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10 Trending E Learning Topics


September 12, 2019



10 Trending E Learning Topics

The eLearning world is consistently bustling with new trends and processes, making for a fast-paced learning environment with which corporations must keep up with. Trending topics in the eLearning world are inevitable and usually advantageous to your strategy.

We’ve extensively researched to find ten hot e learning topics for guaranteed employee training success. It includes:

1. Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is particularly useful amongst modern learners as they experience a more intricate relationship with course material and with their colleagues. The sharing of information is also essential for the generational switch which is currently occurring, whereby baby boomers are being replaced with millennials. Without knowledge sharing, vital and valuable information would be lost in translation.

2. Mobile learning

mLearning is the hippest trend on the block and it’s no surprise why. Organizations are able to deliver their employees vital information wherever they may be.

Trending elearning topic - Mobile learning

3. Gamification

Implementing gaming elements to learning strategy engages learners, allowing them to complete a greater quantity of course lessons at a higher standard. Gamification includes the introduction of leaderboards, point scores, prizes and badges.

Trending elearning topic - Gamification

4. Situations

Placing learning in situations allows learners to essentially have the effect of on-the-job training. This allows employees to effectively recall information to create a holistic picture of any given concept.

5. Templates

Good authoring tools allow users access to a vast library filled with a plethora of ready-to-use templates. These templates are responsive, aesthetic and a large part of a successful microlearning lesson.

6. Engagement

Engaging learners can be difficult at times, due to potentially mundane or tedious training material. Given that this training is essential, learners must remain engaged for the effective absorption and retention of information. Implementing microlearning, along with features such as spaced repetition and gamification, boosts productivity, understanding and engagement amongst learners.

Trending elearning topic - Spaced repetition

7. Cloud-based authoring

Cloud-based authoring refers to the ability of employers to distribute learning material to employees simultaneously from one central device. This is time-saving and convenient, as there is no delay in the sharing of material and is more convenient for learners as the new material is dropped to their devices.

Trending elearning topic - Cloud-based authoring

8. Time-saving

Templates and the cloud are just two of many time-saving aspects of mobile learning, particularly microlearning. With our lives becoming more fast paced and technology continuing to advance, now is the time to adopt the most modern learning strategy for corporate success.

9. Peer authoring and collaboration

Collaboration makes for a more effective learning system, whereby employees can learn from their colleagues and peers for a strengthened understanding of vital concepts and processes. Peer authoring gives learners the ability to leave feedback on courses for the appropriate adjustment of material for ultimate success.

10. Interactivity

The engagement of learners is reliant on the interactivity of courses. This refers to gamification, the use of video and real-life examples. The customization of courses means the needs and preferences of learners are tailored to, giving a personal spin on traditional training.

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