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10 Mining Training Courses

We’ve handpicked the most recommended mining training courses you can use to protect your miners from health and physical hazards. The courses include safety working regulations and practices in confined spaces, dealing with airborne hazards, and using fall protection systems.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) Mining Training Courses
Last published: 14th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Mining Training Course - Confined Spaces

1. Confined Spaces

Mining in confined spaces is dangerous, and unsafe practices in this situation can lead to minor or major accidents, resulting in illnesses, injuries, and in the worst-case scenario, death. To avoid all these regrettable consequences, your miners must have a sound understanding of how to safely perform their duties in small, confined spaces underground.

This SC Training (formerly EdApp) course will provide your team with a general overview of the work hazards present in confined spaces, alongside practices and strategies that they can adapt to stay safe. This employee safety training course will also walk them through the retrieval procedures and harnessing guidelines when implementing rescue operations. 

This SC Training (formerly EdApp) course only contains five lessons with bite-sized modules that can be completed within minutes and not days or weeks. It's a perfect refresher course for mineworkers who have little time to spare for training due to their packed and hectic schedules.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s microlearning modules are designed to focus on specific topics or skills, making it easier for learners to absorb and retain the information presented. This format of learning ensures that your team won't feel overwhelmed by too much information, resulting in improved knowledge retention for them.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) also offers your team the flexibility to learn on their own terms. They can access the learning modules at any time and from anywhere, making it easier to fit learning into their busy schedules.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Overview of work hazards in confined spaces, safety practices and strategies to control hazards, rescue procedures, harnessing guidelines

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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BIS Safety Software  Mining Training Course  - Confined Space Entry Training

2. Confined Space Entry Training

This BIS Safety Software is another mining certification training that you can deploy to your mine workers. It contains general information about the best practices used in many industries that require activities, inspections, or maintenance in such restricted areas. Some of the other topics covered here include confined space responsibilities, potential hazards, classification of confined spaces, and entry authorization methods. To mitigate risks of injury or death, your miners will also learn more about personal protective equipment and rescue procedures. A quick assessment will be provided upon course completion to ensure knowledge retention. Those who will pass a mark of 80% or higher will be provided a downloadable and printable certificate of completion. 

Cost: 89.99 USD

Scope: Confined space basics and best practices, responsibilities when working in confined spaces, potential hazards, entry authorization methods, personal protective equipment, and rescue procedures

Created by BIS Safety Software

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Mining Training Course - Airborne Hazard

3. Airborne Hazard

Miners are also exposed to various airborne hazards that are usually caused by coal dust or respirable crystalline silica, putting them at risk of developing a range of lung diseases, like pneumoconiosis, pulmonary disease, and even lung cancer. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Airborne Hazard course has everything you need to reverse these consequences, providing your workforce with the right skills to effectively identify, evaluate, and control airborne hazards in mines and quarries. Here, your team will be introduced to airborne hazards, the various types that are most prevalent today, and how they contaminate the air. It will also discuss how these toxic pollutants can cause different respiratory diseases and environmental hazards, and what safety precautions they can take to avoid and minimize these risks.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) supports the concept of self-paced learning, allowing learners to take this site safety training course as slowly or quickly as they like. Meaning, your mine workers can take one lesson at a time or all four lessons at once, whichever is more convenient for them. 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Airborne hazards and the most prevalent types today, health and environmental effects of airborne hazards, diagnosis of respiratory diseases, safety precautions to minimize dust exposure

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp) 

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Mining Training Course - Fall Protection

4. Fall Prevention (US)

Mining companies with workforces working at heights of 6 feet or more, both above and below ground, are not only legally mandated but also morally responsible for providing their teams with proper fall protection training, ensuring their optimal safety on-site.

This Fall Prevention (US) course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) consists of 4 microlearning lessons that will educate your miners about the best practices and safety measures when working at heights. It also goes into detail about the proper use of ladders, including ladder selection, inspection, setup, and safe climbing techniques. Plus, there are lessons on roofing safety and scaffolding safety.

Apart from a series of short lessons, this risk management training course also contains games and quizzes to make it more fun and engaging for the learners.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Fall safety and ladder protection, roofing safety, scaffolding safety

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Compliance Training Online Mining Training Course - Miners' Rights and Responsibilities

5. Miners' Rights and Responsibilities

Make sure that your team knows their rights and responsibilities by providing them this highly informative training module from Compliance Training Online. Here, they will learn more about the governing regulations of the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act of 2006 (MINER Act), which aim to provide greater protection for underground coal miners and reduce workplace injuries, accidents, and most of all, fatalities. It discusses the personal and health protection rights of mine workers under the MINER Act, as well as their responsibilities to take part in health and safety programs to improve workplace safety. This course will take at least two hours to complete, but learners can always log on and off as needed and return to a chapter where they left off.

