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10 Free Site Safety Training Courses


October 20, 2020



Alison Site Safety Training

Construction is an industry that helps people build their dreams and aspirations. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about engineers, architects, or carpenters, each of them has the power to transform lives.

This privilege, however, comes at the cost of occupational safety.

For the success of the project, those involved in its design, purpose, or nature must study in detail each result it can lead to environmental impact, budget, scheduling, and most important of all, the safety measures not only of the construction site but for site workers.

Still, the construction industry remains one of the most dangerous in the world.

Proper training on occupational job safety is essential before beginning any work, but even more important in places with physical labor present. This is where health and safety training courses come in especially handy, as they present appropriate techniques and precautionary measures illustratively and engagingly.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Handling power tools requires a high level of safety from the operator, as not only can certain parts of the tool, such as knives or drills, cause danger, but also the electricity itself.

Improper handling of power tools and ignorance of safety measures when using machines are common causes of accidents at work. Professionals working on construction sites, however, have to undergo training on the tools they use.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) Site Safety Training - Handling Power Tools

The basic rule to avoid dangerous behavior is to never start work if you are not professional or trained or if the jobs are not for you!

Through the SCORM compliant learning management system, SC Training (formerly EdApp), you can ensure that individuals working with power tools have the necessary site safety training knowledge and are aware of the hazard and risks related to their work. There are even quizzes at the end of the mobile learning course to determine learners’ knowledge retention.

This is how you develop workers that are focused, concentrated, and with a safety-conscious attitude.

Other free elearning courses you can check out along the way are Safe Use of Machinery course, Cleaning Up a Job Site course, Crane Safety course, and more.

2. Simplify Compliance

Slipping, tripping, and falling are the biggest causes of workplace injuries.

Accidents due to slipping and tripping can happen for a number of reasons. There are almost always several triggers whose combination creates danger. Some hazardous factors include wet, slippery, or uneven floors, obstacles caused by construction, changes in levels, installation of cables, ramps, poor lighting, and so on.

Therefore, training on this topic is necessary for everyone entering the site. It is especially convenient if this is done as a part of your on-site health and workplace safety training.

Simplify Compliance Site Safety Training

This Slips, Trips, and Falls is a site safety training course that incorporates all vital information on these kinds of accidents and how to prevent them. Use their demo period, and educate yourself and your team.

3. Alison

Alison offers a huge list of site safety training courses, most of which are paid. This safety program, however, you can take for free.

A safe and thorough plan leads to action. All those who are part of the construction industry would agree with this, because in this area it is all about action, and there is no action without a thorough plan.

The safety measures of each construction site and the safety of each worker must come first for each contractor. So, it is necessary to plan measures of personal and collective protection at work.

This blended learning course helps construction firms determine the site safety training needs according to OSHA standards and OSHA compliance. Here, they’ll also be able to apply practices and techniques to protect and keep everyone related to the construction site safe.


As the safety officer, inspector, supervisor, and manager of the site are first in line when talking about putting safety measures at work, don’t miss out on this opportunity and incorporate this course as part of your site safety manager training.

4. Vivid learning systems

When it comes to scaffolding in construction, on the one hand, they make it easier to perform certain demanding tasks, but at the same time, they can be unsafe and carry risks and safety hazards that require compliance with appropriate rules without improvisation.

This responsible and professional approach, while respecting all other safety regulations and safety measures at work, can prevent risks when working on scaffolding, such as the risk of collapsing, falling from a height when climbing or moving, falling from the scaffolding floor that is not protected by the prescribed protective fence, slipping, getting stuck on deposited objects and the like.

Vivid learning systems Site Safety Training

Vivid is not a free platform, and the cost depends on the number of courses you enroll in and the number of employees that take part.

However, it offers a free trial that you can use to take a site safety training course.

5. Bolt Learning

Injuries during lifting are common and as a result of such injuries, several million working days are lost annually. Manual load transfer can cause a wide range of acute and chronic injuries or illnesses.

