective interviews to get the best talents. It consists of 18 videos that run for 4-10 minutes each, discussing important topics like how to structure and ask great interview questions, positively present your company and job position, ensure effective communication, and more. You will also learn how to interview and connect with students, entry-level job seekers, or those with minimal work experience, all while maintaining a high level of respect for them. Apart from a series of video lessons, you can also expect hands-on projects and activities that can help you create your first set of interview questions. 

Cost: $8 to $15 USD per month (Subscription basis)

Scope: What to ask during interviews, how to structure and ask interview questions, top things to bear in mind for an effective interview, interviewing students and entry-level job seekers, selling your company and job offer

Created by SkillShare

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Speak First Interview Skills Training Course - Interviewing Skills

7. Interviewing Skills

Speak First’s Interview Skills aims to combat the most common mistakes of hiring the wrong candidates by guiding you on using a competency-based interview approach. This method can help ensure that your face-to-face interview, video-interview, or phone interview questions will bring light to the competence of your candidates, which in turn will help you determine better if they understand the job description and company culture and have the right set of skills and knowledge for the job position. Through this course, you and your team are also expected to understand better the importance of diversity and bias-free interviewing, making sure that you are making a comfortable and trusting connection with your potential candidates. This Speak First training course supports various learning methods: blended learning, face to face training, virtual classroom, one-to-one or group coaching, or self-paced learning bites. 

Cost: Available upon request

Scope: How to use a competency-based approach, preparing an effective interview for candidates at all levels, types of questions you need to ask to determine competence, the importance of diversity

Created by Speak First

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Cornell Course Interview Skills Training Course - Effective Hiring and Interviewing

8. Effective Hiring and Interviewing

This Cornell Course is targeted at HR professionals and front-line managers who aren’t well adept at interviewing candidates and making effective hiring choices. Here, course author Beth Livingston has combined the data from theoretical evidence and real-world examples to ensure that all the hiring and interviewing strategies and recommendations presented will be understood and applied easily to actual scenarios. After taking the course, learners are expected to know better how to develop a hiring plan that can increase the likelihood of a good hire, conduct interviews that can yield good decision-making data, and make appropriate hiring decisions. This program is 100% online, designed to fit the lives of busy professionals like you. 

Cost: Available upon request

Scope: Strategies to develop hiring plan with increased likelihood of a good hire, conduct interviews that yield good decision-making data, making appropriate hiring decisions

Created by Cornell Course

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Simplify Training Interview Skills Training Course - Recruiting: Interviewing Skills for Supervisors

9. Recruiting: Interviewing Skills for Supervisors

Simply Training’s Interviewing Skills for Supervisors is a 24-minute course that touches on key concepts like how to plan, conduct, and evaluate interviews, recognize related legal and policy issues, and take precautions to prevent discrimination and biases. It aims to guide your hiring managers and supervisors to conduct more effective interviews and ensure the best hiring decisions that will benefit everyone in your organization. There are four ways to take this training - you may opt for the basic online training deployment, LMS content, personalized training lessons, and microlearning lessons.

Cost: Available upon request

Scope: Plan, conduct, and evaluate interviews, legal and policy issues, styles and types of interviews, state and federal fair employment laws

Created by Simplify Training

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Interview Skills Training Course - Getting Your Voice Heard

10. Getting Your Voice Heard

In SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Getting your Voice Heard course, you'll learn how to present your team and company confidently and get your points across to your potential job candidate effectively while respecting their rights and beliefs. It delves into different assertive techniques and various response styles, which you can use not only in your interview process but also across other situations, like onboarding your new team or resolving a stressful conflict with your employees. This course also explores the secret behind OOF (Option, Outcome, Feeling) and DESC (Describe, Express, Specify, Consequences) frameworks to help you become more assertive in your daily work as a hiring manager.

This SC Training (formerly EdApp) course is prepared and designed by The Spark’s Alison Theaker, a PR & Management guru who helps business mentors, coaches, and trainers become the best version of themselves. It contains a total of 4 lessons, with its content delivered in micro modules and game-based quizzes.  

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Assertive techniques, response styles, behaving more assertively

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Level up your hiring process with interview skills training 

As a rule of thumb, hiring managers must be equipped with the best interviewing skills to be able to find and recruit the best talents. Otherwise, you'll risk managing the wrong set of people who don’t share the same values as your organization, which can be very costly and damaging to your company’s brand image. Taking up adequate interview skills training will teach you and your recruitment team the most effective approaches and techniques for conducting and managing interviews effectively and building rapport with your potential candidates, leaving them with a positive impression of your company. It will also steer you away from unconscious bias and discrimination in recruitment, ensuring that all applicants will be given a fair and equal opportunity to join your company.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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