Cost: 39.95 USD 

Scope: Introduction to the MSHA Miners' Rights and Responsibilities, personal and health protection rights under the MINER Act, Emergency Preparedness and Protocol,  Responsibilities of Miners and Supervisors

Created by Compliance Training Online

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Mining Training Course - Crane Safety

6. Crane Safety

Heavy-duty cranes are commonly used in the mining industries to lift and move extremely heavy and dangerous loads on-site. However, driving and maneuvering such heavy equipment can be dangerous, especially if the end-users have no proper training on how to properly operate and maneuver them. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Crane Safety course ensures that miners are fully aware of the potential hazards when working with cranes, and the necessary actions that they must take to control and minimize these risks. It discusses the safety management processes of setting up, operating, maneuvering, and inspecting these heavy-duty lifting devices, ensuring that workers and bystanders are not exposed to dangers.

This course is free and fully editable, so they are yours to edit and re-brand. You can also add your content, incorporate games, or even upload your own files on mining operations if there are any. 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Potential hazards working with cranes, managing crane operation risks, safety measure before equipment use, crane set-up, operation, and inspection

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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360training Mining Training Course - MSHA First Aid and CPR Training

7. MSHA First Aid and CPR Training

Learn the basics of first aid and rescue procedures specific to mine emergencies with this MSHA First Aid and CPR Training by 360training. This safety program aims to improve your organization’s emergency preparedness and response plans, ensuring that your mine workers are prepared to provide urgent care for a variety of injuries and emergencies at a moment's notice. Here, they will learn the right way to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and treat burns, fractures, poisoning, and more injuries that mine workers may encounter. This course is 100% online and is accessible 24/7. Learners can also learn at their own pace, and save progress as they go.

Cost: 20.00 USD

Scope: First aid and rescue procedures specific to mine emergencies, responsiveness in different situations

Created by 360training

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Vector Solutions  Mining Training Course - Working Around Mining Equipment

8. Working Around Mining Equipment

This Vector Solutions course serves as a safety guide for miners who operate mobile and stationary equipment regularly. It highlights the best practices to follow before and during the operation of mobile equipment, steps on how to conduct pre-operational equipment checks, the importance of wearing seatbelts, and common miners’ communication methods. These topics collectively aim to protect your miners from the common accidents and injuries associated with working around mining equipment. The content of this course is delivered in an animated video format that is only 24 minutes long. Accessible through a desktop, tablet, and mobile phone, your learners can take this course anywhere to their best convenience. 

Cost: 19.00 USD

Scope: Best practices for operating mobile and stationary equipment, conduct pre-operational equipment checks, the importance of wearing seatbelts, common communication methods

Created by Vector Solutions 

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Mining Training Course - OSHA for Workers (US Only)

9. OSHA for Workers (US Only)

Following the safety concerns associated with working in mine operations, organizations are mandated to ensure OSHA compliance in protecting their employees from any work-related hazards and providing them with a safe working environment. This SC Training (formerly EdApp) course discusses worker’s rights, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspection processes, and OSHA standards, which both employers and employees should always follow. This interactive course also delves into the different ways you can file a safety hazard complaint, even going into the specifics of whistleblower protections. 

This SC Training (formerly EdApp) course is ready-for-deployment, although you can also edit the font, theme, and background to match your company’s branding style. Plus, you can also use their gamification and achievements features to increase your employees’ engagement rate.   

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Workers’ rights, OSHA inspection processes, OSHA’s health and safety standards, filing a safety hazard complaint, whistleblower protections

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Mining Training Course - New Hire Safety Orientation

10. New Hire Safety Orientation

As per the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, all employers, including mining companies, are mandated to provide their new hires with safety training and assistance to ensure optimum protection against workplace hazards and injuries. This course, hosted on SC Training (formerly EdApp), can be used as your new hire safety orientation material should you find yourself short on resources or time to build onboarding training content from scratch. The New Hire Safety Orientation course gives users a firsthand look at workplace safety as well as how to manage emergencies, communications about hazardous situations, and other relevant safety training. Feel free to take advantage of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s intuitive authoring tool to edit its content or add policies, procedures, and safety guidelines specific to the mining industry. 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Emergency action plan, hazard communication, PPE, bloodborne pathogens, lockout/tagout, safe driving, and more training topics relating to workplace safety

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Mitigate mining risks and hazards with mining training 

While mining is undoubtedly one of the most profitable and well-established industries of all time, it is also one of the toughest, most dangerous occupations. Miners are mandated to work in confined spaces that expose them to a range of hazardous conditions, like harmful chemicals, loud and heavy equipment, unpredictable explosions, and more. While employers have a duty to secure the safest working environment for their miners, their responsibility extends beyond just employing the safest systems and equipment on the market. They must also give adequate workplace health management training to their workforces, arming them with all of the skills and knowledge needed to use the equipment correctly and carry out their tasks as safely as possible. Deploying mining training courses will keep your mining company running at the required standards with OSHA regulations like HAZWOPER, protect them from hazards like asbestos exposure, and understand ergonomics. And most importantly, it will also save and protect the lives of your workers.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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