An appropriate and sufficient training program for each worker involved in manual transfer of load should include topics such as risks and potential sources of risk in manual handling of load, activities that involve carrying loads manually, factors that affect individual capabilities, proper handling techniques, instructions for use of personal protective equipment and so on.

Bolt Learning Site Safety Training

This Manual Handling is a site safety training course that covers all the necessary manual handling training information that a worker should know before accessing the construction site.

Bolt learning charges per employee, but you can listen to one free course if you subscribe.

6. Convergence training

Fire protection measures are not used often enough to deal with levels of fire protection during construction activities. However, as fire hazards and plausible fire scenarios vary during the construction phases, the engagement of fire protection engineers during the construction period should be considered.

Properly trained construction site workforce can be useful in detecting fires in the early stages, notifying the fire service in emergencies, and giving them all the necessary information about the presence and condition of fire protection equipment, as well as potential fire hazards and the position of access points, such as construction elevators.

Convergence training Site Safety Training

Additionally, workers on construction sites should be educated on firefighting equipment and fire hazards.

Convergence training offers a full demo through their webs-site filling form. We recommend squeezing these 22 video learning materials into your construction site fire safety manager training plan.

7. Industry safe

Numerous studies on night work show that the human body is more sensitive at night to negative environmental influences, as well as hazards and dangers in the workplace.

Longer periods of night work can harm workers’ health and jeopardize their safety at work, the safety of other workers, and the technological process of work itself.

This is why construction workers should be trained on the safety precautions during their work in the nighttime, as well as how to preserve their health and wellbeing.

Industry safe Site Safety Training

This short online safety training course is intended for construction workers particularly and explains how they should adapt to work pattern changes, how to operate equipment, and work outside at night, as well as how to handle sleep deprivation.

8. PowerHouse Hub

As a rule, construction workers work in unsafe weather during different seasons. When performing work tasks outdoors, at low/high temperature and wind, the worker is additionally overburdened given the complexity of the work they perform and the obligation to use personal protective equipment due to the risks to which they are exposed in the workplace.

Therefore, working in cold/hot conditions can lead to lower work efficiency and a higher risk of work-related injuries and work-related illnesses. Extreme weather causes a decrease in mental and physical abilities, which increases the risk of injury at work.

PowerHouse Hub Site Safety Training

This is why we propose to go through this Working in Extreme Weather Conditions course and experiment during your Power House free trial period.

9. Knowledge City LMS

Noise can cause permanent hearing loss, but also reduce the overall quality of life and negatively affect the health by increased physical, mental, and social strain.

The effect of noise as a stressor on our safety and health should be especially emphasized because it significantly enhances the harmful effects of other stressors that are often present in the life of modern man. Their consequences, today the most common diseases in the modern world, are mental diseases (like neurotic disorders) and psycho-organic diseases (high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, heart diseases, etc.).

Knowledge City LMS Site Safety Training

Noise should be combated by technical measures, and if this is not possible by the use of personal protective equipment. What are the basic procedures and how to implement them in practice are crucial information of those working on a construction site.

This Hearing Conservation and Safety course speaks about this in many ways. You can also use the platform to experiment with and edit your course materials through their dashboard and elearning authoring capabilities.

10. BIS Training Solutions

It should not be forgotten that accidents at work and occupational diseases can be prevented, but it is also essential to learn about worker safety in case they occur. This will enable workers and employers to take preventive actions to improve working conditions and create a safety culture, which in turn will lead to a reduction in the number of such incidents.

To learn from these events, it is crucial to conduct an effective investigation to determine the direct, underlying, and root causes, and to identify appropriate risk control measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

BIS Training Solutions is a saas platform specially designed for the environment, health, and safety industry. As we the most platforms presented above, it is not an open-source app. However, you can peek and go through one course.

The one we chose provides companies with information on the importance of conducting effective investigations and reporting, as well as proposing a methodology for conducting such investigations.

Now, you can go and turn peoples’ dreams into reality, but in a safe and responsible manner!

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is free to train teams large and small, and best of all, you can educate unlimited learners! Sign up for free.

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