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10 Staff Morale Boosters


May 17, 2021



10 Staff Morale Boosters

Staff morale boosters are activities, incentives, or any other thing that helps with boosting employee engagement and reduce turnover. They are important tools for you to have in your belt to get the best out of your employees while maintaining a respectful, open, and growth-oriented production team. Let’s look into some examples of staff morale boosters you can use in your organization.

1. Offer free training and certificates

Training and certificate courses are courses that teach employees new skills or help them to improve the ones they already have. Offering free training certificates to employees is a staff morale booster because they know that the company and their supervisors are investing in them and this investment will help with their professional future. You can use free learning content management systems such as SC Training (formerly EdApp) to do this. SC Training (formerly EdApp) also allows for you to issue certificates at the end of courses. By motivating your employees with free training and certificates, they will be more useful and valuable to the company in addition to having higher morale, which can be contagious to others.

Staff morale booster - Offer free training and certificates

2. Get employee feedback

Employee feedback is the feedback provided by employees about their jobs and their overall view of the company. This type of staff morale booster is essential in building a company that caters to its employees as much as it does for its customers. Being open to employee feedback and employee engagement ideas is a great way to boost the level of engagement because your team will know that their voice matters. Remember, you can’t please everyone so do not try to adjust to every feedback you receive, but you can try to motivate disengaged employees by responding to some of the feedback. Analyze employee feedback and make sound decisions before making adjustments. Promoting employee feedback is another way to learn about your employees so that your company can build a culture that fosters more production and more motivated employees. Some ways you can get employee feedback are through employee engagement surveys or monthly meetings. 

Staff Morale Booster - Employee Feedback

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3. Communicate regularly

Communication is key in almost any relationship and this is true for business relationships as well. Common workplaces consists of different generations, including millennials, generation Z, generation X, and baby boomers. Being able to communicate well, regardless of their generation gap, will allow your engaging employees to feel happier, more a part of the company, be more productive, and have increased job-satisfaction. When you use LCMS platforms such as SC Training (formerly EdApp), communication is made easier with features such as Discussions and Assignments (both can be accessed by your team from their mobiles).

Staff morale booster - Communicate regularly

As SC Training (formerly EdApp) is also a virtual classroom platform, it allows for video communication through your preferred third-party teleconferencing tool. You should try to communicate openly and regularly with your workforce to enable open communication in the work environment which can lead to improving feedback and having more engaged employees.

4. Offer incentives

Incentives are rewards or bonuses given to employees for achieving particular goals. Incentives are one of the best morale boosters in any industry because members of the workforce feel appreciated, and feel the need to work towards something other than just working for someone else.

Staff morale booster - Offer incentives

If you are looking for cost-effective ways to incentivize your employees and give them different perks, you should consider using SC Training (formerly EdApp). SC Training (formerly EdApp) also allows you to reinforce real-world prizes in your learning program through gamification examples. Offering incentives also benefits the company because production time may be reduced when employees go faster to get to their goals.

5. Give employee recognition

Recognizing employees can come in many forms. Employee recognition can be done through notice boards, the company website, intercom announcements, and many more. When employees and top talent are openly recognized for their work, this boosts their morale because they know that their peers are now aware of the value they provide, which in turn motivates them. Always try to provide both public and private recognition for stellar employee performance so your team knows that they are appreciated. Here, let us help you out a bit with this. SC Training (formerly EdApp) has a leaderboard feature that is perfect for this sort of thing.

Staff Morale Booster - Give employee recognition

6. Offer growth

Growth opportunities are opportunities for employees to enhance their careers by learning and moving from one stage of the companies hierarchy to another. If employees know that their hard work will be rewarded with promotions, their morale will be boosted, and they will also work harder to achieve this promotion. This is a win-win for them and the company. Employees who do not see where there is potential for growth in the company may lose focus and not be as productive as they could be. Ensure that your employees are provided with continuous learning to see a clear path for career advancement and they will do all they can to achieve this.

7. Do team building activities

Team building activities are as the name suggests and are a surefire staff morale booster. These are activities that are done to build cohesion and communication within teams which also promote collaborative learning and teamwork. When you invite team members to participate in team-building activities, they will feel as if their input is valued, which will in turn boost staff morale and employee satisfaction. Try to ensure that the activities you plan for your team are activities that each member will be comfortable doing. This is to be done so no one feels left out or has their deficiencies exposed. Team building activities are great ways to open communication lines between team members and managers.

8. Encourage employees to pursue side projects

Side projects are projects that employees pursue on their own as hobbies or extra income activities, promoting a work life balance. Side projects are good ways to keep your employees happy and focused for many reasons. Employees may be more focused so they can get extra money to pump into their side projects, or side projects can be stress relievers that help your staff members to relax. Some employees may go overboard with side projects and lose valuable rest time. That could result in low production and morale, so it is important to check up on them to prevent this. You can encourage your employees to pursue side projects that are low stress so that they can relax in their downtime and work better.

9. Offer concessions on company products and services

Concessions are intrinsic and should be discounted rates or gift cards for employees to take advantage of the products and services that they work so hard to create. Employees will have higher morale if they know that their company cares enough about them to allow them to affordably use their products. In addition, employees will also be able to give customers first and knowledge when they are questioned about the products and services of the company. If concessions aren’t monitored, employees may go overboard and this could cause financial trouble for the company. Hopefully, you offer your employees concessions and this helps them appreciate the company and its products more.

Staff Morale Booster - Offer concession on company products and services

10. Be transparent

Being transparent involves letting your employees know what’s happening and why it happens in matters that concern them. If you aren’t transparent with your employees, this could lead to distrust and low employee morale. Transparency is one of the great staff morale boosters because it will help staff feel appreciated and important and their views will be positive towards you and the management team. Lack of transparency leads to misinformation or miscommunication which will cost the company in the long run. 


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